September 5th, 2005


Fabric Shopping is Teh FUN!

So we went fabric shopping for my Waloli outfit...

and they didn't have any plain black fabric that I really wanted...

but we did find some uber cute fabric in the Halloween section (go figure...)

I'm going to make the dress out of this fabric. The description should be under the pic.

I will not be deterred, because I'm absolutely in love with the fabrics. I just wanted to share!!
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Okay. Here's my dilema. I am low on funds and loli outfits. I can afford some lace (and I have some lying around). I want to have the outfit be more punk loli..I guess my main problem is a skirt. I really like pleats..And I could get a school girl skirt and alter it, as well as a blouse (Penny's outlet store=win 3-6 bucks per item..not bad if I say so myself) I'm curious what I should do to them to make them more loliable though? Any suggestions?

Bows & Brands

I ran across this whilst on the search for more accessories and I found this. I was wondering how one would go about making a perfect bow like that - it doesn't look like an actual bow, but maybe that's just me. o_O If his has been asked before, I apologize for not paying attention as I should.

Also, do you guys know if there are any physical Antique Beast stores in Japan? If so, where?

Thanks. ^_^;
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I actually have a few questions to ask, but I'll space them out instead of writing them all in one post or flooding the board...

Anyway, about coats. There are some really nice ones...Collapse )
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Skirt care? :o

Hihi :D

I just bought this skirt. As you can see, there are lots of poofy white layers. If you haven't ordered from Cosmates, well, everything comes in something like a flat, vacuum sealed bag. The skirt is happy and poofy, however, the layers all seem a bit wrinkled.

I would iron.. but would that mess the skirt up at all? =\ It looks so messy if I leave it how it is.. and a wrinkled loli is not attractive.

Thank you! <3

Also, what type of top would look best with the skirt? I have a long sleeved white blouse, a long sleeved black blouse, and a short sleeved white blouse. They are generally plain, so which would work best (or something that would work better?)
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Musings, Questions and the Odd Offering

Whole slew of questions and pointers, none of which were enough to post themselves but together make a quite respectable puddle of information ^.^

Firstly, I'd like to flag up The Gentleman's Emporium and The Costume Store as two of the best places around to get things like Victorian hair combs, canes, opera scarves, pocket watches, and all the other accoutrements of a proper Aristocrat ^.^

Secondly, I'd like your opinions on two outfits:
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Back to the more general questions: I was recently flicking through my kimono book (Making Kimono & Japanese Clothing, by Jenni Dobson) but alas, while being superbly useful for working both with Western fabrics and traditional Japanese kimono fabric, and for Western knock-offs of traditional japanese decoration techniques, it doesn't have a pattern for a yukata, or even an obi! I was wondering if any of the Wa-Loli out there could reccomend a book that's better?

And finally: I've got Doll 1-5, Othello 1-4 (Both Manga with lots of characters all dolled up in Goth Loli regalia, for those who don't know) and a copy of a book called Fruits (which is photos of Japanese street fashion and includes a fair few lolitas) sitting on my desk. Would anyone be interested if I scanned only the Lolita outfits and posted them here?

SHIRTS / BLOUSES / TOPS -- requests and questions

I've run into a shortage of tops to go with my gothic and lolita outfits.
The problem mainly stems from the fact that my skirts, jumpers, and such, significantly outweigh my blouses (casual and otherwise).
I don't like this because it forces me to do laundry more than usual (which was usually once every two months or so ... yes, I'm lazy and have a lot of clothes).

I'm looking for some affordable tops (casual or formal, black or white or b&w, long sleeve or short sleeve or both, dahdahdah must have round peter-pan like collar or square neckline with ribbon to cross or a high victorian neckline) that are easy to wash and maintain (again, I'm quite lazy).
Right now, I wash only my Bodyline things in a machine, but it's supersuper convenient in comparison to hand-washing or dry-cleaners.
All of these aspects stem from the fact that I'd like to have more two-piece outfits to lounge around the house in and do chores (cooking and cleaning) and such without having to worry too much about their value.

This leads me to the questions part of the post:

1. Anybody have any SMALL / EXTRA SMALL size tops [that match the description above] they are willing to part with? My e-mail is
2. Anybody know of any good stores (that ship to the US) that sell gothic and lolita - esque tops that they could recommend me to online?

3. I've been looking at the Bodyline tops offered by Cosmates and need input on a few of them: Collapse )

What I'd like to hear about these tops is a "top three" of the ones that seem the best with reasons, explanations, and critiques. Bodyline is wonderful for casual, affordable looks that one can wear for everyday household chores and such without worry. As such, I'd love to expand my wardrobe with blouse essentials I can dirty up and throw in the wash. I just need member help here to decide which blouses should fall under that category so I can make an educated purchase. Thanks in advance!