May 25th, 2005

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Male Gothic Aristocrat Looks

Since I know that a lot of people on here discussed about egl and gothic aristocrat looks and how you don't see as many males dressing it as girls (and also corsets for men I believe was once brought up here too) I thought I would share this photoshoot I did (I was the photographer and stylist) and styled in gothic aristocrat/jrock style on a male model. Since this is more gothic aristocrat/dark jrock and not strict egl I will just give you guys the direct link to my LJ where I posted the pics (there are some pics in a non ga outfit on there too, just ignore) as not to violate any rules here, although I think many of you who like to see men dress more ga/egl/gothic will appreciate it.
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Dress modification

Hello lovelies ^_^
I've had a dress sitting in the back of my closet for years, and it wasn't until I began to be interested in gothic and lolita clothing that I pulled it out and realize how wonderfully lolita it was. This dress has been a part of my closet since about 5th or 6th grade... a good 8 years ago. It's a size 18 1/2 in plus size children's (which is why it still fits me, although it does button poorly at the top like everything else I own.) and I bought it at Sear's. I need to modify the sleeves, because as they are now, they are a few inches to short to be normal length, and a few to long to be 3/4 sleeves. I was wondering if adding some lace details to the dress would be a bit too much. Aside from shortening the sleeves I really don't have any ideas for it, and was just hoping to get some opinions, because I think that it's a cute dress, and don't want to ruin it.
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Okay well I've always been fascinated by the idea of translating the GL look into as many things as possible. Or rather, translating other things into the GL look. With all this recent talk of wedding lolitas, I decided to try and do something.

It really didn't take a long time and I guess in the end I wasn't very inspired, but here was me trying to do a wedding lolita. :S Or if you want, you can just ignore that I was going for a bride and pretend she is just a classic lolitachan.

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body line dresses

Might any of you know when the new Body Line dresses will be on cosmates? like this one... Or this one though Im not sure how new the second one is. Also I assume that the price for the first one is around 140.00 is that right? I have no idea as to the updating schedule of Cosmates. Would it be a better choise to take a shopping service, or to wait.
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mods feel free to delete if this is ot

Hi I'm going to be repainting a room and I am looking for gothic lolita inspiration. I'm mostly looking for painting ideas, but general decor ideas are welcome. I know there was a GLB that had an issue about redecoration rooms but i'm not sure where to find it, and it's not in any of my bibles. Images are totally appreciated. thank you very much.

cheap trim order

I came home from work today to my mailbox full of lace. I'm very happy with the quality of lace I received, and the quickness with which I received it. I would defintely recommend both cheap trims and seeinglife.

Let me know when the next time you want to hostess a group order, and I will certainly be in. Thanks.
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Question about the lolita outfits. I don't have a bag to match with my outfit but I have a luchbox that goes well with it. Will that be going against the lolita style or is the lunchbox ok?
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High-res lolita picutes

Hey, guys! I recently got an assignment in my Computer Image Manipulation class that requires me to create my own Absolut vodka ad. I wanted to design either an Absolut Relation ad, where all the different kinds of vodkas were in the front and different corresponding lolitas were in the back, or an Absolut Harajuku ad, where people that posed for pictures in Harajuku will all be standing tgether, and various peices of clothing would be shaped like the Absolut bottle--whichever my instructor decides is better.
My question is this: where can I find some high-resolution lolita pictures online? I can scan them myselves, but my computer is slower than a snail taking a nap, and freezes up when scanning something 300 dpi and over. Is there a place where I could find these and save myself the trouble? I would credit the images t that person on my assignment.
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new dress

Dear loli's,
i wanted to thank you for the lovely and nice compliments about my last post :) (the coat) I've read them all :)
Í just dont have enough time to thank you all seperatly! :(

i looked a little cute today so my boyfriend took some pics of me in my new dress!
The dress has elastic back, so if i get bigger boobs (somehow) i can still wear the dress :D
Sorry, im happy today :D

*hugs and kisses*
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Kamikaze Girls -- WTF -- done by me

For those art lolis...

In Sculpture class for our final exam we have to work on a final piece.

I am taking on a task that I never thought I could imagine. I am making a life-sized lolita out of metal, and colouring it with sharpie.

I ask you, wonderful people of this community, for a little, somewhat simple, help.

I have a basic skirt down which looks like this, because it is pretty simple to bend the metal that way without having too many details.

I need a somewhat simple, bell-sleeved blouse that is workable with such a skirt. I know it should be easy to find it, but I can never make up my mind.

[Mods, sorry if this is inappropriate. I have nowhere else to turn.]