August 1st, 2005

EGA for men.

I am an elegant gothic-deprived person. I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING. Arrgh. I have been hunting for EGA clothing for so long. I wear a shitty pinstripe jacket from Hot Topic over a plain black T-shirt, and black dickies pants, because that's all I can find.

I have checked eBay in every way I could think of. Nothing. Googled it, only found a couple Japanese sites that sold their shirts for like 17000 yen each. That's a little less than $170 isn't it?

So, what I'm asking: Does anybody know a good place I can find elegant gothic (preferably aristocrat, but anything is worth looking at) clothing for MEN, for CHEAP? Or at least a reasonable price.

Makeup Ideas: Eyepatch

This would be a nice alternative to a real patch, yes? You could even use some eyelash glue and add real lace or crystals (or hey, both!) around the "patch" when you're finished. Oh, and it wouldn't have to be silver. I'd do black or white, myself.

Just a question (Delete if inappropriate)

Because I'm having money troubles (summer college at Yale really put a dent in my parents' wallets), I was thinking of taking commissions/selling loli items so I could pay my parents back. But my mother thinks that by selling things, I need a license of some sort otherwise it's illegal. I'm not planning to start a business, so I don't think it's required...unless I'm wrong?

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(no subject)

Hello! I was bored today and tried a little make-up on. I tried to make it look like a lolita face, but, eh... it didn't really turn out like gothic lolita. Anyway, these are first two pictures I took of myself as lolita. ^___^ I wore Angelic Pretty shirt from E-bay.

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Hello Darlings.
i am planning on making posts in my LJ that will be sort of like tutorials to explain and show examples of different types of Japanese fashion, Lolita being one of these. I was wondering if anyone had any information that they feel is key to understanding Lolita (in any form) or EGA fashion. i also plan on doing a bit on Kodona, Visual Kei, Decorer, and Ganguro (although i dislike it). thank you for any information or images you contribute on any of these, and i will be glad to credit people.

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Apologies if this has been posted before, but I saw this in Cosmo Girl's latest 'manga' installment and I thought you might find it amusing.

Image hosted by

It might not be worth mentioning, but I figured I'd post it here anyway.

Clothing and Sewing Terms, Translated

You know what I think would be cool, and would be good to add to the community memories?
Sewing and clothing terms in other languages. And I don't just mean English and Japanese. I mean American English and British English, Japanese, Dutch, dialects of Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, French, as many languages as the members speak. We have members from a LOT of countries here. Clothing terms vary from dialect to dialect in the same language, and sewing terms are even worse. Many language dictionaries leave them out and people who're otherwise fluent in, say, English don't know how to say a particular sewing term in it. And BabelFish is notoriously, well, not very accurate.

So those of you who are multilingual or those of you from places other than the USA that speak English want to give a try to translating all these terms into your native language (or a language other than American English you happen to be fluent in) as a reference we can have for the community?

Feel free to suggest terms that should be on the list to be translated!

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High, long time lurker here and a frst time poster.

I was wondering about the attitudes of nihonjin loli''s are toward dressed up gaijin. I'm planning on visiting japan at some stage soon and want to know whether a tall curvey blonde girl with limited japanese but a taste for loli styles will get laughed out of town. Last time i was in japan everyone thought i was the cutest thing and treated me really nicely, i don't want this to change this time around, but unfortunately i'm no longer a short, adorable, and tiny bit chubby 14 year old.

So, if i don't want the cool kids of harajuku to laugh at me as i walk down their streets, would it be a good idea to hide my style under typical tourist garb (jeans and a baggy teeshirt) or can i be myself when dressing without being looked at as "the tall hulking pale forgien monstrosity"?

Also, i make a bit of pocket money at the moment doing very small scale modeling (it pays better than checkout work ^^) and have a friend who swears blind that work for girls like myself practically falls into your lap in japan. Any truth to the rumour?

Thanks in advance girls!

PS:I know not to wear tight clothes and short skirts, at 14 i was being sexually harrassed on subways, i hate to think what they would be like now)

Er...another deconstruction/punkish loli question.

I must be getting annoying by now.

However, I went thrifting today and found myself a crushed velvet shirt that I couldn't pass up. It's much, much too big, so I'll have to take in the seams, but aside from that, what do you guys suggest I do to it to make it look punkish/deconstructed? (Without the use of plaid. XD) Thought I'd ask for some of this community's creative minds to help out. =)

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Hello darling EGL-ians! (EGL-ites? o.O)
I was considering making my own dress for the first time, instead of modifying dresses i have bought.
It seemed simple enough, my sewing skills are fair, and i can read a pattern, no trouble there. Unfortunately, before i can do anything...I need cloth.

;__; What types of cloth do you recommend? If someone could also please describe to me that basic cloth differences (such as what's the difference between cotton and muslin, etc), I'd be very grateful.

Unfortunately, as I'm a jobless senior in high-school, most of my money goes to gas and EGL bibles, and i can not just throw caution to the wind and go with a 15$/yd velvet.
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Question about Wa-Lolita outfits

I know that for wa-lolita kimono style outfits that you have to wear the outfit left side over the right side but I was wondering if that was for a respectful purpose or what. I mean to say if I was to wear it right over left which is meant for the dead would like intending myself to be dead or just a really "gothic" lolita with a death element, if it would be disrespectful. Is it like an unspoken "NO, NEVER" outside of a death or what? I mean I've learned this but I've never really known the reason for it and the proper way to go about it. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Just a general brand-name question:

How many brands make skirts that accomodate a 70 cm waistline? (roughly 27.5", I believe.) Pretty much everything I can find is 68 cm, which would be too tight to be comfortable. I make basically all my skirts to begin with, but when I'm cruising YJ for deals I like to know if things will fit. (Obviously elastic waistbands would be excluded from this, especially since I don't like elastic waistbands.) Sooo... any brands that frequently offer this size? I think it's equivalent to a Japanese 10. I was lusting after that Innocent World cut set/skirt/socks set with the white rabbit, but I'm pretty sure the skirt is too small. Blast.


Sorry for posting more than once within a span of a couple hours, but does anyone know of any shops online (or preferably stores that one can drive to) that sell good plaid for making punk loli outfits/school girl outfits?

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