September 1st, 2005

Dolli, the midnight loli.

So I woke up at midnight, after dreaming of making my first skirt. (whoops! I'll have to figure out how to get ahold of a petti!)
and I have the question for you. (and a rather good question it is.)
What are everyone's reasons for being lolita?
Do you just like the cute style, or is their a deeper meaning?

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another post?!?

Well, I was combing the buttericks website, and found LOTS of loli-ness!
(of course, it was in the costume section that I started, and that's wear most of my luck has been.)
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I don't know how everyone feels about longer victorian dresses, but they're there also.

I'm going to go through a few more catagories, if anyone wants me to post what I find, you know to comment. ^.^
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Newbie Questions

I've seen a few do's and don'ts lists, but none ever really adressed my questions, so I'm really sorry if this has been addressed before, but I would really like to know.

I'm very very new to the Loli style, I've never worn it before, but I want to for Oni-con. I make my own clothes, so I just have a few questions.

I'm a plus size girl, so is it better to have a less poofy skirt or a more poofy skirt?

Because of my plus size-ness, I have lots of cleavage naturally, so is it bad to show said cleavage or is a little cleavage actually okay? To tie into that question, is a square or scoop neck more preferred?

Are off-the-shoulder sleeves okay, or should I be attempting show as little skin as possible?

These are probably really silly questions to those in the know, but it would really help alot in my dressmaking process if someone could answer them for me.

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Help for Flood Victims

As most of us know, the situation in Louisiana and Mississippi just keeps getting worse. I don't know about all of you kids, but I don't have nearly as much money to donate to helping out as I would like. So I had an idea, and I'm hoping that some of you will be interested. I was thinking that I could make a few skirts and auction them off in the community and then send all of the proceeds to the red cross to aid with the efforts to help the victims of Katrina. I would take a screen shot and post it where people could see when I made the donation so that you all would know that I *actually* did donate the money.

Would anybody be interested in that?
No amount of money is too small to send to the people in need, and the people who bought the skirts would end out with some cute new lolita clothes. ^^

If you comment that you're interested, please put the colors, sizes and styles that you would most like to see for the auction.


(no subject)

I'm off for a il trip down to US so i'll be half planning the rules and sort for the loli contest but be sure one rule will be set:
If arguments or flame should be found I will end the contest.

Aside from that if you think of any suggestions when please post here and i'll take a look at it when i come back^-^!
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Shimotsuma Montagari mini review.

I got my copy of Shimotsuma Montagari from for the princely sum of 10GBP and it arrived yesterday. It's region 3 so won't play on my DVD player, but my Mum luckily lives five minutes away and has an all-region player so I managed to watch it with her last night. This is only my personal opinion, but for anyone who hasn't managed to pick it up yet here's a mini review.

(All pictures credited to the official site - )

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Mini Me!
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No more Summer Left for My Summer dress

I finished up the red dress I was working on and wanted to show you guys! Sadly it was started as a summer dress, and as of this weekend Summer is officially over. I'll be able to put a cut top under it for winter, and I'll still had a spiffy dress when summer rolls around next year!

With this one I kind of had an idea in my head what I wanted to make, and just went from there with the fabric. Over all it's a little rough, but it's fun and I like it all the same!

I have a sketch book full of clothing designs I want to work on. Much more refined, but I want to sit and do them properly, rather than as a bit of fun on a weekend.

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My goal now is to be able to get some designs manufactured. I started looking into what it takes, so with a bit of luck sooner rather than later I'll be able to have a full range of clothing going beyond my current T-shirts and accessories.

Right now it all depends on how things go with Candy Violet first. If the support is there I think it could be very exciting. I would love to offer a full brand that is designed to fit a Western figure, and designed to cater for larger sizes. Right now I'm just waiting to see if people are willing to buy the start up products, because otherwise taking a loan out to manufacture dresses would be kinda crazy.
Fueled by Misa

Yasashisa no Shouzou

and now... a picture of the skirt i made.. because i finally took a picture of it. I didn't get to give it to my friend when i was in IL... I didn't even get to see her ;-;


Pay no attention to the spelling xD... meh... I think i'm going to buy more fabric today and try for making the outfit i designed (Submitted the design here not so long ago ^^).... we need a jo ann's @_@... they had one in Dekalb.. Tim and i went in and there were SO many things in there that i wanted. They had the heart buttons there too.. but they were small @_@.. but yes ^^.. i think i'm going to work on the other outfit.

AND a question!

Any idea what kind of shoes i could wear with this skirt? (since i'm probably going to just make Megan another skirt and because i do like this one quite a bit xD) I don't think black ones would work very well with it =/

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Skirt shapes?

I've seen alot of comments recently (and not so recently) regarding 'bell-shaped' skirts being defined as the so-called 'correct' shape for a lolita outfit. I know this look can be created using petticoats etc. However, I was looking through my new copy of GL Bible 7 and I noticed in the street snaps that a few of the girls pictured had skirts that don't appear to follow this 'rule' (Unless I've got the definition of a 'bell-shaped' skirt totally wrong?)

As it seems that the GL Bibles' fashion is law (or atleast what alot of us aspire to) are these girls infact going against the conventions discussed here? Or are their outfits classed as 'casual' lolita? I'm interested to discover if there is a double standard applied to Non-Japanese/girls who don't appear in the GL Bibles and Japanese lolitas or if those skirts are indeed acceptable for 'casual' style lolita.

(Scans credited to Avant Gauche.)

The page I'm particularly referring to is here -
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A newbie to the fashion.

I'm pretty new to the whole gothic loli 'culture', but my favorite type is definitely Wa-loli. I'm not an expert at how things are put together in dresses and things, though, so I'd appreciate some tips on making a Wa-Loli outfit.

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