June 20th, 2005


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I have a few questions about more info on Loli styles...

First, Sweet Lolita. Are there any sites devoted SPECIFICALLY to Sweet Lolita, instead of Gothic & Lolita and Lolita in general? I haven't found any, has anyone else?

Also, Qi-Loli and Wa-Loli. Where can I find more pictures of these?

Thanks so much!

EDIT: While sale sites are helpful, I'm really looking more for English sites with pictures more closely related to Classic/Sweet Lolita...a Gothic Loli example of the kind of site I mean is Crosses and Petticoats.
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Velvet EGL dresses

My and my friend are thinking of sewing a egl dress in velvet.We were wondering if you could help us find pictures of dresses made in velvet so that we could get some ideas of what to do.

Thanks in advance:)

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Hi everyone ^_^ I've got some more art to share...and it's colored too this time!
The uni semester has just finished here so I'm on holiday now and have lots of time for drawing. I'm thinking I might do some Alice in Wonderlandish pics next...but we shall see where the muse takes me. It doesn't always want to do what I want to do! ^_~

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tie help?

Hi! I have some questions about ties. (yay!) I've looked and looked, but I haven't seen an entry that helps me for what I need.

1. Does anyone have a tie pattern that I could use? (kind of like the H.naoto ties that don't actually tie)
2. I have a "tie", but its basically the knot at the top and the piece hanging down. I'm using ribbon to tie it around my neck, but I was wondering what other ways could I keep it on my neck without it being a real tie?
3. Does anyone know of good tie designs that I could recreate or draw inspiration from?

Heh, yes I do like my ties...
<333 Comety
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hello all. I'm new to this commiunity, obviously, and have 2 questions.

EGA-I take it its completely out of the question here? if not, cool
h.Naoto- How do those ties attach...they dont tie, and it doesnt seem to have a clip. does it stick?!

thank you for your time.
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GL Bibles

I want to work on an art project thats going to involve *a lot* of GL Bibles. Before I go order a crapload at full price I thought I'd ask here.

Does anybody have any old, unwanted, or damaged GL Bibles they're willing to sell discounted?

No asking price. Whatever you think is fair. I'd just rather not have to buy them all at full price.
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I have one quick question for you lovely ladies!

I was wondering, If I wanted to screenprint something on black, or a darker fabric, what should I use?
I went through the little ink screenprinting tutorial from the memories, tried it out, and found that it works rather well, but how should I go about doing this with a darker fabric?
as in, what sort of ink should I use, is there a certain way to do it properly?

I'm planning on making something with a red and white screenprinted motif on black fabric for this summer, and I'd greatly apreciate ANY help offered, unfortunately, I have no cookies... so you'll have to live with my everlasting gratitude ^-^;

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in less than two weeks i will be in japan! yay! and i was thinking while i am there i might try to buy some things to sell when i get back. i was wondering if you guys could suggest what things you would like to see for sale, so i have a good idea of what to look out for. as in, what brands, types of clothes etc... thankyou! ^_^;
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Need some shoes, ideas very welcome!

I have asked this question before elsewhere, so some of you might recognize this question. I want some Loli shoes, but can't decide. I have found sites with good prices, but am not sure on the style. I want a chunky platform that be 3 inches or more tall, but still tries to make my feet look small (small, but just raised on platforms). I prefer non shiny leather, but I guess if I really like the shoe, I would go for shiny. My usual style is black and white, usually leaning toward elegant lolita than really sweet (but hey, I am just starting out on my wardrobe, so that too is flexible.) I am a petite pale blonde who is 5'3" if that helps. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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