November 1st, 2005

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lolita hair-cut

I know we've had a lot of questions about lolita hair styles lately, and so I thought I'd share pictures of my hair style from saturday night. It was actually fairly easy to do though it took about an hour. For all of you girls who think your hair can't hold curls because of type or humidity, you might try using my technique which I've explained under the cut. ^^

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PRODUCT REVIEW -- Volatile lolita platforms in black and burgundy!

They really are quite unique!

I ordered both colors (even though I have nothing that matches burgundy) simply because I loved the style I saw. Well, they arrived in the mail a while back and I'm finally doing a review. They're available in extremely limited quantities at Overstock now, but I still thought this would be helpful for any members here who are still debating on whether or not to purchase them.

My shipping was only $1 when I ordered!!
Even though that deal is no longer available, Overstock shipping is always low. So no worries there.
Also, shipping was FAST. Incredibly so. And well packaged. always does a wonderful job with all of my orders and things run smoothly.

Collapse )PS -- I googled "volatile batsu" and found some good pictures that provide you with an idea of the fit and style.

PPS -- YinYinc's review coming up soon in another post. ^_^

Halloween Photos

I thought I'd share my Halloween costume since it was Loli-ish. It was 100% had made by me with the exception of the shirt and head peice. The shirt's from Limited Too (if you can believe that!), and the head peice I bought at Project A-Kon a few years back. Enjoy!

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Well kinda.

I could have sworn I had posted this yesterday, but I guess not, since I can't find it.

Is the picture of me dressed for Halloween. The picture is blurry, yes I know my shirt is not Loli, but the skirt is an apron skirt I made myself, the hat I made myself, my hair is in ringlets, and my make-up is well done. I think I look pretty and almost Loli. I just wish I had had the time to make a blouse that was Loli.

(Also, on a side a note, if you full screen the pic, and look very carefully on the wall behind my head, the polaroid is of me and Psycho Le Cemu from Akon 2003.)
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black cat

name origin...

I'm sorry this question might sound awfully daft or whatever but what does Putumayo mean? Or is it someones' name?
Again I apologise for the silliness of this question! :)

Thank you...
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