July 14th, 2005

Queenie Lou

Not-so-ruffly parasols

I'm looking for a Japanese brand that sells aristocratic parasols.. Preferably black.

In particular, I'm trying to find one of those Moi meme Moitie logo umbrellas, but they're nowhere to be found. Anyone have one they're willing to sell?
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To all of you lolita's who like to make quality clothes for yourself...

I was just wondering what is your fabric and lace of choice when when making quality lolita clothes? and how much do you usually spend on them?

I usually go shopping and pick based on touch and feel or if the design is extremely cute. I love.. love *_* sateen but I seem to have trouble finding it in large quantities. I <3 cluny lace and all those bridal laces but a lot of the tiem they get too expensive for me especially in the quantities I need.

Also do you sacrifice quality for cost? how do you feel about your finished products?
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Lost Scans

Sorry, i have to ask this because i know i could check the memories and it may be there, but the memories thing isnt working. I remember someone posted a link that when clicked on it would download scans they did of the gothic lolita bible. I got my computer wiped and i dont have the pics anymore. Can someone give me a link or something PLEASE?! :(

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I believe I post too much.

I was searching around Ebay under the words "peter pan collar" and came across some nice finds (though not in my size) and thought I'd share.

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I know it's hot where a lot of you are, it's hot here too, but I do a lot of my seasonal shopping ahead of time to avoid high pricing. That's why I'm looking for blouses right now. Even though I'm not wearing them (unless they're hella thin).

And finally, weird question but: have any of you searched Ebay toddler sections for cute Oilily or Gymboree or what-have-you items so you can get inspired in your designs?? I found some seriously cute stuff that makes me want to own a sewing machine asap... Collapse ) *hehe*

tea party shoot...help with outfit and cookies

im taking part in a tea party themed shoot in which im an alice and i decided to also contribute to the treats being given out. i want to make "eat me" cookies...however without using icing or frosting. just some kind of edible paint like colored corn syrup. i wanted to know has anyone tried this or can help me out by giving me tips on how to make words on the cookies. also, i need to have a bloody apron :( does anyone know what kind of "blood" to get, anyway to make it homemade without going to buy some because around this time i cant find any because its not halloween.
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(no subject)

I was looking for any egl or ega's in the kansas area. Or anywhere around Chanute. I'm two hours from wichita, kansas city, tulsa and lawrence. Also close to parsons. I would love to have a kansas loli gathering if there any more of you out there. Thanks!

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I posted a few weeks ago about TYB and Yes Idol (Chinese magazines) articles on Gothic Lolita and in particular the film Shimotsuma Montagari (including scans of said articles) I was both delighted and somewhat disappointed to see an article in TYB issue 747 recently about lolita fashion. While I cannot read Kanji so I might have missed the point of the article imho the model's clothing are not a good example of lolita to portray to Chinese girls/boys who might aspire to the fashion. I was wondering what everyone else thinks?

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Oh and on a completely unrelated note I'm beginning a 'Gothic Lolita Weekend' when flowergirl862k who I introduced to GL arrives from London tommorow! We're having an official meet in Sheffield (a picnic in the Botanical Gardens) and I'm really excited. I've only organized one of these once before and it was very small (only 3 people ;_;) but it seems a few more are joining us this time so please wish me luck!
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I'm not so sure about this, so I'm asking. And I don't know if it has been discussed before or not, if it has been, please erase it.
I got confused the other day when I read an article that made sense, it said: EGL and EGA do NOT represent certain styles, but only are used within Moi Même Moitie to describe the two styles in that brand, and only for that brand. It does make sense, because you never see it being used about styles other than for Moi Même Moitie in the G&L Bible or elsewhere, for example on other brand sites.
If I'm not correct, please correct me^^;;
Else, why do Western lolis insist on using those terms instead of simply saying gothic lolita or aristocrat(there HAS to be other terms for aristocrat...I just can't think of any right now ^^;;;)?
And one more question, what do Japanese Lolis say? Do they say EGL and EGA for other that MMM clothes?

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This is a question for all the crafty lolitas out there who (like me) have stuff laying around that they just don't have the heart to throw out- Does anyone have black lace about a 1/2 wide that they would like to sell me? I want stuff to put around collars/cuffs etc so I don't have a real preference for type as long as it doesn't scream cheap craft lace and is less than 15 yrds. Jo anns has a poor selection of black lace and i don't have any use for 50+ yrds that i would get from cheap trims. thanks so much!
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I've posted these pieces separately but I finally put them together. Now I figure I need something to finish it off. Any suggestions?

Sorry for the images, they're not the best quality but that's the sacrifice of self photography.

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Oz Lolita Homepage Version 1.2

Oz Lolita is a resource for Australian Lolita and OverSeas Lolis alike and I've just re-launched the Homepage site but it is only running at 60 - 80% as there is still some more work to do.

Changes made include an easy to use format and minmal graphics (we dream on a budget) but great a soon to be bigger egl gallery for Aussie + NZ Loli-kind. And I'm sure all the other lolis (Esp at egl) can appreciate having a lookie-loo at what us Aussies are up to ^__^;;

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Today, I want to ask you 50 Lolita question!

I heard that 100 questions have been asked by someone already and this is the similar version of it.

So, if I'm repeating someone else's post, really sorry....m(_ _)m

Anyway, here we go. Please take your time to answer to us have some idea about other lolis! (^o^



Please ignore any mistakes for grammas or spelling etc... thanks (-w-;


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MAM Dress loving....

Heya Kitties,

I got my MAM dress today & I love it, what do you guys think, does it look ok? It's more forgiving than most things because it's Black & White, so it hides a multitude of sins. It has a shirred front, detachable sleeves, colar & tie in the back... Sorry about the crummy pics but I was dying to show this off & have been ill for the last 4 days so I look like crap, hence the lack of a face!!! But I will take proper pics soon. I'm wearing my Meta Bonnet, Innocent World Socks, DIY Bloomers, DIY Petticoat & HT Shoes with it (I also plan on wearing my Putumayo Teddy Earrings with it)! It's such a versatile dress because I can wear it as a really simple outfit without the sleeves & the colar, the quality is amazing, the lace is beautiful & it was well worth buying!

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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San Diego ComicCon

So, I was just wondering if anyone on here is either currently at or going to be at the ComicCon this weekend in San Diego. I'm more than likely gonna be decked out in my loli wear and wanted to know if anyone is interested in meeting up or are already meeting up and I missed a post somewhere (which would be completely likely since I don't read every single post that comes through here.

Message me here, and I'll get back to you sometime in the next day before I leave.
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