June 27th, 2005


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edit: i didn't dess them. i counted them as lolita because their clothes if worn on a woman it seems would have been deemed more "appropriate" if this is seriously offending people, then, mods by all means i'll take it down. this is just to show who lolita is reaching aside from the obvious. it is not meant to start fights or discussion. they went out in what made them feel pretty, and i expect you to show them the same respect you want people to show you when you dress loli in public. thank you.

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking this community for a long time now and this is my first post. I need help with something....

I found a really nice paper doll in my pictures folder, and decided to program it into KiSS out of boredom. I'm thinking about submitting the doll to The Big Kiss Page, but I need to know who the original artist is so I can credit him/her, and also if the person who scanned it would have any objection to me using it. I can't for the life of me remember where I got it from, it may or may not have been this community....but I figure even if it isn't, someone here might know. ^^;

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Any info at all would be appreciated, thanks. ^-^
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Your image got declined by LolitaSnap.com

I wonder is it because of the picture? I saw a similar design like this on cosmates except mine doesn't have the same fabric print on it and it is pure white. What is the general opinion that this outfit got declined? How do you determine when something is not lolita enough?

added disclaimer: this post is not meant to stir any discontent against the site. I am seeking a general opinion for my creations. I want to get a critique as to what elements I am missing that caused it to be declined. I am seeking for outside opinions from outside their site to get a broader range of opinions from people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. I also had a similar post in their forum, but it caused too much disturbance and it was deleted, so I kept one here so not to disturb the regulars on their site.

(Cosmate design)
(My picture that was decline)

(Close up of the outfit

Lolita Car

I'm thinking of redecorating the inside of my car (MY car!! SQUEE!!! IM SOOOO HAPPY!!!) to be loli, but I have no idea where to start...any suggestions?

Mods feel free to delete.
alejandro, gaga

beach loli

sorry this entry is so late- i just got a wireless card and have some time to spam the list. i work fulltime at spanky's cafe on mackinac island (for those of you who don't know where it is, its at the top of michigan's lower peninsula) and they have some cute jewelry for loli stuff, beach and regular. they have thongs/flipflops with a slight heel and suede cream soles, and come in either pink or black, and along the straps they have pearls sewn on.
they also have purses with purple/pink/blue suede, an embroidered "royalty" sort of seal, and white vinyl handles.
and some of their jewelry is really lovely and loli-ish.
but for the most part, spanky's is a roxy/billabong/quicksilver shop. i'll get some pictures if i ever get a digi cam. just thought i'd let y'all know ^_^
oh, and if this is kind of too spammish, go on and delete it.
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BtSSB Bunny Cutsew Question

Does anyone own this: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/cutsaw/129713.html?
I can read all the measurements Baby gives (Shoulders: 40cm, Body Width: 80-90cm, Length: 54cm, Sleeve Length: 22cm) but there isn't a specific waist measurement given. The other version of this cutsew (http://www.babyssb.co.jp/shopping/cutsaw/129710.html) had a tiny waist of 60cm, and the body width (a.k.a. bust) measurement was 86cm. So I'm wondering if the waist on this new version is the same as the old or if because the bust seems a little more stretchy than the previous version listed that it might be able to accommodate a bigger waist? (I have around a 76cm waist right now.)
I'd rather not have to just guess and find out when it gets here -_-;
As an aside, how stretchy have any of you found Baby cutsews to be? Is Baby pretty dead on in their measurements, with no room to give? Or are they playing to the safe side and measuring a little small?
Thanks for any help you can give! ^_^

Ah! And I wanted to make sure I was interpreting this correctly - if I order directly from Baby I don't pay taxes on the clothing, right? Since I don't live in Japan and it's being shipped overseas.
And if you try to add something to your cart (as I do, to see if things are in stock) and it gives you the message that it's out - does that mean that you have to ask them specifically about it or that you just have to go to your local store and see if you can find it? Because I assume if it were _really_ out of stock then they would say that on the page (I think it says something like "all stores out of stock").
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Loli outfit done by anitapam

I just got a beautiful Lolita tartan dress from anitapam. She does amazing work, and I highly recommend her!

I asked her to do my dress based on the Metamorphose tartan dress, seen Collapse ).

(I would've given the link, but it seems the tartan is no longer on the Meta site).

Anyway, here is the dress, both picture of me in it (be warned, I'm not pretty) and pictures anitapam took.

She also included earrings and two hairbows. Shipping was timely, the cost was MUCH less, and I got to customize it! (I added black lace around the armholes). She practically gave me an outfit; all I had to do was find shoes!

This girl is EXCELLENT and affordable!

PS. I'm not wearing a petticoat because it's just too hot!

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Blood Spatters?

Short but sweet~

I've been noting a few designs I like have blood spatters incorporated into them. How exactly would one go about creating a spatter, and keeping it colorfast?

Thank you!
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Bringing that dream lolita outfit to life!

After Anime Expo, I'm going to have some, not a lot, but some free time on my hands aside from summer school and I want to make a lolita outfit. I usually make cosplay costumes but I want to try to make a full lolita outfit. Anyways what I am getting at is that I would like, if you wouldn't mind to post here with a picture of an outfit you would like to see made, I read a lot about all the lolita's and their drawings, many of which never will be made so I want to see them made! I love bringing things to life and I want a new challenge ^o^!

*Please only post images you have drawn yourself, have permission for me to make(I guess is to say), or know that the illustrator would not be offended because he/she is in some far off land or something of the sort. *
*Please do not submit dresses that already exist.*
*Please label all images with the name, email, or lj name of the designer*
edit: last of all: One Per Person- so pick your absolute favorite!

*changed because I realized this is a busy week since Anime Expo is coming up and people might not have time so I'm extending the deadline to FRIDAY- I want to give everyone a chance to submit something*The last day for submissions will be Monday Friday, July 8th.

From them I will pick the top 10 that I would like to make and have a poll to see which one will become real!

*changed* Finally, I am going to make the dress in the designers size and if they like the quality of it they can have it for the cost of materials and shipping only so that they can debut their creation!-(I realized I always make things the best the first time around...-_- so a repeat would not be a good idea for me)

People who have submitted a finalized entry so far:
Lynxie_kitty(by e-mail)
silentsecret428(by e-mail)

Thanks in advance!

Mods if this is inappropriate feel free to delete it. Thanks.

Pick & Mix...?

Heya Kitties,

I was wondering, I think this has been asked before, so sorry if it has but what are your thoughts on mixing Japanese Brands up? This is especially directed to those either in Japan or with first-hand experience...

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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