September 18th, 2005

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Help me~! >_

I've been wandering around this community for awhile now, and this is my first! ^_^

The real reason I'm posting is because I'm looking for a post that was made here quite awhile ago, it had a whole bunch of sites that sell lolita clothes, and it sorted out which site sold internationally, etc. I looked in memories (I thought it would be there, it was an awesome post), but I couldn't find it.

I really would like to buy a dress, and I remember seeing a few cute ones on random sites, but I didn't put the post on memory. >_<

Any help would be greatly appreciated. <3

<3 hara tori
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Demand for a San Diego meet up?

Hello everyone~

I went to the Friday get-together in Los Angeles to go and see Kamikaze Girls- but I don't want to talk about that XD This post is regarding demand in San Diego for a meet up!

While it was nice talking to the few people that actually noticed me around with my little bro in LA, I couldn't help but feel a little put out since this was basically the first time I had encountered some of those people :X It's meant as no disrespect! However, it reminded me that living all the way in San Diego and driving to LA for anything ((if it were only a sole reason)) is just impractical. As is was, the only reason I stopped by for the Kamikaze Girls movie was because it was on my way up to visit my father an hour up the 101.

WITH THAT SAID, from what I know ((and please correct me if I'm wrong)) there isn't anything set up in the San Diego area for people around here to meet up? The thought seriously crossed my mind that if there is a demand for a get together, I'd be willing to organize- or at least participate in a group to organize.

My main idea was this: A monthly Sunday brunch. I personally only know of only one park in my immediate area- as I haven't gone exploring in San Diego itself ((have only been down here for about 3-4 months :X))- BUT, I thought it would be nice if a bunch of people got together and each brought a platter of breakfast fingerfood either made or bought (pot luck style), maybe a favorite mug and got together on the grass to meet up and chat. It would at least be a little more feasible to know demand before I consider going out and buying a giant water heater thingy for tea and coffee.

Anyway- please comment~ I'm almost really hoping to start out small @_@ Even if there's only 2 people- I want to meet you guys! At least it would get something rolling and hopefully encourage more girls from the area n_n

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Happy Sweets

A few quick questions →

I'm going to be ordering my first loli dress from Metamorphose today (after waiting for 4 years!), and I need to know a few things.

1. Where there is a picture of the dress, are they being modeled with a petticoat?
2. How should I wash my dress and socks? In the FAQ, it says:
"We suggest dry cleaning to care for most of Metamorphose's clothes."
Does that mean I have to take it to the cleaner's every time I wear it? Or is there a way I can wash it at home without wrecking it?
3. How long does it take for them to ship to the US (I live in Massachusetts)?
4. I've seen "Does not Apply for Points" next to items on the site. What are these points for?
5. For petticoats, how long should they be, compared to the skirt or dress? Should it be a few inches above the end of the skirt, or should it be at the same lengeth?
6. Are bloomers really neccisary, or could I just wear shorts instead?

I hope this isn't too much trouble. ^^;; I don't mean to be a pest if I seem like one.
I'm really excited, and can't wait for it to come!
Thanks in advance!

[EDIT] Thank you all so very much for your help! ^__^
I really appreciate it!


Questions. <3

I know someone posted a link before, long ago, but does anyone have a link to a torrent or something for Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls)? I want to get over to a theater to see it, but I want to watch it NOW. So...yeah. Any help?

Also, what do larger chested lolis do? If you fit the waist of a dress and the other measurements, have you/would you ever bind yourself down to fit? ^^" Or do you think that is just not worth it to pay all that money and then have it not fit perfectly without stappin' yourself down?
I, myself, have a bust of 38" and have pondered what to do. Does it hurt at all?

♥ Aimee
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A Visit to Blists Hill - Victorian Town.

Hey lolis, I recently went on a college trip to Blists Hill, a victorian town in shropshire, england. And I took some photos I thought you girls might like! I'm tempted to go back if you like these. Everyone working there was dressed up in victorian clothes, too, and you could even change your modern money into the old to buy things around the town. :B Well, click the link if you want to read more about it. ;) That site has lots more photos too.

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black cat

Princess Lolita...

I've seen pictures(well only one) of the "Princess Lolita" I believe it's called...But has anyone ever done it?

I'd love to see 'real people' (not models) wearing it just so I could get an idea of how to pull it together!

And also if someone was to wear this particular style where would you wear it? Is it only suitable for like weddings and parties?

Well...thank you! :D
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I just wanted to share that this season has some REALLY nice victorian and lolita inspired pieces that would be great for casual loli at H& really have to kind of dig through,but it seems worth it.if i was not plus sized i would have walked out with bags full.they have alot of long velvet skirts and silk and lace pieces and some really nice outerwear general,alot of stores seem to be carrying alot of victorian inspired pieces this season..even saw a few at torrid for you plus sized gals.Right now,i know, its just a trend,but dont let that stop you from shopping at the "trendy" stores to get really cute things.the way i see it is,while its out..might aas well stock up,cause this trend(unfortunately) wont last long