June 16th, 2005

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I dont know know if this site has been mentioned before, but I just came across it myself: AYUMIE It has an "english" option :) It has brands such as: Baby, the stars shine bright; black peace now, AlgonQuins and Putumayo...
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Saw something really cute in a local newspaper yesterday and thought I'll share ^^ As I was flipping through World News, I chanced across a full-paged advertisement by a shopping mall here. The mall was doing an art theme where each day of the week was characterised by a certain shopping 'look' and Wednesday's Shopper caught my eye...

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hello! i'm Rebecca {or Ribena, or Roo, or something} and i'm a first-time poster, long-time lurker ;D
now that i've introduced myself, i'll get to the point: YAY, PHOTOS!

last week i dressed my lovely friend densetsu_no_ken up in my clothes and made her play with my Cinderella doll: Collapse )

i had to resize them a bit to fit photobucket.com's allowance, but i've also uploaded the originals here:
ragdoll one
ragdoll two
ragdoll three {my favourite set}
and there's a couple of other loli-themed shoots in my DevArt gallery. enjoy! ♥

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Defying Gravity

This may sound like a stupid question, but I'm working on a new outfit, and I was wondering how one went about sewing the "poof" that goes under the poofy skirts. I know that it requires a lot of meshy fabric, but that's about the limit of my knowledge. The piece that I'm planning to make is around knee-legnth. Does anyone have any ideas? If so, that would be a great help.
Vampire Requiem

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Hello <3
I've been a member for a while but I've never posted a picture of myself!
I think it's time I should!!
My friend made my a very cute EGL dress for my birthday and I finally took pictures of myself to show off XD
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EDIT I've come to the terrible conclusion that I've been wearing the dress backwards! I'll post better pictues later XDDD
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Corset/Store location questions.

[Mods: If you feel this is irrelevant, let me know and I'll delete it. Thanks!]

Hello everyone ^-^

I'm looking for a good place to buy a corset. From what I've heard, (maybe this is wrong) to find a good one that will last, it isn't very possible to find at $50 or under. But any help is appreciated! ^.^
Also, I might be traveling to the following (Montreal, New York, New Orleans) in the very near future, and I was wondering if anyone in these areas has come across Gothic Lolita stores or stores in relation to EGL.

Thank you all for any help you can provide! Take care ♥
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Cute (but expensive) loli shoes!

For those who don't have a shoe budget, I found some GREAT shoes on the John Fluevog website (www.fluevog.com).

These shoes ( http://www.fluevog.com/code/images/00000350_composite.jpg ) are cute mary janes, they're $229CDN on the site.
These ones ( http://www.fluevog.com/code/images/00001166_composite.jpg ) are ADORABLE! They are just such cute loli shoes, and the heel looks very comfy to walk in. They're $245CDN.

The site has lots of loli-style shoes-if you're willing to spend money. I know they have stores in Vancouver and Seattle, and other stores in the US and Canada (oh and Australia too!). I would definately check out their site.