June 19th, 2005

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Hey I have a question. Back in the day (like around 1999-2000), my friends and I would call lolitas "phlufies". Did anyone else do that? Err, was anyone even into lolita stuff 5 years ago ><;;; Did I just hallucinate the word or something? I swear I picked it up online and didn't make it up but I'm not so sure...and no one says it now.

I'm just curious.

ok, let's try it again

Hi hi ^-^

well, i couldn't fix the problem with the lj cut so i had to make a photoblog,... is not the first time this happen to me..even i'f writting the codes perfect...whatever.
I took all the pics myself so.. don't ask to much for nice pics n_nU
We are in the middle of the winter!!! Thanks god the fabric i found is good for this weather.

To the images ^^

And sorry about the problems n_nU!,i didn't know what happened. Please delete the other post ^^

A loli blooper versus a genuine effort.

Here's a little bit of a lesson for any beginner lolita on photoshoots and such.

I'm taking up the challenge with silentsecret428! Behind the cut I'll present some photos of me in a loli-dress: one that's a no-no and would get "that's not even lolita!" responses, the other a genuine effort where all the criticism given should be constructive - and not in a hurtful way since I've clearly done my best and seen some trouble.

The first example is about leaving off all accessories and such, the second about bad quality photos and equally bad excuses, and the third is where you can't even see the dress that the poster wants to show.

Anyone else wishing to take part? ^_~

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You know, I might have just suffered some internal damage going through my old photos... >.<;;;
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'crown' brand question

has anyone heard of the brand Venezia? i saw a black and white shirt with a crown and it says 'Authentic Quality Since 1904' around it. Do they sell more lolita style crown tops and such?

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Atelier Boz's fabric

I'm wondering if some of the fabric experts here might help me with this one. I've noticed that Atelier Boz makes a whole lot of their clothes from (what seems to be) the same type of black fabic. It looks rather heavy, but it seems to have a slight sheen to it (or maybe that's just lighting). I'm just dying to make something out of such fabric! Anyone know what it is?
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Heya Kitties

In "THIS" recent post there was a picture posted from the Gothic & Lolita Bible with a girl wearing a Corset type top, well on my EBay travels I think I found the top she was wearing "HERE"... (0_o)! Is it the same?

*Hugs & Rainbow Sparkles*
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Tips for Plus-sized Lolis <3

Me being a plus sized Lolita, some aspects of this fashion just don't flatter us the way that do on others. So with my own expermenting for the past couple years, I have decided to give out a few tips, to adapt the style to our larger bodies, and make it more flattering <3 Some normal lolis might find some useful information, maybe not <3.

So it's under the cut, because I have a few pictures of my Lolita blunders X.x

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Just started


I am pegasusmaiden and I am new to this community and fairly new to the world of lolita fashion as well. To start off I am curious as to how much you have paid for a lolita costume whether you in materials you purchased or if you purchased all the pieces from a store or personal seamstress? If you purchased from an online store why did you choose the store or brand?
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