May 26th, 2005

Help wanted and desperately needed!

Hi Ladies and Gents,
I am trying to put together a webpage with my latest and most fabulous gothic lolita creations and alterations. I have very little to none skills in creating a webpage, but lots of ideas. I need someone able and willing to create a webpage for me, and teach me how to update it. If anyone is interested, please contact me and we can discuss fees and costs.
Thank you kindly,
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once upon a time

once upon a time there was a not so little website called it was run but a poor but dedicate webmistress who spend lots of her hard earned money buying extra copies of japanese books to scan so that all her friends from lands far and wide could see them and share her passion and joy. She let all her friends use her scans for anything they liked and this made many very happy.

but one day a big bad hungry (hungarian) wolf came along and tried to claim the scans as their own. they pinched copies of all the webmistresses images and hosted them on their own site claiming them as there own. this made the webmistress very sad because this meant she would have to cast a spell over her scan so the the big hungry wolf could steal them anymore but then neither could her friends

"Oh" she sobed "whats a girl to do"

from now on if anyone wants to borrow watermark free images from my site they will have to email me and ask

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quik question!

着丈 約94cm
身幅: 約72~84cm
ウエスト: 約62~70cm


身幅 約90cm
袖丈 約60cm・20cm
着丈 約38cm

which are the bust size?? this "身幅" or "着丈"??

don't know japanese... ^^;
Melora skirt
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~ Cons~

Just wondering if anyone here is going to either of these cons:

Anime Mid-Atlantic
~(in Richmond va June 17-19)

~(in Baltimore, md Aug 19-21)

If there are people attending is there any sort of Lolita gathering going on? I do remember the one at Katsu this year and I did enjoy that immensely.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone was planning something for either con, or even going to the cons for that matter. Also was wondering if no one is planning anything than if anyone would like to help me plan something. E-mail:

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Planning on scanning.

Well I was thinking of Scanning the newest Kera Snap issue (I believe its the newest... I cant find the date! XD) There are a few patterns for living dead doll clothing, and I was wonderinf if you want to see those? Would scans be a good thing to post? x-x

Lolita Photo Fun

My first proper EGL photoshoot. Make-up, Hair and Photography by my best friend (much love to you!). Sorry for the lack of interesting backdrop (my room) but it was night and dark and my camera takes bad night pictures.

I went to the video store like this ^-^.

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I really really hate it when you're chugging along. Finishing up the nice lacy bits of a skirt.

When you realize half wya throught eh thread came undone and you didn't notice. Essentially sewing nothing onto nothing for five minutes. @___@

But so far it's looking cute! :D I cna't wait to post pictuces etc

just need to find a scanner....

H.Naoto Tops, Batwing Blouse & JRock style Vinyl tie added + More...

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PS: I am also looking for one very talented Seamstress, preferably in the UK I can trust to Help me with a few Brand reconstructions (Click Above to see the items that need fixing!), please comment with links to pics of things you've either made or reconstructed & I will let you know exactly what I want done & we can go from there...
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Backpack and the Lolita

I'm going back to school and won't have to wear stupid business suits anymore! YAY to everyday loli!

Now, for the carrying of heavy textbooks, laptop and notes across land and waters in the train. I was given a nice plain leather backpack as a "back-to-school" gift.

But, somehow, I could never think in my mind that ANY backpack is attractive for when I'm dressed pretty a la EGL. Not even for casual loli (which I prefer since I'll attend school with grown up nerds and, *sigh*, people on the train can be weird/pervs). Plus, I have mild scoliosis from years of carrying a laptop in a messenger bag/brief case.

Please tell me to get over it and that "It's OK to wear backpacks with EGL". Any cute packs you can recommend out there?

PS: It has to fit a 15.4" widescreen laptop in a padded laptop sleeve and, of course, letter-size folders.
PSS: Why does everything that can accomodate a computer always look utilitarian like I'm gonna be doing bike messenger duties on a dirt road?
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quite random...

is this old news...? either way, i thought the Angelic Pretty tea party pictures were quite cute, so going ahead and sharing it. you can access it from the offi, but here:s a direct link to the page:

angelic pretty is so cute! too bad they closed the store in Omiya... not that i have the money/looks to wear their apparels, but i so enjoyed spotting angelic pretty lolita girls around the station.. ;_; (no offense to BABY/BPN lovers.. i just happen to have extraordinary love towards pretty since spotting that store was what got me into the whole lolita fashion-love.. and the store clerks were so so so nice!><)

anyways, if, by rare chance, anyone is considering a shopping service or whatever for Juliette et Justine, they are doing a free fix-up service until 5/31 where they will fix up any thing to your size without the usual extra fee. They are also giving out novelty mug cups to every purchase over 20,000jpy (yeah its expensive, but if anyone is buying from them, i:m pretty sure its going to be around there anyways..) to celebrate their rakuten shop opening.
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