August 14th, 2005


neo-mili-wa-aristo design

I am on imaginary crack and I decided to take a stab at a "neo-mili-wa-aristo" style that carnet_atelier once mentioned.
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Me thoughts:
I am seriously starting to think that neo-goth + military = visual kei style.
The top portion (or the "wa" lolita part) was never supposed to have the extra fabric details I drew. I just got bored and started to do anything with my pencil. I think it's pretty easy to figure out which parts of the outfit are neo-goth, wa-loli, mili-loli (I still can't figure out how military lolita works), and aristo-loli.

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Mini Me!
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Queen Fancy

A while ago I talked about taking on a mini crown project, and yesterday I finally did it!

Please excuse the rough photo. I'll have some more later on with it in my hair, I was just feeling kinda excited and had to show someone!

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hi! i just joined this community, and i love gothloli fashion to death. i was wondering if anyone had any tips on making a parasol. like what kind of fabric to use and the like. thanks for any advice! and yoroshiku!
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More Texas Loli pictures..

I unfortunately didn't realise that kosaka_chan's camera was on low picture quality settings, so please forgive the fuzziness from me shrinking/gassian blurring/photoshopping like a madwoman to make them semi-presentable.

And my little sister is wearing my awesome but completely unmatching "casual loli" Skechers. ^^; She was kidnapped into this adventure so there wasn't much time/resources to actually make her "coordinated".

Phew. I have no idea how jolie_laide wore socks. So hot!

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One of me, the bad bad amateur lolita photographer. :3

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Err.. I've seen this before but...

I was wondering what shape you woould make puffy sleeves that are ATTACHED to a dress. I saw a post awhile back about puffy sleeves, but they weren't attached... I just don't want to screw up and I don't have too much fabric to work with.

So, yeah. If someone could draw me a qucik sketch in Paint or link me to something or anything it'd be great. I am almost done with my Aya-ish camouflage lolita dress! ^_^
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I'm in love with the shoes above, but I still unsure about overseas shipping & customs. anyway I was wondering if anyone knew any stores that had similar shoes that shipped to the US. Links please. :)

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Heya Kitties,

I'm doing a JRock/GothLoli inspired outfit (In Red & Black) for Ayacon which is in a few days *Stress* but I'm not sure what to do for my Make-Up, I'm not very good at that stuff as I rarely wear much Make-Up in all honesty, so I was wondering if anyone had any links to some good tutorials with pics so I can have a practice at a few styles & see what goes the best, I'd like something fairly Elaborate & funky... Don't forget to check "THIS" out if you are planning on attending the Gothic & Lolita event!

Any help is apreciated
*Hugs & Sparkles*
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