December 2nd, 2005


Boots for the lolita

Just got an email from about their new shipment of boots and being the shoe fiend I am I went through ALL the boots. Thought I'd share a few links to some I thought would work for a lolita styles.

Ankle boots
RSVP Napolean
Baci Daisy
Baci Delia
Etienne Aigner
Casadei Velvet

Calf boots
Bongo Jive
Check Dr. Martens for the punk loli
Tribeca Candi
Matico Talia
Nine West Alavada
Hype Joyce
DKNY Mabel
Jeffrey Campbell

Knee boots
Bongo Taylor
Pleaser PU for punk or ero-loli
Pleaser buckle
NaNa Kei

I know I've seen some of these shoes before, so I don't think they're all completely new, but they're still nice to look at ^^
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X posted

I don't have a picture, but from reading "Cosmo girl" apparantly shelly's are doing shoes for £50 that are the *spitting image* of these bssb ones except with a thinner heel and the bow on the front.
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Looking for Rhode Island Lolitas

Hey dolls. Just wondering if there are any Rhode Island lolitas out there. I'm currently attending college here in the state, and I'm hoping to find some lolis here to make friends with. ^^

If there are any in the area, would anyone be interested in a meet up sometime? I'll be leaving for Christmas to go back to Maine, but I'll be back around the 22nd of January. If anyone would like to meet up, lemme know!
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Pre Loliday

Today I sported a skirt I recently finished to school. I'd classify myself as being very Casual. Very casual sweet lolita. it's a beautiful pink and blue fabric with tiny strawberries, and I expanded that idea into the pink and blue pin you see me wearing and the same design is on the skirt, although you can't see it in the pictures (If you look hard to the right ((my left)) of the skirt, you can see a part of it.). Anyhow, I don't have very complete outfits, so it'll be pretty casual for a while. Pink carigan has pearl buttons, which matches the pearls ont eh strawberry applique well. Both sweaters are from my mom's closet!

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Little Red Lolita

About a year ago, my illustration final was to illustrate Little Red Ridinghood anyway I wanted.  So of course the first thing that came to mind was Loli!  After digging through my bibles, I created five pages of illustrations based on popular designs, and since the actual paintings are so large, I'm just now scanning them.
I hope you enjoy!  I love doing EGL art, and I'll try to post more in the future, instead of being so lurky *g*

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Sesame Street....loli-fied

I found this very cool collection at Sanrio today featuring Count Von Count.

The Count’s “Toile…ah…ah…ahhh” collection picks up on his gothic-inspired look, with products featuring Victorian colors like purple and black, scalloped edges and filigree.

I cannot find any photos of it or even on the Sanrio or Nakajima USA sites, but I found an eBay seller who is carrying it-
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(no subject)

The blouse I'm making isn't going well at all, so to cheer myself up I took pictures of my most recent creation, to remind myself I can actually show.

And then spent sometime making them somewhat veiwable.

So, I'm hoping it's not useless posting them here, despite the quality. I might take some nicer pictures when the weather's better.

And my mother's refusing to buy me an adorable meta windows dress off ebay.

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(no subject)

Dear members,

I need your help. I stumbled upon a lot of pictures of Collapse ) girl together with another girl recently. I believe they're called Sachi and Ku. They appeared in Gothic & Lolita Bible and Rococo magazine. I would like to know what their band is called. And if there are any downloads available. I would appreciate all help!

Thanks in advance,

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The purse/bag I made

I've been meaning to make accesories and this week i got to do it... with help of a snow day (YAY! SNOW!. I took a cute (and very soft) pillow case i found at the Goodwill and will mucho cutting and sewing converted it into a cute purse/bag. It's a little frumpy but thats what happens when somethings 100% hand sewn, but it's very sturdy!

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Gothic and Lolita fashion and you! (Help with an article)

Hello lolita, aristocrats, kodona, and friends and fans thereof. I am a new member to this community, but have been a huge fan of elegant gothic lolita for some time. However, that's not what this entry is about!

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Apologies for the agonizingly long list of questions, and any transgressions I have made without realizing it. Please, forgive me, but... I really need your help!!!

~The girl in the corner sipping tea
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