September 12th, 2005

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my first post!

hello! i really like egl fashion, but i have a hard time finding one piece outfits that fit me well. i found this angelic pretty dress, and it fit like a glove! i just thought i'd share a photo of me all dolled up, ^_^ cuz i seriously wanna wear it all-the-time-every-day.
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Wicked Temptations

I was looking through an adult clothing site here, and thought about you guys when I happened upon this.

If modified to your tastes in being more loli-like and less for purposes of being revealing in sexual role-play and showing off, I think it'd be a really cute look.

These gloves, particularly the Lace Gloves may also come in handy for a variety of uses for whatever your design, especially perhaps with the Euro-Loli in mind, however, could be used for any.
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Kamikaze Girls/Shimotsuma Monogatari

I'm considering recreating one of Momoko's lolita dresses from the film Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari) but I need screen captures. Does anyone know where I can find some large and/or high-quality screen captures outside of the official websites?
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A Question about poofy petticoats/panniers

I bought my first petticaot from Fanplusfriend on ebay, but it just isn't poofy and fluffy enough for my taste. It looks a little tired, and doesn't make my skirt poof out from my hips as much as I'd like. So, I am looking for a petticoat that isn't flat, and hopefully not too scratchy, for a reasonable price (under $70). Some of my skirts are heavy, and I don't want the petticoat to be flattened by them.

I'm considering purchasing this petticoat:

Or this one:

What do you think would work the best? Are there any others that you would recommend?

PS~ My waist measurement is 34"
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Hello! I'm in need of opinions. :

This is my first time posting. I have lurked much as an outsider, but I finally created a livejournal so I can actually post and comment! <3
I've been into EGl for almost 2 years now, but on thursday is the first day I'll actually dress up and I'm very excited!

I have ensembled this outfit which I have questions about:
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Little Red Riding Hood

I am going to be Little Red Riding Hood in a musical for school. I don't know if we will be making our own costumes or not, but I want to be prepared if we need to. Since I am a noob with Gothic and Lolita, I want to see if any of you have some neat ideas and pictures for a Gothic lolita Little Red Riding Hood so I can collect some ideas! ^_^

Thanks for your help!
Inuyasha: Kagome

(no subject)

I have a lot of eyelet lace (about 20 yards...) and I've already made a dress I'm really in love with. However, with all this lace, I need to find a way to use it and I was thinking about making a blouse and skirt. I'm just wondering what kind of fabrics/patterns would look best with white eylet lace. I'm also wondering about configurations for placing the eyelet lace, but that's really the least of my problems. I have no idea what fabric to use. I don't really want to use black because my last dress was black with white eyelet and I think on is any other recommendations?

Altering skirt shapes

Let's say that I have two skirts that are not the appropriate shape to be fluffed by my pettis.

The first is a loose pencil skirt type (not really pencil skirt because it does flare out a little) that is hemmed / closed once at the back.
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The second is a skirt that minorly flairs out, but not enough, and is hemmed / closed twice on both sides.
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Now the question becomes, how can I go about incorporating these skirts into my wardrobe by altering their shapes?

Some thoughts of my own: I have a black petti and a white petti that are meant to be exposed in the back, with rows of ruffles (I'm sure most of you know what I mean). Perhaps, with the first skirt, I should slit the hem up the back and cut some of the fabric out at a certain angle to expose the petti in the back and make the right shape? Any other ideas? Since this skirt was originally ankle length, I have a lot of extra fabric left that I might ruffle around the edges of the skirt. Seem like a good idea? With the second one, I'm not too sure what to do.

LOVE baby

i checked memories... ._.;

1. cheapest place to order GLB's...?
2. what is the magazine with all the patterns in it, and would the patterns be of any use to me (since i am, non japanese...)
3. latest issue of GBL and linkage to buy it.

edit: What magazine would be best to buy with patterns and how-to's and such? (GLB just more... to look at than to use really? )
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Wood shoe soles.

I would LOVE a pair of shoes like the an*ten*ae shoes or viviene westwood shoes that have the big wooden platforms. Except i have big, gajin feet. I wear a women's size 9.5. So i was wondering, if i went to a shoe repair store, would they be able to add big wooden platforms for me on a normal pair of shoes? (maybe like a pair of Demonia mary janes or something?) Does anyone know?


So this is my first official post in this community. Just wanted to say hi and what not. I just started to get into the whole EGL (more so gothic for me though) thing. I had the pleasure of going to Japan a few weeks ago and checking out some of the stores in shinjuku. Sadly nothing was my size. I didn't really expect it to be. Not like I'm huge by american standards, but I was above average by Japanese standards. ::shrugs::

Anyways I was able to get ahold of some cute dresses, but I need some advice on how to do my hair. I bought this little crown comb to put into it. Its basically a crown w/ a comb on the bottom but horizontal. My hair is well past the shoulders and can either be slightly curly or straight depending on how I let it dry.

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High Street Disappointment

After flicking through a few magazines I noticed that two styles that could have some very loliable elements were 'in', one was called 'Victoriana', the other was 17th-19th century nautical/military. I took a trip to the biggest shopping centre in my locality (which I've often given out about due to it having in excess of 50 clothes shops and one (yes, one) bookshop), anticipating a range of beautiful blouses and gorgeous jewellery. I found a few shirts that could have been gorgeous were they not made out of a cheap, light material that was easily creased and a few pieces of jewellery that could just about pass as loli. I did find a lovely cape that I should be buying at the weekend, but other than that, nothing.

So, do any of you know of any high street shops that have lolita-ish clothes in at the moment? Or am I better off waiting until January and ordering some good quality items from Metamorphose?

(no subject)

can anyone point me in the direction of cute sanrio type pictures (apart from the actual sanrio page)? i'm particularly looking for cats and birds for a sewing project. just heads is fine. i've tried googling and i just can't find anything which isn't hello kitty etc. generic is good.
please please please :)

White to Antique white?

I have a lot of clothing that uses "Antique white" lace. But i don't have any shirts that match this color, so i'm wondering if there's any way i can dye something that's white to "antique white"? I know that there is a method of getting that look that uses tea staining as dye, but i'm not sure what sort of tea to use for that. Does anyone know anything abot tea dying, or any other method of dying white to look more off white?