June 10th, 2005

Pale complexion

I am in no means here to insult any lolitas of color.

But, many lolita models have pale skin. I think it looks quite nice with the style.

Anywho, I live in Las Vegas, and love to go swimming. But how can I keep from tanning? I am of 1/2 spanish decent, and after one day of swimming I already have a small tan. @_@ I also will have to start PE in summer school in about a week, which will make me tan even faster.

So can anyone recommend some products to use? Or perhaps a tan remover? I have heard of tan removers, but never seen any in stores.

Forgive me if this is too off topic, or if I have insulted anyone.

Mannequin Question

Gosh, I know this isn't exactly "on-topic", but I wanted to know if people use mannequins when they're designing and sewing their EGL attire, and if so, how much did it cost and where did you get it from? Please let me know if this isn't allowed.


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Sale~ checkered pants with lace

Hi everyone~
Takashimaya department store here is having sale..And I bought myself a pair of shorts that's checkered print with lace on it! I think it's cute and lovely so I want to share this with you guys. If you want to get it, I can help you!

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Also something "off topic" here..I'm selling 2 pair of socks @v@ Brand new! Please take a look *O*

click link here/
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So I'm looking into buying a Bodyline dress for approximately 128 USD, and here's what I'm wondering: would white tights be better or knee high stockings with a garter of some kind?

Also, my hair is jaw length - should I try to curl it and such or would it be better just to buy a wig?

And one last question (sorry for all of these) but should I wear earrings when I get lolied up, or...?

PS: I just created a new community - loli_design for, quite obviously, artists to post various designs they have come up with. It's very sparse at the moment, as I just created it, but please go ahead and post!