December 11th, 2005


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now THIS is cool. not only is it victorian but it screams gothic lolita/aristo without even altering anything. this, by far, has got to be one of the best victorian capes i've ever come across, design-wise. *sigh* i wish it fit me so i could buy it. lol, but then again, i can just make it myself, too. yay for sewing lolitas! =^.^=V

now for the question: it says on the auction that it sewn so that it looks like it has mock bell sleeves. and when you look at the pictures, there looks like a shoulder seam at the top of the cape. soooooo...would i sew the cape so that it'll look like a half circle when i spread my arms out or should it be a 45 degree angle instead? i want a nice shape for the cape and not look like a freakin' quarterback in the process, ya know what i mean? help!
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J.Kier Hardie

Fur headdress

Who likes fur headdresses? something like this, I mean.
I have some spare fur (faux) lying about, in black, grey and off-white, and this might be a way to use it up. But only if they would be well-received. It's good quality fur, not monster fur or manky stuff like that, but is a quite short pile so it wouldn't look ridiculously huge on your head.

first big sewing project: sweet loli dress! ^3^

I have no clue why I made a strawberry-off-shoulder dress in the middle of winter "XD Collapse )

now, I was just wondering, how much wouldjoo pay for a dress like this if I were to sell it? mind you, I'm not selling anything anytime soon since my sewing skills aren't nearly as good as a lot of you ladies here @__@ but it's not too horribley, terribly shabby. (unlike my spelling skills x__X drop the 'e' and add a 'y'?!) Collapse ) lovelove! *glomps thou*

Marshall Fields Holiday Windows

I was flipping channels when I landed on HGTV, and they were doing a show about holiday window decorations.  The theme for Marshall Field's this year was Cinderella, and when I saw the dolls they had in the windows, I HAD to share!  Also, last year they had a Snow White theme, and those windows are just as gorgeous.  They just scream sweet loli fairy tale land, to me anyhoo. XDD

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Hello all...

I'm making a fan book about gothic and lolita fashion, and I'm wondering about this community, which is a pretty prominent community when it comes to this style, and I wanted to ask a question, since my memory is failing me...

How long has this community been around? I remember seeing it way back in 2002, but I might be wrong. I'm doing some background about it, and I just wanted to know when it began and who started it. Also, is that old website Luscious Dilletante still around, or is that long gone? I say it's long gone, but I might be wrong.
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Camden lolita shopping~

Hello lolitas and Kodonas! This is a small piece of my opinion on Lolita shopping in Camden Town, London. Also viewable is a few photos of the coat I bought there (my first real lolita winter coat! I won't be cold anymore) and also on an unrelated note, a picture showing off my new MMM head-dress, and an important question!

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egl administrator

COMMUNITY: New Rules + Poll + Contest

Together with the team of moderators, I have decided to revamp the community a bit. The CC rule which was asked for my a number of people was ill-received by all. It doesn't work well, and when something doesn't work, then there's no reason to stick with it, especially if no one wants to anyway. The rules on the info page are a bit long and confusing as well, and it would seem that they need a change. So in light of all of this, we have come up with a new set of rules. And we also have an issue we would like the community to vote on as well as a contest for a new journal layout.

Below is the new set of rules. Please comment if there is anything you feel is unclear or needs to be adjusted. Now is the time to speak your mind. These will be posted as the new rules on the info page on Tuesday afternoon.

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Now for the poll, we would like to know how you feel about auction and sales posts.
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Now for the layout contest...
With revamping the community, we would like to change the look a bit. The format we have now is cute, but it's getting a bit dusty. So we're going to run a contest for a new journal format. The entries will be sent to myself via email, screen shots will be taken, and the community will vote in an lj poll to decide the winner. The winner's layout will be used in the community from then on until we decide to do this again in a year or so. ^__^

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Soul removed.

Question to NYC and Nothern and Central NJ Lolis

I went to the theatre today and found out about a ballet in March I though would be good for a meet up. I would actually really liked to organize this one but I need to start now since it involves theatre tickets. I wanted to know if any lolis in and around NYC would be interested in going to see Alice and Wonderland Follies the ballet on March 3 or 4th. The theatre is by Rockefeller Center called Florence Gould Hall. The tickets are $25 for children 12 & under and $30 for single adults but I know there is a discount on groups of 4 or more. The day would consist of the ballet and maybe picture in Central Park and tea. Would anyone be interested?

Here is a little bit on the show: "Features the antics of The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Caterpillar, The Chesire Cat, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and other beloved Alice in Wonderland characters. Running Time of 1 Hour."
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Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

How Do You Afford

How do you guys afford these outfits from these designers like h.naota and Putumayo when their basic skirts and pants run from 80 dollars and up and shipping is probably another 20 on top of that? Just a question.
Pinky Deer
  • kuramew

btssb payment methods.

Hellos, everyone! I just had a few questions before I went about ordering my 1st order from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and I figured this would be the place to ask first. ^_^;;

This is what the site says about bank transfers:

◆Bank Transfer◆
We will provide you our bank account information via e-mail after confirming our stock.
Please note that the bank transfer fee should be paid by the customer.
The bank transfer fee should be paid for both bank in your country and Japan.
The amount of the bank transfer fee for the bank in Japan is 2,500 yen.

I asked Wells Fargo yesterday and they said it would cost $42 to transfer to a foreign business account. I'm okay with that.

But now with a second reading of the BTSSB policies, are they inferring that I need to pay an additional 2,500 yen for their side of the transfer, as well?

So in other words, I'm paying $42 USD + 2,500 yen? Clarification?

I don't trust sending $600 USD through the mail, even if the International Money order costs a lot less than doing a wire transfer since after it leaves my hands, I have no control of whether it'll make it there or not. >_<;; I've had international mail containing money before that's gotten lost and never found. I guess I could pay for tracking service, insurance, 24 hour shipping and delivery confirmation, but it might just as well cost as much as a wire transfer, eh?

So what have you guys done to pay for your BTSSB goods in the past?
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Two devils

Jewish Lolitas?

Everywhere I look, I see red and white. Christmas inspired outfits and Christmas parties and get-togethers. I'm just curious if there are any lolita's out there who, like myself, are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah. I get half Jews all the time but I have never in my life met another Jew who was full blooded Jew and not a member of my family. ^-^ I know the chances are slim of my finding a Jewish lolita but I figured I'd ask. ^-^

I think it would be awsome to have a Hanukkah enspired lolita dress. Blue and white with stars of David or a menorah print. :D

Difference between panniers, bloomers and petticoats

I've been seeing these terms(panniers, bloomers, petticoats) around egl clothing sites and I've been wondering what excactly are the difference between them. :P What are their purposes and how should they be worn? ^^;;

Somebody please enlighten me. >.>

Thanks a lot in advance. :)
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