June 1st, 2005

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Dress Pattern

Hello loli's. :3

Question about the bibles, or other loli' mags, and the patterns they come with...

I'm after just a basic dress pattern with a nice EGL shape - I can't find any suitable in the shops and I'm not skilled enough yet to consider altering one... So I wondered, what are the patterns like with the bibles? Do they even have dress patterns, and if they do is there an issue that I should look out for? One with a basic kind of pattern I'm after...? Just a normal, egl shape...

Or any other magazines with a good pattern?

Thankyou so much! I looked in the memories but didn't find anything like this. I don't mind paying for a pattern, it's just finding one that's suitable... ^_^;;

Antique Shops...source of Loli decor!

Today, my mom and I went to an antique shop to sell some things and I noticed a LOT of pretty jewelry, vintage dresses and hats (There was a corset there, but I don't think it was for sale. :( ), and some interesting paintings. There were 2 of Harlequin children from the '60s and a Victorian one with cherubs. (It was way too expensive at $95!)

My question is, do any of you go to antique stores regularly? And if so, have you found any Loli-items of interest?

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Two Odd Questions

First off is..

Ok its really hot here in Vegas and I'm finding it harder and harder to wear things. Petticoats stick to you if ur sitting in a hot place too long same with bloomers. I keep finding that my skirts go "flat" and such. Does anyone else have this problem? And how would i go about fixing it...I'd really hate for loli to be a winter fashion for me

The second is. I seriously have sock issues. Finding cute knee high socks is really hard to do, I've thought about saving up and just doing a huge sock order from btssb er sumthin but that just seems kinda silly. I guess I should ask, does anyone have any suggestions on making you own?
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Brand sizes

Today my super amazing boy told me he wants to buy a name brand loli dress for me as a birthday/anniversary present. So, I have to pick one out. The problem is, I highly doubt I'm as tiny as most girls in Japan, and I was wondering if any of you girls could give me some advice as to which of these dresses, if any, would fit me.

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i really really need a white petticoat (and maybe a black one too) as mine are just not poofy enough anymore. just wondered if anybody had one that they were wanting to sell.

many thanks
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Kanade - Cooking

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Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before, but...

I'm just wondering if the dresses and skirts from companies like "Baby, the Stars Shine Bright" and "Angelic Pretty" come with any sort of built in puffyness, like a petticoat or anything. I can't really read Japanese, so I'm not sure if the information is on the site or not.


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