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The EGL Community
For Gothic & Lolita Fashion. Hosted by LiveJournal.
November 29th, 2005 
J.Kier Hardie
The black jumper dress with white lace that Momoko wears when she meets the director of Baby (bonnet admiration, fainting, etc.)- does anyone have any detailed pictures of it, either from the film or the actual dress from Baby?
Thanks in advance- I can only find little or obscured pictures of it.
.::Val::. "Looook into my eeeeyes..!"
At some point, I've been thinking I'd like to have a dressed up tea party picnic-like gathering. Been thinking about it for quite a long time now. I figure I often see and hear here of such meetups, and it always looks so good! ... Would you be willing to share some of your favorite recipies that you think would befit it, foods and drinks you have used or would recommend? It'd be great fun to have a full spread. I swear, I'm gonna do it! When the weather gets warmer here, and I'll take pictures to share with you all. *grin*

But, yes. Give me thy recipies and favorite foodstuffs! Bwa hahah! I know you have it in ya! *grabbyhands* Maybe games, activities, whatever you like. I am totally open here. ^_^
I've looked through the memories and screen printing communities, and I have had little luck. Does any one have a comprehensive collection of bxw or tricolour lolita images for use in screen printing/cut-sews? Frilly hearts, crowns, keys, flourishes, stuff like that...

Also, is there a pretty font set floating around that someone wants to share?

<3 Thanks!

I've never really leaned towards sweet lolita before, but I've always been drawn to Angelic Pretty, so I thought for Christmas I would make my first Angelic Pretty purchase :)

I've picked out two different dresses:


Does anyone own either of these? If so, how do they fit? About how much room is there in the bust? (since both have shirring)

The only problem is, I can't tell what colors are left in each one. With the one-piece, I can see that baby pink is left, but I can't tell what the other color is. I can tell, for the most part, with the jumper, but with both dresses I keep getting "Clo" in the translation. And lastly, I have very pale skin and medium-short black hair. Would a pale pink or pale blue look weird with this look? Thank you everyone! :)
As the weather is getting colder (and wetter) now, I need to find my 14years old dog a coat.
I remeber seing some egl-ish dogs clothing in the bibles (I think it was by bodyline)
but I haven't found any online store yet, that sells those clothes. O.o
I also remember, when I was in Tokyo, there was this store on Takeshita Dori that only sold  dogs clothes (not only egl), but I cannot remember it's name ^^;
So all Lolis that are in Tokyo right now : What's that store's name (and do they have a webpage) ?

It alos  would be very helpfull if any of you knew where I could find dog clothes patterns (preferd egl related) [I already tried google, but didn't find anything usefull)

thank you
m(_ _)m
I'm working on hosting a December gathering. I don't know the exact date yet but it will be on a weekend (unless a certain weekday during xmas break works better for everyone), probably close to Christmas. Basically I have two ideas and need help picking one.

Read here for all the details...Collapse )
Hi everyone. I haven't been around in a while because my computer broke (again) about a week ago.

I just wanted to visit today to remind everyone about our first International Lolita Fashion Day (anyone remember that?), a.k.a. "Loliday", which takes place this Saturday, December 3rd.

I'm posting a reminder here because in order to make it stick around, we need as many participants as possible, and seeing as this is the first one we don't have a huge following yet.

So what we want you to do on Dec. 3 is:
+ Dress up nice and loli/aristocrat/ouji
+ Go out with your friends (or alone) shopping, out to eat, to a party, or something
+ Take pictures and share them and your experiences at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/loliday/
(Where you can also find more info on the event--it's closed to the general public to keep it safe.)

We really hope to make this a success and spread our love of gothloli around the world. Hope to see lots of lovely pictures!!
01:11 pm - fanplusfriend
i am considering buying a winter coat from fanplusfriend on ebay, and was wondering if anyone else here had one and if it was worth the money. are they reliable/decent quality? any advice would be sorely appreciated, thanks!
Last night I made the baby the stars shine bright bunny scarf. All it needs is the tail and It'll be ready for a little girl at christmas. She was so impatient last night too. " I don't like suprises I want it now mom. tell me what it is" We didn't cave though and I think she'll be happy with it. I used yellow baby soft fleece to make the body and head and ears. Then I used brown embroidering floss to make the eyes, nose, and mouth. Not sure what to make the tail out of. Debated using a yellow ball of yarn, or buying a really poofy white cotton ball sort of thing.

Now it's my turn to make something for me. I'm going to try and make my first skirt. I'm using the turtorial in memories for a flared skirt. I have some red velvetesque stuff that's been hanging out in my sewing scraps box since about 97 or so. :) So wish me luck. *crosses her fingers*
05:46 pm - Gothic Lolita?
Hihi. ^_^ I just had a passing thought...

Would it be considered a big Loli no-no (or maybe a little degrading even to the brandname) if you tried using a beautiful, simple Mary Magdalene dress (specifically this dress) not just for Gothic Lolita, but for a slightly more Visual Kei aspect of EGL?

n_n; Just wondering.... Thanks~!
07:06 pm - Felicity
[default] white lace tights look warm
Is anyone watching this movie, Felicity An American Girl Story? And yes, it's totally based on those kids books, but I can't help it, the clothes are so very lolita-esque. I want!!
I know that the Kamikaze Girls movie was originally supposed to come out in Vancouver a month ago at Tinseltown. But now, it's been delayed until Dec. 2nd.
So I went on the Tinseltown website tonight, went to the listings for Friday December 2nd and nothing was there regarding the movie. I called their hotline, but it wasn't even mentioned as one of the movies showing or to be released!
Does anyone know when it is actually going to be coming out in Vancouver-and how I can find out the showtimes?

EDIT: I now found out that the movie isn't opening until December 9th (what is wrong with tinseltown?!). Is this going to be an official release date?
A bunch of us are meeting around 7pm in the park in front of the arts building for photos before the movie friday if anyone is interested please come by. I think we are going out for tea/coffee afterwards too. Anyone is welcome to join us that would wish to.

This will be fun.
Don't ask why I'm deciding to post these up now (I was lazy). A handfull of lolitas went go to see a free Chicago Lyric Opera performance on a sweaty September day.

To the bad photos!Collapse )

It was a fun event with the Lyric Opera, danaeaphreal, and miyu_sakura as our primary source of entertainment. Also all the food miyu_sakura cooked for us was yummy (she made everything in the photos and provided drinks XD).
Hello everyone! i've been a member of this community for quite a while, but I've never posted...I just wanted to share some photos from a recent shoot at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA. We had a great time running around, looking at all the pretty plants and Christmas displays (and educating a few tourists who were rather intrigued by our unique outfits ;p). Image hosted by Photobucket.com From left: Libraes, moose (not in lolita ;p), Becki, Christine, Yusei, me (standing), Kristen, and Li-chan (sorry if I misspelled anyone's name!) Follow the cut for more loli fun!Collapse )
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