August 11th, 2005

Melora skirt
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*bow* Sorry....

but I was just wondering if anyone's doing anything for ota? a tea party, picnic, anything...? Im willing to bring something if i know when/where....

Sorry to bother you with suuck a trite post.

*bows out*

Gothic & Lolita & Prank Brand Vol. 1

Hello everyone,
This is just a query about the Gothic & Lolita & Prank Brand Vol. 1 book that was released not too long ago. Was wondering if anyone has actually gotten the chance to look at it and what their thoughts on it are. Is it just a picture book of various brands clothing or does it actually have some patterns too? I saw it on Fujisan but was unable to figure out if it was something I should get now or if I would get more use out of the new Bible. So any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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My Beautiful Alice

Hope this wasn't asked before...

I know that to some people, Lolita is a lifestyle, in that you wear it everyday, and it's definitely not something to cosplay. To these same people, I ask, is it okay to incorporate other types of Lolita into your wardrobe? Like could you be gothic lolita one day, then say...take on a more kadona style the next? Then maybe a sweet lolita to ero-lolita? Does what you wear correspond with how you feel, or are you consistent with your style? Do you still have that Lolita lifestyle, or are you somebody who just likes to dress up?

Could you please help me? Please!?

Hello ladies,
I have a favor to ask you. I've already posted this question in the FRUiTS community and got only one response from a girl that said I should come here to find some answers. I'm making a website about street fashion more accurately japanese. I wanted some background information on one of it's most unique and alluring styles..which is Lolita (country,babydoll,EGL,princess,etc.) So if you could each help write a bit about the style's origin and many of the die-hard rules of Lolita, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

(no subject)

I'm looking for fruits/egl hairstyles for curly hair, does anyone have any pictures they can show me or websites where i can get hairstyles??
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Banned topics list?

Maybe I'm silly, but I just looked through the FAQ and the memories, and I cannot find the list of banned topics that was mentioned in the skin-lightening-banning post. Can anyone provide a link, tell me where exactly I can find the link (if it's true I'm just missing it!) and/or modify the main page so it's easier to find?

Thank you,

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toronto meet up?

first time posting here *lurker*
but, I was just thinking...with all the posts about lolita meets (that i can never go to due to location problems -_-'') does anyone ever think about a toronto lolita tea party/gathering?? I've read posts asking where to shop in toronto so I'm pretty sure there are quite a few of you (additionally I've see lolita girls on the street, don't know if they're hiding in this community or whatnot), but as I've never see anyone attempting organizing one in TO and I've backpeddled through a lot of posts.

sorry. rambling.

basically what I'm trying to ask if anyone is interested in one? If August is not a good time (so many cons and also factor in preparing for school) we can push back the date to October or something.
Just throwing around a little idea because I felt canadian lolitas are always missing the events (= ='''

btw, since this is just a post trying to spark interest and not really a WHAT TIME TO MEET UP! kinda thing, I thought it didn't need to be under a cut, although I'm sure the lovely mods will tell me if I'm wrong. ^^''

and so not to make this post completely pointless, I snuck a drawing in here too.

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(no subject)

o.k i'm gonna try to post some scans.
i hope i'll make it!!!
it took me tons of time... so if you gonna use them, tell me please [=!
god, i'm tired... hehe ^^
there are supposed to be 78 pictures. so if you cant see them all it's just because i went to take a little nap! XD

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(no subject)

Hey all, I've noticed that lately there's been heaps of people asking about lolifying their rooms. I found this in a home makers magazine called better homes and gardens. It's an article about decorating with lace, and has a few good ideas (and some really bad ones ^^;)
Hope this is helpful/inspiring in some way.

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Pirate Loli

I was going thru my memory card. I found some pics I took from my High School's grad night. It was it was a tropical pirate them.

I threw together some of my loli wardrobe. ( which I later realized didn't quite match)

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alejandro, gaga

fabric question

if this is too off topic, delete
i'm looking for a material that will drape nicely for a loli skirt i want to make- i plan to use box pleats as well at the top of it. velvet is one i'm thinking of, but what else could i use to get the same sort of draped effect?
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