August 22nd, 2005


Patterns post.

I was thinking it would be very useful to have a single post in the memories containing all the patterns list from all the Bibles and other lolita related magazines..
This way every girl could exactly now what to buy to be able to sew the item of their dreams..

What do you think about it? =]

I personally do not own any of the magazines and i'm looking forward to buy something but since i do not know the contents of each issues of every mag i just can't decide!
An "archive" post will be the most useful resource for people like me and that will also keep the community free from posts about patterns.
If you want i could host all the pictures on my space and, if a lot of girls show some interest, i may just create a little website to keep everything smooth and nice. =]

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larger lolita style shoes?

Hey guys,

I'm 6 feet tall and I have size 11 in USA women's shoes. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find lolita-ish shoes? I really love the shoes made by places like Baby, The Stars Shine Bright (I know they wouldn't fit me).

and before you say so, yes, there's lots of cute mary-jane style shoes out right now... but most american shoe places only make up to size 10. *_*...

in downtown hollywood, a few shops that sell kinda slutty shoes have SOME stuff that has a more loli look... (This is the best I can find. I have a pair in red and white) but so many of them are stilleto heels (while some loli wear that ... I like to go for the Sweet Loli look... and I'd rather not add 5 inches to my height, thanks)... also, specifically, I really want a WHITE or PINK shoe... something great for a sweet lolita dress.

does anyone have any suggestions?
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back from Otakon

Hi cuties
We got home from Otakon late last night. Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and said hello! We met so many adorable people ^_^

Those of you who ordered items will be getting email updates as to when they are ready. Anyone who signed up for our mailing list will recieve updates shortly when the site is up and ready for ordering. And any items we ran out of early at the con will be up on the site ASAP for you! You can also watch our LJ for updates and info.

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Bibles- help

hello there, lolitas ^^
Maybe someone could help me ^^
I'm doing a design excersise for a subject and we need to desing again a magazine we like, so i choose the gothic lolita bible ^^.
Well, i need to know if someone could scan for me pictures of the anybible in high quality (you know 300 dpi a decent size. By the way i'm working in 700X1000 aprox. size. for a letter size magazine )I would be so happy if someone could scan the cover, the index and the back side. Random pics of the lolitas tere would be nice too. ^^
If someone has the tiff files, that would be perfect, but i colud work with jpg high quality files.
Sorry for bothering you and thanks in advice

(no subject)

A while back there was this pattern like thing with measurements and stuff on it to make a 3 tiered skirt (i have no idea if that term is correct ><).

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and its supposed to make a skirt that looks something like Collapse )

does anyone have that pattern thing? because i really want to make the skirt in the picture and it would be easier to use that thing than to just.. yeah ^^;
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EGL clip from Hong Kong

Was surfing random EGL sites and stumbled across this short clip about EGL fashion in Hong Kong.

I'm not from Hong Kong but I do know a little Cantonese so I tried to provide a hasty transcript of what the people in the clip were basically saying to the best of my ability with help from the subtitles. Some things might be lost in translation though and any mistakes is solely mine!

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Oh, more questions as always.

I recently acquired a couple of those gold cross iron-on appliques at the local Walmart. Since gold isn't really my thing, I was wondering if I can change the color of them in some manner. I would like them to be dark red or dark grey or white or black, if at all possible.

Also, any hints/tips on using a bleach pen would be appreciated.

And somewhere to find dark grey screenprinting ink. o_O

- Will Walmart restock a certain type of lace if I ask them to? I ran out when I was making my camouflage loli dress, and now they have none left... I even visited another one in the area and there wasn't any.
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gothic makeup

Australian Lolita meetup

Hello hello!

Looking through this community and seeing all the lovely photos of lolita meetings and tea parties from all over the world made me feel sad that I couldn't be at them. That mademe think, well hey, Why don't you host a tea party? So, I think I might just do that.

Do we have any little lolitas from Melbourne, Australia here that would be willing to come out for a nice cup of tea and some cupcakes?
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(no subject)

Attention all lolitas, kodonas, aristocrats, and anyone else I left out:
I need your help!
We're doing a biography project for English class, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any lolita/aristocrat-ish semi-famous people. Not counting the obvious, Mana and such. We're not allowed to do musicians. X_x; Also, don't rule out people from like, the early 1900 and earlier.
I'm asking because I don't really want to do the usual simple people like Marie Curie or Adolf Hitler or Susan B. Anthony. Besides, it'd be fun to get up in front of the class with a pretty outfit. ^^' (uniforms. -_-)

If this is off-topic, please feel free to delete this.

BLOOD at AyaCon 2005, UK

First post for me in egl, here goes...

I just wanted to share this photo - Blood performed at AyaCon 2005 in the Warwick Arts Centre yesterday, after which they held a signing and photo opportunity! A wonderful amount of Goths, Lolis and VK people were there supporting them (and screaming lots). Anyway, I will leave full details of the Loli happenings to higher authorities, but I just wanted to say... I was there, and I gave them my thanks and wished Fuki happy birthday in Japanese. ^_^ I'm behind them, furthest to the right, sharing the photo with a couple of my younger artist friends.
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MINI SAILOR HATS (for dolls possibly)

I'm looking for a SMALL sailor hat to go with my sailor outfit, as I'm attempting to accessorize it. I would prefer for it to have blue stripes or blue detailing BUT a white version is fine by me (I can always customize it). Collapse )

Pleasepleaseplease direct me to some places (online hopefully) where I can purchase a doll size sailor hat / cap. I would be most grateful. THANK YOU!
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Some more lolitas at Otakon!

I am really sad 'cause I missed the huge teaparty at Otakon! I wanted to see everyone. From the pictures that've been posted so far, it looked like a lot of fun and like everyone was really cute.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my roommates, friends, random people, and I dressed up all loli at Otakon. They were all so cute, I barely fit in! (Btw, if you see your picture here and want me to take it down, let me know x.x)

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Yay fun for all.
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Loli Horror Manga

Heehee, quite a few Lolis at Aya were interested in seeing this, so it's just occurred to me that perhaps I should share it with you too. This is a 6 page manga I made for the Dutch anime magazine, Aniway, of which I had taken a copy of to the con. It's about two little lolis having a little tea party. But not everything is as it seems.

I hope you enjoy my little story. *bows* It appeared in Aniway, issue 20. I don't create enough Loli/GothAristo manga or artwork! I should do more. ^_^ I will post more of my loli-related artwork here in future if people would like me to? I offer my sincere thanks for your time.
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Otakon Lolli pictures

I like many others in the community attended otakon this past weekend. I originally planned on wearing both my lolita dress for the street fashion pannel (friday) and a original design Chii cosplay with my friend Autumn (Saturday). I only got to wear my lolita dress to the fashion panel and Sunday picnic since I got food poisoning Friday night (ugh). My camara was having serious trouble with the dark panel room and bright contrast from windows, so I didn't really get terribly good pictures, but here they are for those who are intrested. I to not claim to actually know who most of these people are.....I am just trying to make educated guesses

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I do plan on getting some actual pictures of my lolita dress, and my Chii costume to post sometime soon.