September 2nd, 2005


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Hi!  This has probably been asked at some point, but I'd like to know about shops that sell custom-sized loli dresses on Ebay--who anyone has ordered fro, who makes the most well-made things, etc.  I know some Ebay stores are listed in Memories, but I'm interested in knowing peoples personal experiences with ordering from them. 

I'm about to buy my first loli dress, but I'm plus-size, so it needs to be somewhere that sells bigger sizes or who does custom sizing.  I know of a few, but I'm curious about lesser-known seamstreses who do excellent work.  Thanks!

Starting out..^^""


I've been interested in gosu loli for quite a while now, and am thinking of putting together my first outfit.

Some questions:
1. Can a skirt/skort sans petticoat be considered lolita? I'm a secondary school student and cannot afford ordering one online, not to mention I don't have a sewing machine and am unsure as to how to sew a petticoat together by hand.
2. For petticoat-less skirts, is 2 inches above the knee an acceptable skirt length?

Help is greatly appreciated!!

~ majesticbaby / Alice

(yes, I love Marmalade Chainsaw.)
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Sakuran 1

Japanese Club

I am an officer in our schools Japanese club, and in november (far away, I know, but I'm exited!!) I am doing a big presentation on Gothic and Lolita. However, many of the people in our club are male, or aren't exactly fashion oriented. So, I divised a plan of bringing some treats and tea to keep them entertained, and (hopefully) interested.

So, can any of you recomend a gothic lolita-esque recipe to me? I'd like something simple, (and preferably cheap) because I will be making it to serve about 30 people.

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Nail help?

I once saw a post with absolutely gorgeous loli nails. The ones I remember had little dangley charms, and some had large strawberries, and some had lace I think. Anyway, I can't seem to find it, and I'd love it for some inspiration for my own nails! It's not in the memories anyway.

Also, on that topic, does anyone have any other nice loli nail pictures they'd like to show?

Thanks so much in advance~
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Victorian Wig?

We'll, since a lot of aspects of lolita are tied back to victorian era and such, I find myself curious if anyone went as far as to get a victorian wig for their loli outfits. And, how good it looked. I'm not talk about just the curls and all, I'm talking about the powdered ones. Is this totally off, or does it somehow tie in with lolita fashion? Opinions?

Delete if inappropriate.
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Artist secrets for the lost and blind; spraying acrylic

Okay...anyone who owns h.naoto outfits or have done stencilling on clothes... I've always wondered... two things...

1.) are the prints actually printed...screenprinted...stenciled/spraypainted..transfers..iron transfers...or what?

2.) And when actually stencilling on clothes (method of DIY) would you be spraying acrylic with an airbrush...or is there some other magical method or medium?


I'm experimenting and pondering the use of an airbrush ... but i want to know what's the best way to stencil words without it:

1.) coming out in the wash
2.) losing colour
3.) flaking
4.) being toxic if eaten or licked by the human tongue (say food stains)

You all have plagued my head...

It's Isis again. Remember a few days ago, I was asking for tips and such, because I had an idea in my head??

It's pretty much gone now. I'm not too terribly skilled with a sewing machine, so something really complicated would be too much for me to make before Oni-con (which is the weekend of the 21st of Oct.)

But I've been reading through memories, and looking at the different styles of Loli, so I have a new question...

Is Waloli a no-no for plus-size girls?? as in really big plus-size girls?? I'm not ashamed to say my weight is pretty hefty, despite my hourglass figure.

See in my anime club we cosplay, and I'm offically designated Kimono and hakama maker. While I may not be able to make a nicely fitted top that goes with my curves and still looks good, I can make a kimono top with absolutely no problem, coupled with pour_me_coffee's fabulous flared skirt tutorial, I seriously think I could pull off making a Waloli outfit. The problem is, I'm extremely well endowed for a woman, and when I make kimono's for myself, I have a problem with keeping them closed around the clevage line, although I think with a few hidden inner ties and maybe some safety pins, I can avoid that altogether. The faked obi won't be hard to make, but keeping it from rolling down will be hard.. (lots of interfacing, maybe?)

I really liked this one that I found in the guide in memories here and was thinking of mimicing the style in black as my base and hot pink for my trim (anyone know how to make those flowers around the bottom?), with a self-made hot pink petticoat. Worn with black boots (as is shown on the webpage link) I may have to make my own little bag with the extra pink fabric, as I don't have one that would match.

Sooooo... Good idea, or bad idea?? I don't want to post pictures of it when I'm done and have it end up in the "Bad Loli" Hall of Shame. (cause that would suck)
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feeling dark or creative

entering the lives of japanese lolitas

I don't know who has the gothic&lolita bible Vol 4. but on the section of gothic & lolita snapshot on hiarajuku, there are some people who post their site. So what i did was visit one of them.

have one of you ever done that before ? it very interestong. some of you should try. :)

P.S do any of you know where i can find some gothic lolita art ? I need to creat a wallpaper for my computer. I'm bored of it.
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Loli in Perth?

Kay, so I was talking to my cousin online today, and I randomly asked her if she'd ever seen a gothic lolita when she was an exchange student to Japan (She lives in Perth, though). And she said "yarrrrr we met 1 in hk tooooo" and then she said "there was a gal hu dress like that at school"



So my question is, do any of you go to UWA (University of Western Australia)? 'Cause it'd be cool if she was telling me about one of you guys :3