September 19th, 2005


Hay hi

monsieurvicky is always talking about this community so I figured I'd join. My experience in EGL was based mainly in some of Mana's fashions, but developed further with the EGA/EGL skit at AnimeNEXT with jezeroth. (I was the blue one, kind of hard to miss me since I'm the token fat kid.)

Edit - Low quality shot of entire dress - Closeup of wig

In any case. I hope this isn't old meme, but I was delightfully surprised to find a two page story about Gothic Lolita fashion and interest as it spreads to America and the UK... in Bizarre magazine. Eventually, if it hasn't been done yet, I can scan the pages and post them here.

If it's been mentioned, I apologise. Bizarre is a magazine that compiles the strangest of various media, including crazy cultural stuff. (It's not really suited for minors.) Their review of Gothic Lolita fashion and culture was very complimentive. :)
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Lolita concept art. x3

I'm trying to come up with a comic idea, and i have one character down packed, her name is Olesia, many of her outfits will be complete EGL outfits or casual loli outfits. I have most of the plot figured out in my head but, I'm not going to ruin it for you. [Rather large picture under cut >>]

[ The colors Im going to do ( I will only be coloring certain peices like chapter headers everything will generally be in black and white.) will be single flat colored. I added the flat colors of this one. ^_^


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Mini Me!
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new picture

I've been working on a full page ad for a magazine and thought I'd share a little of my loli artwork with you lovely guys and gals...

It's a new style for me, so it was a whole heap of fun to work with, hope you like it.....
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Gothic Fest in Chicago

I haven't gotten any pictures yet of me in my EGL dress, but I will as soon as the boyfriend puts them on the computer. It was interesting to say the least ^_^ I got to go up on the stage too and throw out into the audience some of the free giveaways! It was super fun.

I was also getting compliments on my dress ALL night, and even had a few pictures taken too!

I gotta say that I didn't see anyone else dressed up in EGL or EGA though! Kinda bummed me out, I wanted pictures with other lolis. If anyone was there at Gothic Fest in Villa Park, IL, dressed up in EGL or EGA, I'm sorry I missed you :X
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of a good sewing pattern for a plus size loliable coat? What about a plus size loliable blouse/cutsew? I would love a link, or an offer to sell. Thanks!!!

*rainbow sprinkles*

Store Info?

Hello. I was just wondering if anyone has ever shopped at any of these online stores; they look really cool and there are a few things I really like but I would like to get some info first on how reliable they and there products are. Anyone?

They all look so cute and I love the accessories! I checked the memories and I didn't see them mentioned before, but if they have been I'm sorry for bothering everyone.
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Some help...

I'm actually attempting loli. After about 9 months, I'm going to attempt it again..

But I'm so curious as to whether the skirt in the cut is good enough... I posted it in the comments, but I'm going to post it as an entry so I can get more comments for it.

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(no subject)

Ok, so I got 3 1/2 yards of lovely black velvet(it was just so pretty I had to buy it). I want to make something Lolita out of it, but since I don't have anymore space to keep pretty cloths I'd end up selling it right after it's done. So the question is, what should I make?

I can make a long sleeved dress in the spirit of aproaching cold weather, I can make a Jumper which would be suitable for all occa sions, or I can make a skirt.

Let me know what you'd like to see~!

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a few questions

I'm madly in love with Atelier Boz, but ordering through a courier service is a big step for me, so I'm trying to find some acceptable substitutes.

Does anyone know where I could find blouses or dresses with the typical Boz exaggerated collars? I've already seen the ones at Fan friend and own the one from Heavy Red.

I'm a moderatly good seamstress, so links to patterns would also be great.

On that note, I've just bought this pattern and want to alter it a bit so it will be floor lenght and possibly a bit more elegant. Does anyone have ideas on what I could do with it?
And, finally, my last question: what material would be best for the coat? I want to wear it in autumn and spring (as I already have very warm winter coat). Light-weight wool? I adore the Boz coats (of course), and I saw they are 100% polyester, so maybe this fabric would be suiting?

I hope I'm not too much trouble, and a heartfelt thanks to anyone who can help me ^_^

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