September 24th, 2005

Curious Angelic Pretty Measurements

Sooooo... Because I'm a sick, sick, girl, and I couldn't resist this dress on YJA, I bid on it. It's an Angelic Pretty dress, and I was very dubious that it would fit me, since most of their dresses list 80 cm as the bust measurement (and I'm much more like 90 cm!)

Here is the dress:
It clearly says 80 cm bust! However, I just got the dress in the mail today, and it FITS ME, even with my normal, slightly padded Body by Victoria bra. I usually wear a sports bra with lolita to try and slim down up there a little, but I forgot because I was too excited to try it on! Since the white flower lace constricts the shirring in the front, the shirring doesnt stretch. which means that... either my boobs magically shrunk in a day, or Angelic Pretty's measurements may be small by about 10 cm! O_O! (which makes me think that a lot more of their stuff might fit me!) I'd been avoiding their stuff because I thought it ran smaller than BTSSB...

it's such a gamble though isn't it? You have no idea whether something will fit you without trying it on and since each outfit is a slightly different size, and has a different design (some are stretchier than others) it's very hard to be able to tell if something will fit you or not, and then you spend over $100 to buy it and figure out if it's even going to fit! I was lucky this time, but it is hard. I hope I can go back to Japan eventually and try stuff on again. I was too scared last time because I figured NOTHING would fit me! Well, while stuff is a little short on me, and sometimes the sleeves are too narrow, in general, more stuff than I thought is fitting me.

I'll take some photos of me in the dress as soon as I can. ^_^

lolita shoes

I saw these awesome shoes at Payless yesterday, and I thought they looked lolita. One of the things that made the shoes so awesome was that they were on sale for $15. I don't know how to post up pictures, but I have a link to where you can see the shoes. Collapse )


I'm looking for examples of "casual lolita".
I don't see anything in the memories for this.

To make a short story shorter, I wish to try casual lolita style, since I really can't afford to go all out sweet lolita like I want. :P
Is this casual style accepted by other lolitas?

opinions are appreciated!
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Happy Sweets

(no subject)

My birthday is coming up next week (October 2nd), and I already recieved my birthday present from my mom, which was a Metamorphose dress, a headdress, knee-high socks, and a petticoat. I got them yesterday, and I'm really happy, since it's my first lolita dress. I had to pay for half of it, though, since it was a pretty expensive purchase (now I have no money).

Anyway, my grandparents are offering me $100 for my birthday, and my mom might let me have the money I recieved at my baby shower (she was going to give it to me when I turn 18, but that's not for a while), which is around $300-$400. I don't know if she'll give it to me early, though.
I'll also be recieving money from my relatives, and friends for my birthday.

Money is not the issue, it's what I want to spend it on.
I'm thinking about getting another lolita dress, but should I blow all of my money on a Moi-Meme-Moitie dress, or something a little cheaper, and include accessories and such?

Totally your opinion.
If this post seems useless, mods, feel free to delete it.
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I don't really post here often, but in two weeks I'm going to be in Dallas for a conference with my classmates and I know they're going to leave me at the hotel alone. I thought I should check if there are any Dallas-area Lolis who might be interested in some sort of meet-up on October 8th (Saturday). I've never been to Dallas so I don't know what sort of activity would be good, but anything so that I don't end up staying at the hotel doing homework out of boredom. Thanks.
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Group order?

I'm just curious to whether anyone plans on doing a group order any time soon. =) I'm hoping to buy more clothing soon, and avoid a bit of the major fees involved. >_> Woe is me and my money shortage.

Is there one planned for this month or next at all? Thank you!
blue, frankie

(no subject)

Hello. This is my first post in egl, though ive been watching away in the bushes for a long time :P

Im going to attempt to make some sleeves. Or i guess arm warmers in a way. Though i will put an elastic band at the top. Its more or so because i dont like showing off my flabby shoulder regions and some of my t-shirts do that. So id wear thiese super logn sleeves underneath. So my question is, what pattern should i use?

Collapse )Any advice is really welcome! ^_^
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