August 10th, 2005


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What do they call those frilly lace things on the top of most Lolita socks? I'm trying to find a place that sells those but it's kinda hard to search for something when you forgot the name. >.
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hello all, i've attended an anime con a week ago and was dressed as a loli, the dress i made was from gosu rori vol.3! and thought i'd just share the pic! enjoy!
btw, i'm the one with the pink silk dress with black ribbon.
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Hello everyone! **waves**
Ok, so I have something to ask all of you.
Well, mroe on what do you think about something. a_golden_beast and I know one another in real life and we plan on going to some outings and stuff together and different conventions and well, for Halloween we wanted to sorta dress up in some sort of EGL type fashion.
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Hopefully not TOO O/T...

Now, I know a lot of people are fans of the Dolfies, but has anyone ever heard of American Girl dolls? :D

Well, I'm not American or associated with the company in any way. (I had friends from the states that came to live here and they told me about it.) Once upon a time, when I was like... 10, my sister and I saved up our money for like a YEAR and bought 2 of those dolls. The US exchange was at more like 40% back in those days O_O sooo anyways, that's not the point.

I was looking at their site again after many years of my doll having being LONG put aside and grown out of and I remembered that the doll Samantha is supposed to be a girl from 1904 Victorian times. She's gotten A LOT more outfits since I remember being there, but LOOK!
some of these outfits (especially on the second page) seem loli to me. Although that long coat seems kind of normal to me. The lawn party outfit in particular is something that I'm kind of drooling over. ^______^

So what do you guys think? Could Samantha clothes be loli-a-ble if some minor changes were made?


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I checked the memories and couldn't find what I was looking for, so,does anyone know how to make the ties with the elastic that goes under the collar? I'm making a punk lolita outfit, and I have the fabric for the tie, as well as the chains, saftey pins, buttons,etc, but I don't want to make it look bad (aka,resort to my hot glue gun,although I seem to be talented with that). Thank you! And here's a bonus: I absolutely LOVE going antiquing...You can find so many pretty things there! I came across these interesting works of art. 3D art, victorian style. I would've bought it if not for being $100 and me being broke :3 But here it is Collapse )

MY COLORFUL CASUAL LOLI (for danaeaphreal)

danaeaphreal recently made a post "dedicated to the love of lolita style with color." Here's the link for those who didn't catch it!

Anyway, more than half of my loli wardrobe is black and white, as I stated before. Simply because it makes things easier to mix and match and well, it's a classic look that I love!! *hehe* But that still leaves a lot room for color in my closet! It's nothing close to MM or VM ... but I recently purchased a navy and light blue sailor outfit for $1 (no, seriously) a couple of days ago and finally finished making a few modifications on the length and collar to come out with this casual lovely: Collapse )

So here's the dilemma. Obviously, this is not a complete outfit. I'm MISSING ACCESSORIES. I'd love to own a pair of mary janes or appropriate heels that are the navy seen in the picture (kind of like the mary janes Jane Marple came out with months and months ago, which I can't seem to find online). AND SOCKS!! Please tell me where I can find cute, yet ever-elusive navy knee highs (ooooh and light blues too -- like in the pic)!! I'm also wondering, what can go on my head?? A bow. Another headdress... a sailor cap (maybe a place I can buy a mini one)? If you make a suggestion, can you link me to some examples online or a place I can buy, purchase, commission? Dahdahdah. Thanks so much! *hehe*

Cleveland Picnic Pictures

Last Sunday I had a gothic lolita picnic in Cleveland. I was surprised, because not very many people showed up, even though I got a lot of RSVPs. For those who did come though, we had a lot of fun, and had yummy things to eat and drink. So, I shall show you pictures:

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Anime Weekend Atlanta

I was wondering if anyone was going to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) this year? I thought that it would be a perfect event for wearing loli outfits (though some may see it as cosplay).

I was thinking of making an outfit, kind of like this (with a lot of modification of course):

Image by Electroncat.
Image hosted by

Does anyone have any suggestions?
And if anyone else is planning on going, what will you wear?

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Would any of you ladies and gentlemen be so kind, and tell me the ISBN numbers for Escargot Vol.1&2?
Their website would also be quite helpful.
Thank you very much.

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Do any of you other girls who own brand-name loli items find that you now have difficulty accepting anything that isn't brand-name? I feel weird buying anything that's not brand-name or handmade now, I always find it to be shoddy quality and not worth the money, but I wondered if that was just me turning into a horrible snob, or just something that "true" lolis do! *grins*

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laying in bed last night, I got to think about, what do you need before you can say you dress loli?
like.. I guess just a skirt and a pair of shoes and then a random top or something isn't enough. what clothes do you need? and how much stuff do you need with it?
or something. it sounded better in my head X3

another thing. I'm moving back to an own apartment again in a week. and I was wondering on how to make it at least loli-inspired- without too much hassle.
as for, I wont be able to paint it (and the walls are yellow. don't remember which shade of yellow right now), since I'm just renting it for almost a year. so like.. suggestions for items and wall decorations and stuff would be nice :3
Hyung Tae Kim
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Seattle, Washington State

Washington State, Burien, Noon on August 13, Ed Munro Seahurst Park

There's going to be a Sakura (Japanese Culture, specifically, Anime and Manga) Convention staff meeting and potluck at the North Shelter in Ed Munro Seahurst Park located in the city of Burien on August 13th at noon (12:00 PM). I thought it would be a good time to have a lolita meeting as well.

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ebay stores selling gothloli

A very very very recent post (ok, it's the one right beneath this one!) made me think of how I was wondering if there were any good western stores to buy from. So I went into the memories to search for some stores, particularly English DIY stores and eBay stores. Luckily, I found one entry...

And every link I clicked on was outdated. ;_; It can't be helped, but still, that kinda sucks and defeats the purpose of putting them in the memories.

So I took matters into my own hands. I went searching for gothic & lolita sellers on eBay (it was far easier than I imagined it would be...). I thought maybe we could start another thread about them? I think all the sellers I found hadn't even been listed in that thread, so hey. Maybe this will be news to some of you.

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Of course, please add any stores you think should be on the list that I haven't included. Non-ebay western stores would be great too (ones like In the Starlight) :D