August 27th, 2005

DISNEYLAND, CORONADO, cute store and cute story

I went to Disneyland again! A couple of weeks ago.
This time, I went with my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend.
*hehe* He left for Paris for a year yesterday.
Anyway, I wore a colorful outfit!! My attempt at sorta sweetish loli.

Here's a breakdown of the outfit: The pink top came with the crossed ribbon (only $7 at some random clothing store similar to Ross [??]). The skirt is vintage Betsey Johnson and my total love. She's one of my favorite designers. The parasol was from a child's store and cost $4 (only came in pink and purple though, or I would have gotten more). The stockings were purchased for less than $4 when I went stocking crazy at a Target sale...O_o. I recently acquired the white shoes from Electrique Boutique for $6 due to "minor defects" which, when I received the pair, were completely nonexistent. ^_^ And finally, the white headpiece is from a lovely EGL member. Thanks.

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I also wore the same outfit recently when I went shopping at a nearby Target Shopping Center.
CUTE STORY: This little girl was walking with her mother and kept turning around to see me. At first, it was really annoying and I was thinking "what the hell are you looking at??" But then she started tugging on her mother's arm and was like "Mommy mommy, there's a pretty girl behind us! She's so pretty. She's like a doll." And I was like "awwwwwwwwwwwww." She kept saying these things over and over and her mother kept repeating "yes dear, yes dear, mhmmmm." I thought it was cutest thing!! It made me smile.

Anyway, I also went to Coronado with my current boyfriend's family.
This was a couple of weeks ago too.
These pictures feature a REALLY TONED DOWN loli.
Short skirt, no petti. Dahdahdah. It was hot!!

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Anyway, enough blabbering. This was just a super long post to waste the nite time away. ^_^ I hope to see other lolis at the LA and SD gatherings this weekend (my first gatherings ever) if I can make it (even for a small hello). *waves*
rumi & hibou, CREDIT ME if you use.

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Other than Metamorphose, does anyone know of any loli shops in Hokkaido? If all goes to plan I should be there a couple weeks over christmas, and I plan on buying myself some nice clothes of course =^-^=
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I've just bought my first great loli dress, but it needs a petticoat. Are there any rules for wearing petticoats or info I need to know before buying one? I've seen a few...some seem to be cotton, some tule, etc, and I'm not really sure how they fit or differ. A lot of them seem to come in one size too, waist-wise. And how long do they have to be depending on the skirt? IE, if I buy one that's shorter (so I can wear it with short skirts too), and use it on a long skirt, will it still hold the dress out? Or should I buy different lengths for different outfits. Help...?

Loli Vests?

I've never seen any vests (by this I mean highly tailored button up ones, not loose knit ones) in Lolita, which strikes me as strange seeing how victorian/elegant/femme they can be.
Is there a reason for this, am I just not looking hard enough?
What was once...

Emily Temple Cute Question ^_^

For once I'll take the easy way and ask here.^_^

Thanks to Avant Gauche, I've just discovered Emily Temple Cute website. Eyes full of tears, I've seen exactly what I want to wear this year.

1- What size their clothes are?
2- Where to buy?

I don't mind buy with Yahoo Japan Auctions, but since the sellers on this rarely mention the exact sizes, I want to know what are the best measures for waist and bust (like, ideally, to wear Emily Temple Cute you should be...) to be sure to fit in it. ^_^

Thanks for your time and kindness^_^

Otakon Picture

Hello lovelies! Just thought I would share my recent Otakon picture. I spent a lot of time carefully picking out pieces that would coordinate together into something grand, and I was very happy with the way it turned out... but I'm always open to comments as well as helpful critisim from you all. :)

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I dressed on Saturday and missed the teaparty on Sunday, but I hope to be able to join you all next year.


Kokusyoku Sumire

Recently I've come upon a duo of gothic lolitas that are often seen in GLBs and have released a few singles. I don't know if this is allowed or if something like this has been posted before, but I'll share the few mp3s I've found~


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These maryjanes from Electrique Boutique say that the platform is 5 inches. I found other pairs of shoes that have the same code, but am not sure if it's actually the same maryjane, on the following websites stating it is 7":

Website 1.
Website 2.
Website 3.

I e-mailed them regarding this two days ago. If anybody has these maryjanes from Electrique Boutique, may you please tell me how tall they run? I also hear that a lot of their shoes are actually much taller than compared to what their pictures show. A thousand thank you's to all in advance, and I hope this isn't too much of a bother.
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Loli Shoes...

Hi! I hope this isn't too much of a bother, but does anyone know a site (preferably in US or even Canada so that I won't have to pay killer shipping x_x) that sells mary-janes with a heel somewhere between 3-5 inches? Everywhere I've looked, the kind of shoes that I'm looking for are either selling mary-janes that have too short of heels or they're too tall so that they either look fetish-y or I just wouldn't be able to handle them walking around school. xD (I'm still not completely used to heels higher than 3 inches.)