June 29th, 2005

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a thought

I'm an RPG geek, though I haven't RPed in a damn long time.

So a question arose while I was mucking around boredly on Furcadia.

Has anyone ever thought of a GL RPG? Like message board, PBeM, or hell, even Furcadia (with human only characters)?

Or am I just crazy and going too far? :(
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(no subject)

A bit of a mixed bag of items today I'm afraid - I ended up with an issue of the Chinese fashion magazine 'Honey Bee' quite by accident and noticed a couple of lolita items :) I think it's encouraging to see that the clothing is getting attention beyond Japan.

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Also please bear with me this might seem slightly tenuous, but I recieved an issue of BS Log (A Japanese boys love gaming magazine) this morning and there's a game called 'Wings Innocent' which features some designs (especially the ones of the bishonen in kitty hats) which would make lovely Kodona style outfits - even just using influences from them so it doesn't resemble costume playing or inverting the colour scheme to black and white rather than white and black ^_^

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It's like that

Lovely Doll Site

Haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd share with you all a very stylish artist that i admire- her site is named "BlastMilk" and her dolls are very egl ^_^

Hope you all enjoy them- she is very talented O^^O

-Annie love

Edit** Thought I'd also point out Chesca's latest outfit. Her style is very heavilly h.Naoto ish, and she is a huge name in the BJD world- if you look at the current price, that's worth a doll already ^_~
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San Diego Comic Con Lolis

I have a few questions for those of you who are attending the San Diego Comic Con

1. Has there been any discussion about an EGL/EGA meetup at Con here yet and if so when and where are you all meeting? (I'm sorry I'm behind on my reading here, so point me to a link if it has been posted already.)

2. Is there an official San Diego Loli group that meets up?

3. Anyone know anything about the "authentic" EGLs that are supposed to be at the Viz booth for the Kamikaze Promo?

4. Anything else going on Loli-related at the con? Jrockers?

Pin Up  March 2008


Good day Lolis and gents~

As you all are aware, this community has grown quite large and very active. What used to be easily achieved by a small team of mods is now much harder to do. To the end of better serving the community, there is going to be a change in the way egl is run.

Some of you all may remember that christinablue took over this community back in the days of darkness when we had no moderators and the owner of the community had gone missing for over a year. christinablue then became busy with private affairs and so she handed the community over to me. Now she is less busy with personal matters, and this community is getting almost too much for just one person to handle. We decided that the best thing to do for the community would be to work closely together and co-administer the community while heading up a larger group of moderators. With an administrative team we will be able to better lead the moderators as well as better implement changes for the good of the community.

The two of us have been working behind the scenes on reforming this community and making sure that it continues to be a place where people can communicate and share ideas and information. In the coming month we will be making more changes to the community, but for now I would simply like to announce the addition of two new moderators.
Let's all have a nice round of applause for carnet_atelier and stainedhands.
Please treat both of these girls with the same respect you have treated the rest of the moderator team. They are both wonderful assets to the community, and both christinablue and I are confident that they will make good and fair moderators.

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Showing off~

My hair has finally grown out enough since I got it cut in December to manage decent little pigtails again. ^_^ And since I have to put my hair up at work, I've started wearing pigtails a lot. (And it's summer, so it's much cooler that way.) But, the elastic hair ties are so boring, I thought they could use a bit of jazzing up. Since Metamorphose just started their summer sale, I've been looking around their site a lot more than usual, and found the cutest ponytail holders there. Unfortunately, they're quite a bit out of my ponytail holder price range, because I only want to be spending about $5 on them. After a little trip to Wal-Mart (The horror, I know.) I think I've managed it.
$2.00~ for elastic hair ties (The ouchless kind)
$0.88 for nifty buttons
$1.00~ for a yard of velvety ribbon
I'd explain how to make them, but it's not complicated enough to require and explanation.
They didn't turn out perfectly, but they'll do, and are cute.
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What's wrong with thinner heels?

Mary janes & platforms are staples of EGL & related styles. I know firsthand that wearing mary janes draws longer passing glances from people- child-like nostalgia, yes? My tastes are as extreme as a manic depression- going from childish brightness to adult sobriety easily and back. Yet, I wonder if thinner heels can be paired with EGA. The following pics contain elements of my dream attire. Broke like the Bebop crew....

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