June 15th, 2005


Hi! I'm Gabi ^^ I hope this isn't a stupid request, but... I'm about to make my first handmade headdress and I've never done anything before... this will be my first try... any tips? or maybe any tutorial? <33
Any help is really appreciated <3

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Another crazy loli idea. ^_^

Well, I very recently got a job at American Eagle, and the dress code calls for, basically anything that is similar to AE, without competitor logos. Which means I basically should look like I live near the beach. (Though I don't. *lol*)

So I was wondering if anyone had ideas for a "beach loli". I may not even end up doing this for work, I just think it's a good thinking topic. (Like the gypsy loli, which I loved.) I was looking at some things from Putumayo, and some could be good starts. Obviously black and most other dark colors are out of the question.

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So those are just a few of my crazy ideas. Again, I'm not really too depressed if this doesn't end up what I wear to work, I just think it would make a fun experiment. Thanks!
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Lolita Movie Night! (Updated List!)

I was thinking today how fun it would be to have a lolita movie night, and tried to come up with a list of movies a group of Lolitas might watch on such an occasion. Please offer some suggestions on expanding this, but movies only, no series/anime etc. Also I've provided imdb links in case you want to look up any of these films.

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+ Recent Riku Scans +

Hiya, I just got my copy of GL Bible 16 from www.jlist.com ^^ and I'm really pleased with it - the photoshoot with Hakuei and O-jiro is particularly gorgeous as well as the Kana pieces so I recommend it to all and sundry - however I do come bearing some usefulness in this ranty little post - a few scans of my personal favourite GL model Riku-san ^^ (Please credit to sasword if you use.) also I'm sorry if these have been posted (probably by amnesia-girl myself or others recently.)

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Desparate Plea for bunny ear goodness :)

There are 3820 members in this community so im hoping this isnt going to be a huge longshot.

Does anyone have this :

 from here , Or even know of a friend/shop who does that I may be able to get it from.

I ask as I really really need/want it and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell it to me or maybe swap for this ?? and something else of course as there is a price difference.

I HATE having to do this but I have searched yahoo japan auctions with no luck :/ and I emailed the site but the response I got was cryptic to say the least! I hope someone has it and can bear to part with it.

If no luck Ill just have to wait patiently for the site to have some more bunny ear things- does anyone know if h.naoto produce things like this alot?

Hope this is okay me posting this :/ If no, let me know and ill delete asap.

Thanks, Marina xxx



Boys & EGL/EGA style

Ok, i want to try and get my boyfriend some clothes which would make him fit in with the egl/ega style so he looks better with me when we go out. Plus it's his birthday soon and i'm looking for stuff to get him ^_^

But i've never seen any pics of what all you pretties other halfs wear.

Can anyone direct me to any links/websites please.

Thank you in advance