October 17th, 2005


DIY Sewing Links Directory

Here is my personal list of websites pertaining to sewing projects (mostly clothing); many of them are of the gothic/alternative/vintage/period variety. There are many tutorials as well as some sewing techniques/tips:


If anyone has anything to add to the list, post them here!

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Fanplus Friend Dress

I recieved my dress today...and omg its so...just wow. Totally worth the money, and it fits like a glove. If you're thinking about ordering from them and aren't sure of the quality believe me...its just awesome. I just have one small complaint...its raining outside and I can't wear it ._.

I plan on adding a big bow to the back of the jacket, and making some matching socks and head bow. Wish me luck!

I'll be sure to post pictures soon <3
rarity stylin

Design critique?

I know a lot of you like to have Japanese brand name clothing remade by commission, and I thought that was a pretty spiffy idea myself, so I went looking around, mostly in sweet lolita shops because I haven't got a single sweet lolita outfit, mostly monochrome and one black and red outfit. I didn't find any designs I liked completely, though, so I married a Mary Magdalene ( http://www.marymagdalene.jp/catalog/dress/cardop_14.jpg ) dress to a BtSSB jumper ( http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/jumper/129214/129214-e.JPG ) with a few small twists here and there.

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Mini Me!
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(no subject)

I got to go to the fancy fabric store by us yesterday, armed with a 20% off everything coupon! here are some of the sexy loli fabrics i managed to pick up....

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I also got some solids, so I'll finally have a nice white blouse to winter up my Summer cloths, and a few new dresses. Since I've been trying to hand make my entire winter wardrobe, my sewing skills are finally top notch. I figured practice makes perfect, so I should practice on myself till was happy enough to go public.

The light blue ones are just the nicest colors, and I thought the circus one was kinda like some of the Emily Temple Cute prints.

I don't know which of the new fabrics to hit up first?

Help needed - Videos!

Hi lolitas!

I was looking through my digital collection of lolita files and i noticed i have so many images [fashion shots, streetsnaps, patterns etc] but no videos except the 2 little documentaries someone posted few time ago, so i'm asking you to tell me which things i should search when looking for lolita related videos!
Someone once made me see the "Beast Of Blood" Malice Mizer videoclip.. well i'm talking of something like that, i'd like to see all the lolita genres "animated" for once! =]
You can suggest me to search for anime promos or commercials or.. i do not know! Anything that's video will be perfect!

Of course i do NOT intend to break any copyright law, i believe that sharing music videos is not a crime.
The only laws i know that i'm breaking are the grammar ones! Sorry, english is not my first language!
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wedding bells?

Hello hello loli-pops♥

Yesterday I was looking around to find some good Betsey Johnson (designer) pictures for a report I was doing on "modeling careers", and I happened to come upon this picture:

After pondering over it a bit, this made me think: "Hey, has anyone ever done a lolita wedding? Or had any ideas for one?"

So I've come here to see if any of you had any ideas, considered, or had even gone through with a lolita wedding. Just thought it would be an interesting topic with cool input!

disclaimer: I am not claiming that the outfit above or Betsey Johnson's designs are lolita, I'm just using them as an example/inspiration. Thanks! :)
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(no subject)

I have a dress made by someone on this community I can't remember her name at the moment though that's not why I'm writing...
The dress itself is cute and I was in Love with it when I first saw it and I still like it...only the material has got me wondering now...
It's made from a shiny like material and that has me thinking is that acceptable in loli fashion? It's not like patent-leather shiny but it does shine a fair amount so is that alright or should it just be an anything dress now?

Thanx! :)
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