May 30th, 2005

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That's right. THAT dress.

I at first, like many people, was a skeptic of the now ever famous Hot Topic Dress™. Then I saw it with a shirt beneath it and from that moment on decided I MUST OWN IT.

I wear an XL in most things and as such can't fit into the beautiful clothes made by some of our favorite Japanese friends. So for someone like me, this dress is a mother fucking godsend.

Well, yesterday I got it. :) I now own it and it hangs up in my closet after wearing it to the movies today.

Finding a short sleeved shirt for it was a difficult affair, but today the mamasan went to Beale's Outlet and got a shirt for it for $4. :) I think it works quite well, to be honest. (Though the sleeves are a little long so we had to fold them up.)

So since this is my first gothic lolita piece of clothing I own, I did a lil photoshot. :)


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In reference to my post yesterday about wanting to do a Louisiana lolita which no one responded...

Is there no one here from Louisiana? Or are there a few of you and you just don't want to DO anything? Or do people just not like me ~_~;; ???
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I might sound ignorant but I have a question about country lolita style.
What is the difference between sweet lolita style and country lolita?
What are some Japanese online stores where I can find country lolita clothes? I don't really want to buy anything, I'd just like to see the clothes. ^^

Thanks everyone!
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So is anyone here going to be attending Cascadiacon?

There's going to be an EGL ball and a J-pop/J-rock dance, as well as a lot of other EGL/EGA/Vis Kei sort of stuff. Looks as if it will be a truly fun time.
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Since Westwood was asked about

I did a search of ebay (where I always get my more afforable Vivienne Westwood stuff) and compiled a list of some stuff that was egl/ega/punk lolita compatable I found on there, thought some of you might find it usefull for finding westwood stuff at affordable prices:

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Hi! I just joined today, i love lolita since .... forever! Does anyone know where I can find some nice acessories, like some jewlery, hats, umbrellas for cheap? I would appreciate it very much!
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Cafe Press EGL shop?

Hello to everybody-I will say hi first because I just joined today. ^^ But what I wanted to ask everyone was if they would be interested in buying reasonably priced shirts with EGL designs? (I know most EGL/EGA clothes tend to be pretty expensive, so I would keep these prices reasonable). These are drawn by me, I am an animation/fine art student trying to make a bit of extra money so I want to ask around first before I set up my cafe press shop. These are 2 of my designs that would be on the shirts: and Please reply and let me know what you think of them, and if they would do well! ^__^
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To anyone who owns this Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress, how does the back attach? I mean, the gathered part? I made the same idea dress for my friend to wear at my school's fashion show, but I actually had sewn the gathered part to the dress, but now I want to make it so it can go on and off. I saw two girls wearing it at Anime North, but I didn't think about it when I saw them. >.<

Thank you. ♥
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okay lolis, I need your help!

after searching a while back and checking the memories, I couldn't find anyting directly related to my question, I'm sure I saw it somewhere though...)

Okay, I need help from some of the Canadian lolis out there. on the second of next month, I'll be taking a day trip to toronto, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any loli-esque stores near the Spadina ave./Queen st. area. I'll be heading toward the asian market as well, so if you've seen anything interesting, do tell! I've already been told about F/X, so that's a quick stop on the list.
Also, does anyone know of any loli-esque stores in the Kitchener/Waterloo area? just another question^-^;;

Thanks to anyone who posts, your help is greatly apreciated!

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Vivenne Westwood?

I looked at the homepage today and couldn't find much (any) gothic or lolita looking things... a few of the bags, that was all. And yet I know that this brand counts as one of the "real" ones (or doesn't it?) I hoped that since they aren't Japanese there would be things in my size -_-

Do they make special clothes for Japan, or am I missing something? Are they only famous for their bags, or what?

Also, can anyone get the shoe section working?
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Help~ x___X

Okay, so I finished a punk lolita outfit....the problem is, it looks NOTHING like punk loli...just slightly inspired. x___o;;;; I was hoping that I could get some pointers to try and fix it up rather than starting over.

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Went to the loli meet yesterday and not many people turned up but we still had fun and drank cocktails in a gay bar!!
We also hung around in Soho Square for awhile and a hobo got arrested...the policemen had to put on blue rubber gloves to touch him XDDD.
I was dressed kodona with makeup inspired by one of my favourite bands ever DOREMIdan. You can't see my outfit very well but hopefully myself and Anna will take proper pictures together soon.
Anyway fluorescentsoul took a picture of me in soho square,Collapse )
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Tulle skirt

I really really love tulle skirts and I just made a new one! Sorry I was all happy to get it done.

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Also, I could custom make a tulle skirt for you (You can choose the color(s), size, length, how many layers, additional decorations, etc..). The price'll prob be around $50 give or take (including shipping)... sorry if that sounds like a ton but I really put a lot of time into my skirts! Oh and of course you can haggle or offer trades. I adore trades! <3


Uhm, hey. I'm very new (well, kinda...long story...^_^;) and I decided to jump straight in with a question that's been bugging me for a while.

I have the 9th Gothic Lolita Bible and in it there's this little stuffed bunny with red eyes...kinda flat-looking with red claws (?) on its paws and urgh, it's just too cute for me not to want/make one so I guess my actual request is...does anyone know if they are handmade or sold by a particular gothic lolita brand? Close-ups or anything that might make the overall design a little clearer would be much appreciated too.

Thanks ever so much.

*goes back to lurking*
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