September 28th, 2005

Cute Shoes!

                                        Demonia Black And White Lolita Heel

Hey guys!  I know HT is a topic of doom, but I just wanted to let you know they're selling these really cute Demonia EGL-inspired heels on their website now.  I bought these same shoes except with the double maryjane straps and am waiting anxiously for them to arrive via snail mail.  >_<  That is all!  ^_^

<EDIT: There are some more styles on this website: ^_^
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hello lovely Lolis!
i need some help on a color issue. i found an absolutely wonderful blouse, but the color is very odd and i'm not sure what to match it with. The color is sort of a carmel, or and off-tan, its hard to explain, i took some pictures but they don't show it too well, a light tan maybe?
anyways, i thought abut dying it, but it has a lot of detail and such that isnt cotton and i am worried about the reprocussions. here are the pictures, honestly, what color does well with a light tan? (ignore the slightly redsih glow, my camera is bad)

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White (Miniature) Top Hats?

Hello, all! n__n I was just wondering, where might you find a place that sells either white mini top hats or white regular ones? There's of course always ebay, but I don't have an account (underage :[) and besides - I don't like the thought of me maybe or maybe not getting it. >_>

Or, if it comes down to it, would you recommend a beginner sewer to try her hand (no pun intended :B) at sewing a tophat? And what type of fabric would I use anyway?

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Thank you for reading~!
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Hi there ^^ I was wondering if anyone knows how to make poofy sleeves? I can't for the love of me figure it out. I know there's a couple ways of doing (gathering/pleating the fabric, or elastic gathering) but..when I try to do it with just that common knowledge, I screw up -.- If anyone can give me advice/links/etc, thank you!
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Lolita Penpal Service - Closed!

Edit: The Lolita Penpal service is now closed. Please do not send any more applications as they will be automatically deleted. I ended up with an odd number so some poor Loli is going to get me for a pen friend ^_~ Thanks everyone for participating! If you missed out this time, don't worry, we'll probably run this again next month!

refer to original thread:

So far 60 Lolita's have been paired up with random penpals from all over the globe. Today is your last day to apply. I am currently stuck with an odd number of people so I need a few more to even out the pairs. Please send your application today if you are interested as I will be closing the email account tomorrow.



I'm sorry if this may seam as a stupid question.
But I wasn't for sure... and didn't want to go off and talk about things in case I wasn't right.

Ok, well.
My friend wants to make a skirt out of some pretty asian looking fabric.
Ya know, the kind that would most likely be used for a Wa-loli outfit.
And her and I got to talking about it today and I was wondering...would it be considered a Wa-loli outfit if the outfit was a normal circle skirt with the asian looking print, a normal looking black button up top with a collar, and asian looking hair pins?

Could that be conisdered a Wa-loli outfit?
I'm not exactly for sure.
So I wanted to ask.
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Alichino volume 3

Hello dears~

I just read Alichino Vol. 3 by Shouyu Kurei...and I am even more in love with this series than before. Does anyone else read it? I haven't met anyone who even knows what it is o.O BTW though, volume 4 is underway...but it's the last book T^T I don't know what I'm going to dooooooo! lol ^^

But Miyobi is sooooooooo lolita in this volume!! I'd really like to cosplay in anyone willing to make it for me? I'm talking about the outfit with the floral torso piece...gah I will somehow scan it.

Also, has anyone read the latest Shoujo Beat? They mention the lolita fashion ^_^

Thanks for reading my near-meaningless post ^_^
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On each product, there are two prices. A lower one, and a slightly higher one. Given I don't live in Japan, which one would I fill in as the price, on the mail order form?

Quick help is appreciated! :D