September 3rd, 2005

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BtSSB shipping preparation time

I figured this is the place which would respond the quickest, and it's been bothering me enough to the point where I've turned into a paranoid psycho freak.

Okay, I placed my order with Baby over a month ago, I got the confirmation/stock reponse from them a week or so later.. so I went and sent in the money for the bank transfer nearly three weeks ago. The bank said it would only take a few hours for the money to transfer to Japan. But I haven't gotten any kind of response from Baby after that, so I don't know if they've even shipped my order yet. Since I've been asking around everywhere, it seems like they don't really tell you when they ship their stuff, but does it take over two weeks? I know that EMS shipping takes about 5 days to a week, but I have no idea WHEN they're actually going to ship it.

So now I'm afraid that the bank lied to me and it took much longer for my money to be sent (I don't trust the bank at all), my order's been canceled, or the people at the post office got rid of my package (I trust the post office even less)... it was supposed to be my birthday present, but my birthday was a month ago, so much for that idea :E.. and seeing how I paid for half of it with my own money, and my inability to get a job because of underaged-ness.. it would take a really long time for me to get that money back, and I'd have no dress :E

I'm just hoping that I could a little peace of mind over this, it's literally been worrying me to tears. I guess it's kind of silly, but it's REALLY REALLY important to me. Knowing that I'm not going to get my dress isn't as bad as not knowing anything at all.

EG-fy a derby hat

My boyfriend and I are attending a wedding at the end of the week in EGA. My EGA is done.

My boyfriend has purchased a black brocade jacket and brocade ivory shirt. The derby he purchased is too plain to wear with the outfit.

What can I do to gussy up the derby and EG-fy it? It's a black felt material with a black hatband sewn around it.

I don't want us to match because it would seem too overdone.
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Crown/Tiara store

Gah! A long time ago, someone had found a site that had crowns/tiaras/circlets. They were obviously more for weddings or something, but they were still quite beautiful, and mainly wirework rather than beadwork. I swear I had bookmarked it, but now I can't find it...

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I think the name had "Chantell" or something... "Cha-" something.
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[Misc] Pole dancer

More on shoes ^^;

I, the self-proclaimed shoe queen, am admitting defeat. ;_;

I've tried looking *everywhere* for a good pair of WHITE loliable shoes. On top of that, I have large feet (size 11 US). I prefer platformed non-high heel shoes, but at this point I'll take *almost* anything. I don't want a pair of those cheapee canvas kung-fu mary jane shoes, but so far that seems to be all I can find. So I'm looking to the loli's in this comm for help. Flat's are ok, worse comes to worse I can take them to the cobbler to add an inch or two at the sole.

So, anyone have any recommendations? Chain stores I didn't think to check, websites that ship to the US, etc? Even if they don't have my size listed, I can always call the manufacturer and ask if they do make it in that size and where they sell it.

Thanks to everyone in advance! I'll try to make this my last post (about shoes anyway) for today :P

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Hi everyone. I'm new ^.^;;
My name is Liz and I'm 16. I've loved Loli for I don't know how long but have never had the chance to ever wear it =(
But, I will, I hope, for my birthday! Which brings me to this; Collapse )
Happy Sweets

Arm Corsets

Does anyone know where I can buy arm corsets?
The ones that go up to your elbows, that is, like these from Moi-meme-moitie. I would buy from them, but that pair is sold out. =(
Wrist corsets would be ok as well.

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Petticoat, oh petticoat

Hello Lolis!
I am going to be investing in my second petticoat, and since I like a skirt and headdress from "In the starlight" I am wondering if any one has an opinion on thier petticoats (I ordered a black "Bo Peep" bloomer from them, and love the quality!) The petticoat looks a little stiff and kinda differnt from the petticoats you see in the bibles, but thought it could hold it's shape better... Any thoughts?