October 26th, 2005

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Advice For Floral Paterned Dress

Over the summer i bought this wonderful floral patterned cloth and was much too busy to do anything with it. But now that i am fnding myself with more free time I have found that i don't quite know what to do with it. I know that i want to make a dress. But which one?

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About time too!

Its been Five or six months since the last gosu loli came out so I went looking to see if /when a new one was coming out I took me ages to find it I almost gave up when I finally found it, Gosu Loli Vol 6 is coming out in Japan on Friday here's a pic. I think the theme is gothic lolita twin outfits Click on the link to go to the site

ISBN 4-8347-2351-8

OH! and while I'm at it Novala Takemoto's Novel of Shimotsuma Monogatari is coming out in February
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Ack! Outfitless!

I had na outfit planned but since it has not arrived in time... though it Should have as I sent extra money for it to be Sent on time...*grumblecomplain*

Anybody have some last minute loli idea's for halloween? All I have are summer outfits and my black MM style dress. UU;; I am so lost...

I am not one for wearing plain old loli... I do nt have time to sew an entire new outfit! I have to finish my friends birthday present!

Mou... what to do!
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Anybody interested in combining a BSSB order with me? I know there are group orders organized periodically, but mainly I'm planning on ordering on my own and a small break on shipping/wire transfer fees would be a welcome thing. I'd prorate shipping so you'd pay less if you wanted something small like a headress or socks. (I'll be getting a dress, headdress, and possibly socks.)

I have good ebay feedback; I will not steal your hard-earned lolita money :) If you're interested, feel free to drop me an email (kiwiflowers (at) gmail.com) I'd like to order in the next couple of weeks or so.