August 17th, 2005

Inuyasha: Kagome

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On Monday I asked if my newly completed dress was a bit to cosplayish (the post). There were mixed responses and lots of advice. Thanks for the help. I've made some modifications and now I have one last question. I'm not sure if the waist of this dress is to plain. I have a rather wide white satin ribbon and I was considering tying it in a bow around my waist to give it a bit more...something.

Without Satin Ribbon

With Satin Ribbon

Opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Mitsukazu Mihara Interview Fan Questions

Hi everyone!

As you all know, this weekend is Otakon and I hope to meet some of you down there.

One of the interviews I will be having down there is with none other than Mitsukazu Mihara, author of Doll. I wanted to let you guys know that I am taking submissions for fan questions! You can post the submissions here, or on my website at . I hope to hear from ya, and see ya down at the kon!

Tainted Reality
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Petticoats/Circle Skirts; Hime Cut For Me?

Re : Petticoats and circle skirts, I have come to the conclusion that I was wrong about them. I had previously said multiple times that you can put a very light petticoat under a circle skirt and look ok, if the low poof look suited the rest of your outfit, but putting a foofy one under your skirt would just make you resemble a square dancer too much.
Except I made myself (finally!) one of my standard loli petticoats 2.5 weeks ago, and tried it under a black tiered circle skirt I have, and got a pretty loli bell shape out of it. Here's a really horrible photo XD

Yes, terrible, but shows the shape well.

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So basically, having a good, loli shaped petticoat can make circle skirts work, and is more important than having a skirt made to an official loli shape. Within reason. But hey, it made my $5 thrifted skirt work, so I'm happy.
I'd still advise people making their own skirts to stick with trapezoid or rectangle skirts, though. They're easier to make (hemming a big circle? bleh), take up less fabric, and circle skirts just don't work with any vertical lace decorations. I know about that last from experience.
And if you buy an atrociously ugly square dance skirt and put a loli petticoat under it, it'll just be atrocious with a nice shape. XP

Having just seen pictures of my face, would I look stupid if I bought this wig and gave it a hime cut to wear when doing more formal loli and aristo? (Since my usual haircut is better suited for casual and punk loli.) I'd be getting auburn, NOT that blonde color. Or maybe I'd leave it as is, as far as the cut. Just leave it long and straight with bangs instead of the hime.
Anyway, tell me what to do, I suck at figuring out what works with my face shape. ^^;;
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I'm slightly torn regarding which GL Bible to spend my hard-earned wages on next - from the supplier I wish to buy from my choice is #1, #2, #3 and #7 - I checked the memories and found out info for #1,#3 and #7- I'm drawn to #7 as it contains stickers, but I can't find a jot on #2 - does this mean it's rare?

If anyone could tell me what the free gift and content are I'd really appreciate it please - otherwise I think I'll just be ordering #7.

(Thank you to everyone who posted on that thread in the memories - it was very helpful and I'm sorry if I accidentally missed the info.)
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Awhile (okay...a really long time) ago someone posted a link to a site that had kanzashis for sale. I've sifted through all the old posts, but I can't seem to find it, did anyone happen to save the link?

...Thank You All...

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos for my website
I am trying to figure out a name for my site if you have any ideas tell me!
Since school started my site is going to be delayed.
I should have never takin Phsyology and anatomy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dropped cosmetology.
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If you would like to see what I have started on my other website here you go,
It is not much but it will work for now!
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Okay, randomly LJ is working properly for me. YAY!

So I have another random question for the ladies... and boys. And whatevers.

Yeah. Excuse the hyper broken typing. I found a low fat carmel popcorn! yay!

Okay so tomorrow I'm hanging with my more fruits/gangero girly sewing friend person. We ALWAYS go for sticker pictures! Always.

So I'm going loli of course but what do I wear!!!???!!111234!!? >.>

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Western EGA fashion (and my own stuff)

I happen to like the latest autumn trends of Victorian/baroque/rococo fashion and was inspired by a post some time ago in the community to do my own picture post. It may not be completely OMG!perfect loli, but anyone not in Japan will be in luck this fall if they're looking for some good pieces to add to their wardrobe. This is an image-heavy post, just a warning. I'll share my own finds err... sometime.
(Please delete if not appropriate.)

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I am in love with side skirts (is there a name for them besides that?) like the one Mana has... or if you're an FF fan, think Yuna's blue and white tiered thing in Final Fantasy X-2. Are there any depictions of these in the bibles or anywhere else? If you have any pictures I'd love to see them - I have been planning on making one of my own, but I'm not quite sure how to do it.

~ Also, I have been thinking about investing in one of those heavy-duty grommet inserters (the ones that look like staplers on steroids). I was wondering if that would be worth it because I am going to need grommets for many of my up-and-coming projects and the hand-done ones just aren't coming out strong enough for my liking. Anything I need to know about that?

^_^; Thank you all! <3
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red riding hood

one of my latest thrift finds...a bunny purse!

BUNNY PURSE! it's supposed to be an easter basket, so i have to add a button closure to use it as a purse, but it's animatronic! when you push it's paw it wiggles it's tail and says "some bunny loves you" it was only 50 cents! and it was new with tags.... it was so cute and soft i had to buy will make a nice purse for a loli outfit, especially with my vintage Alice dress...and the speaking part is just funny, it makes me laugh.. :) i thought someone else here might get a giggle out of the cuteness/oddness of this...
i'm thinking of replacing the green bow with another color, though, maybe pink or pale blue...
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