July 19th, 2005

random requests!

sorry to post such silly requests, but I am very sleepy and also very desperate for your help, my dearest dollies...

First request, by far the simpler: does anyone know of any shops which ship to the UK & accept Paypal and the like which sell t-shirts with PUFFY sleeves, similar to this and this?

Second request, a bit of a long-shot but here goes: a while back, BtSSB were selling a bunny-eared cutsew that was empire-waisted, rather like a smock. Did anyone happen to save any pictures of it? I want to find one or commission one, and my own hand-drawn pictures are not very useful to anyone!


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Freya Doujin
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Hello my lovely lolis,

Just wondering, would a bustle be appropriate for a lolita or aristocrat? Has it ever been done before? I think it would look lovely on a aristocrat, and for a lolita you could put a bit of extra crinoline/whatever on the back end of the petticoat for a similar effect. So how about it? Think it would work? Would it go horribly against the laws of lolita? Or would it be pleasantly new and wonderful?

Any opinions would be nice, just voicing my ideas!

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Two posts in as many hours asking for opinions. Oh jeez. Apparently I can't make any decisions without the girls and boys of egl.

So I got the shoes in that I posted about. Guess what? They run HUGE. I take a 6-6.5, ordered 6.5's since they were out of 6's, and they fit my mother who takes a 7.5-8. *weeps*

So now I need to find a different pair of shoes to go with this outfit (white undergarments will actually be made in black) AND the yukata I'm making from the same butterfly fabric (will be worn with black underbust corset instead of obi most likely).

Possible replacements :
All Black Wedge
Black and Wood
Black w Roses
Black Wedge, Laces up leg
Ugly or Awesome? *torn*
Flip-flip style
Black Wedge

If you have any idea where I can get something like the original shoes at about the same price, I will squee and love you forever and bake you baklava.


Hello, I'm new to the community and was wondering if I could get a bit of advice...

I have very curly, long hair. And I want to cut it like this. Here are some more pics~


Well the problem is my mom's going to cut it for me. And I'm afraid it won't turn out right, any suggestions to getting it cut properly? Odd question, but the style of bangs aren't just...there, aren't just plain bangs, they're like...part of the part or something. I can't explain. Any tips would be very much appreciated.

And one more thing. Does anybody know some good sites I can buy EGL or Punk lolita clothing? I've tried ebay, Heavyred, Cosmates, etc. It's just too expensive ^^ any place will help. Thanks everyone.

Shopping in Japan?

Is there anyone here who is currently in Japan that would help those outside of Japan do some shopping for egl items? (Please don't give me a list of places like Celga, Rinkya, etc.)
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I was playing on the French Toast website, and I just came across a blouse I hadn't seen before. It's very loli-able. Even having the puff-sleeve and peterpan collar. It's made in Juniors and Plus sizes.

The Juniors sizes fit from a small (32 inch bust,24 inch waist) to a large (38 1/2 inch bust,31 inch waist)
and the plus (15+ years old) sizes fit from sz. 16 1/2 (36 inch bust,30 inch waist)to a sz. 20 1/2 (40 inch bust, 35 inch waist).

Here's the link to the Juniors one: http://frenchtoast.com/jump.jsp?itemID=127&itemType=PRODUCT&path=1%2C2%2C4%2C27%2C141&iProductID=127

And the link to the Plus sized one: http://frenchtoast.com/jump.jsp?itemID=126&itemType=PRODUCT&path=1%2C2%2C4%2C26%2C133&iProductID=126

Both are under $10 which I think is very reasonable ^_^

I hope this helps,and sorry if this has been posted before ^^;
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(no subject)

My friend alienkatpiggy and I have decided (and started preliminary work) on an H.P. Lovecraft theme for our next project. My outfit is going to be fairly simple: just your general black cardigan and skirt, lacy blouse, knee socks and black oxfords - touched up with lace and a few other essentials. And a plushie Cthulhu. XD She's going to be a goreloli, a la Herbert West, Reanimator.

My question is this: are there any patterns out there I could use to make a badge of sorts? Or places you'd recommend I look for help? I've got a pattern for a Miskatonic University patch I'd want to stick on the bag, which in itself is going to be a fair undertaking (I hate buckles --;), but have never tried to make a patch before.
red riding hood

paper doll outfit for the san diego comic con!

i will post a more complete update of the trip soon... but in the meantime here are some photos of my costume.. it was a bit rushed (i made it in a week, including gathering all materials, while also working full time)... the concept is a paper doll, based on gothic Lolita fashion...here are a bunch of photos, more under the cut! and yes.. in some of these my petticoat is a tad askew...so please pardon that.. :) everything is handmade, the wig was even curled by me, the shirt was modified from a plain white blouse....
for conventions i like to make unusual theme outfits that are a bit more involved than things i would wear everyday.. but it was a lot of fun!
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Halloween is three months away, isn't it?

I thought I'd make an interesting post for egl today. ^.^
I've been harboring this thought in my mind for well over a year now.
I'm conspiring to make a lolita Alice in Wonderland costume. (real original, huh? ::insert sarcasim here::)
But I'm hoping to recruit a friend to be my accompanying mad hatter, and I can't seem to find any good guy-themed lolita examples.
I'll post my ideas for the dress a little later...I'm not completely happy with what I have so far.
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keiko takamura

Greetings fron Japan.

Hello. It's me, blueringo. I'm in Tokyo for the year as an exchange student studying abroad, and even though I left, I figured I'd join again just to share my experiences a bit. /brag. Last weekend I went to Shinjuku and I saw h. Naoto, Black Peace Now, Moi Meme Moite, Emily Temple Cute, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Alice Auaa. All the stores are in the same building on the top four floors. They are also no more than 6 square feet of actual space in which to browse.

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metamorphose blouse

hi! i don't post here very often, but i hope someone can help me. i need pictures of the blouse that came with the metamorphose special set, and i hope that those who bought it can take some pictures of your blouse... ^_^ please email me the pictures at bwahahaha@gmail! thank you all very much! ^_^

A Little Clip...

I asked about posting this clip in my previous post, and no one said anything agaisnt it, so I went ahead and uploaded the little thing.

Gothic Lolita Special

This is a small clip of a Gothic Lolita special that was featured on a TV show in Japan. Unfortunately I do not know what show it was, nor when it came out. This clip shows some of the models that we see in the bibles, and a little talk with Mana about his label.

When you click on the link, the file will be tagged with Moi Dix Mois. Please ignore that, i was just a little lazy to rename the file. Also, if anyone has already seen this clip, I apologize, but for those of you who haven't please leave a little comment if possible.
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