September 20th, 2005

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Petticoat HELP

Ok, I bought a petticoat locally over a week ago and am having a terrible time getting it to lie right. I have had it on my dress dummy since the day i bought it. It is synthetic, so it is not like I can press it. It was in a bag at the chop, so it has creases in it that are causing it to have sharp angles instead of the nice round shape. Any advice?

The Lolita Exchange

I was wondering if anyone would like to start a Lolita Gift Exchange, through snailmail. It would be mostly small gifts, wrapped cutely. Mostly homemade things, gloves, scarves, candles.. Things like that.
I think it would be a good idea, and a fun way to show what you like to other people! The Lolita Exchange Project would need people who could accept packages ( no P.O boxes ), and who give away real addresses. Real names don't really matter, though.
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(no subject)

On a certain store's website (which shall not be named) they have a Crinoline skirt...but I'm not sure if it'll be poofy enough for loli.  In the picture it looks kinda short as well...has anyone tried it on with a loli skirt? Or even by itself.  If it works for the egl look, then the $18 for it isnt bad.

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(no subject)

Hello! I have once again returned to be annoying and ask for help. I have been reading the memories as much as I can to learn more about the various GL styles and about EGA but I am still dumb when it comes to creating an outfit. ^^;;

I actually have a skirt I bought a while ago at Burlington Coat Factory because it was lovely. It looks lolita-ish, I think, and I would love to make it into an outfit. Perhaps a casual oufit? Anyway... I was wondering where I could go to buy a petticoat. I'll look through sites in the memories again to find one but I actually don't know much about petticoats and stuff. x__o; Anyway... here's a picture of the skirt. My camera was cheap... therefore the quality really sucks. ^^;;

All help will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Lolita Penpal Community?

Someone suggested this on the 101 Lolita Lifestyle ideas thread (here) Would you ladies be interested in a Lolita Penpal service?

There's two ways I'm considering running this. The easiest would be to have a LJ community where you can post a 'ad' so to speak, with your contact details and a bit about yourself and people could write to you and become penpals. However if people don't want to display their details then I could set up an email for you to write to and randomly assign penpals, so you'd get a secret friend that way, without having to worry about having lots of people contacting you.

If you are interested or have any suggestions please let me know! ^_^ I think this could be a lot of fun.

Edit: Either way we would only ask for your email address, it would be up to you to exchange snail mail addresses if you wish too ^_^
Shoes and blue bird

Shoes and shoe dyeing?

Recently I purchased an off-white Meta dress (my first name brand item!) to wear to a wedding.  Since the dress is off-white, I'm kind of wary about what color shoes I wear.  White would probably look awful and clash with the color of the dress.  On the other hand, black would probably be much worse.  So, does anyone know of some online stores that might have some cute off-white shoes?  Should I be concerned about matching up the color perfectly, or would no one notice?

My boyfriend told me that I can simply buy white shoes and have a bridal shop dye them in the right color for me.  However, my sister insisted that bridal shops can only dye certain shoes, and all of the bridal websites I skimmed through featured shoes with descriptions that specifically stated if they are made of dye-able fabric.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Would it work for a pair of Mary Janes, or am I unlikely to find someone able to provide this service?

As a side-note, for Canadians who have ordered from Meta, how long does it usually take for items to arrive?  I have heard Americans say that their order only took 3-4 days, but mine shipped out a week ago, now, and the EMS website indicates that it might still be at customs.  Could they be holding my package for some reason, or does it usually take this long?

ETA: It arrived safely... with $105 in customs fees. o_o

Thank you in advance.

hair or wigs for cosplaying Momoko?

Hi guys! My hair is kinda shortish and punky and a medium to dark brown.

I could try to grow it out I guess, but my hair is not as light as Momoko's either. I thought it would be fun to cosplay as her sometime, since I have one of her BTSSB dresses.

This wig seems pretty perfect. But it's kinda pricey and I'd have to go through some shopping service (so even pricier). Does anyone have any other ideas? La Croix doesn't seem to have a light brown wig in this style, and neither does Cosmates. I tried a few american wig stores, but for some reason finding a wig with bangs and a similar curl to this is difficult? I've cut and curled wigs before, but it's always a bit of a hassle, and I'd really prefer to just buy a wig already in the style as hers, if I can help it.

Thanks for any ideas!
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Anyone know any good American-language, Lolita style patterns? Know as in know the company that makes it? I want to try to sew a lolita outfit~
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Question about makeup...

Hi! I'm new to the community, and I plan to order my first EGL dress and accessories soon! Anyway, I've been looking through the memories, and maybe I missed it, but does anyone know of a how-to guide on makeup that is available online (one that doesn't show how to do Mana-sama's makeup)?

Here is the dress I plan to get (in the colourings shown):


And here is what I look like:

With makeup and without.

Could someone maybe give me a few pointers on how I could best do makeup to go with that dress? Thank you all so much~! :3 ♥
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I just post the news

I debated whether or not to post this, but I think it's interesting to see differing views of Gothic Lolita from time to time. This article is a perfect example of how *not* to refer to Gothic Lolita. Please beware that this article is very controversial and that I am not in accordance with it in any kind of fashion, but I do post articles from time to time and this is just one of them.
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lolita's in turkey

I was wondering if there are any lolita's in Turkey.
I would like to come in contact with them if they are, thank you.
My father is Turkish.

mods, please delete if it is unsuitable.

-xxx- leyla from Holland.
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More m00bs, more questions.

Starting post, yadda yadda yadda, Kat, 15, Kingston, Canada, yadda yadda yadda..

Well, now that we have that over with, I have few questions. While I've been an admirer of the Lolita fashion for a while now, I've have never really had the confidence to wear it or even post in communities such as this. Please don't compare me to a Hot Topic mallrat because of it! >_<

As a result of my general laziness, I'm rather behind, and have some very silly, silly questions..

What type of Lolita look is good for what type of body? For example, I'm very tall, thin, and have a long face.. I really don't see Sweet Lolita on me anytime soon. But what's bugging me, is which type of Lolita style would be best? Out of curiosity, what about other body types?

Also, is there any proper way of holding your parasol when it's open or closed? This has been bugging me, even though it's such a trivial thing. Come to think of it, is there even a front and a back with a parasol or umbrella?

Sorry to have bothered you. I'm happy to see this community posts very often, though. ^^ Thanks for putting up with me~
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First Post

Well, I've posted a few comments around here, and tried to read up a bit. I love the style, and want to mesh it just a bit with renaissance, since i love the two styles so much I can't choose.
The main problem is I'm kind of the token Fat Girl at school, and while I dress rather freakishly, it's not what I like. I personally can't afford to buy name brand things, though i would love to, and I doubt that they would have them in my size. It's going to be a long transfer, because I need to loose quite a good deal of weight.
I was wondering about lifestyles, in particular. With regular Gothic there's an entire subculture you need to be a part of, and it's a lifestyle. I was wondering if that was true for this as well. Any help would be appreiciated.
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My jumper

Hello, I wanted to post pictures of my first attempt at sewing an outfit. I've only made small things like bows and a purse design before. My mom helped me out a little bit with it, since it was my first time. I think I did an okay job. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it looks really plain. If anyone has any suggestions about what to add, or just constructive criticism in general, that would be great.

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