May 24th, 2005

More Body Types

Okay well I've wondered this for a while, and now that I got it to surface in my brain since suga_bay_bee's post, I wanted to ask a different body type question.

I've seen people say that 5'6" in Japan is too tall for lolita, but do you all think I'd just end up looking like an idiot or some kind of stripper (even though I'm going to be making my own dresses so they won't be too short) if I dress loli?

I'm 178cm and I have LONG LEGS. I realize that I probably won't be able to pull off platform mary janes, as much as I'd love to. But I was wondering if I'm too tall and skinny or whatever to pull off EGL, I'm only 18 and I don't feel as if I look mature enough to go for EGA, nor do I like it enough to care to try looking EGA yet.

I'd show some pictures, but all the ones I have are really really bad and taken like a year or two ago, so they're not really that great any more.

I'm not worried about what people will think of me when I start dressing loli even though I'm from a small boring town and people have no alternative fashion sense what so ever, although my mother has walked around town in a pioneer costume before and no one has cared, so I guess that's a good sign for reactions.

Anyways any opinions and advice is much appriciated.

~ Beth

Godchild photoshoot (pls delete if inappropriate!)

Hi! Hope everyone had a good weekend ^^;;

Some friends and I were bored and wanted to take some photos on a Saturday so we grabbed various EGL items from our respective cupboards and put together a very impromptu Godchild photoshoot, the keyword being 'impromptu' here *gulps* Godchild or Count Cain is the title of a manga series done by Kaori Yuki and has very strong EGL/EGA influences in it especially for Merryweather's dresses, she's the sister of the main character. It has rather gothic themes as well, of incest, insanity, murder, supernatural and best of all, there's English scanlations of it on sakura-crisis if anyone is interested! XD

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EGL Cosmetics?

I'm 18 and have never been initiated to the rites of make-up common to tweens. Foundation and concealers puzzles me. Now that I have taken interest in EGL [EGA more specifically], what make-up is suited to my super-pale complexion (for an Asian)? I like black/burgundy lipstick, but don't know which brand (sold in Canada) is cheap. What about eyeshadow? Thank ye for listening to a real noobie.
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Manga Question + Southeast Meetup idea

Manga Question:
I haven't seen this question in the memories, and I'm not exactly sure where it would be, but does anyone know of any very heavy on the fashion mangas? I mean, I'd prefer EGL, but are there any that revolve around EGL, Fruits, and basically other out there styles? Even visual kei. XD Hehe, I'm not talking about a ParaKiss manga, which centered heavily on fashion, but just fashion being a key theme in the manga. Sorry to sound strange or vague, it's been a long day.

Meet Up Idea:
Are there any people who would be interested in a Cosplay/Egl/Japan fashion meetup this summer? More for people in southwestern NC, eastern TN, and the top of SC. It would be in/around the Greenville area. this is my first time organizing a meet up, so I apologize for knowing little of what to do. I have never been to a meet before, which is why I am organizing one. If anyone has suggestions for dates and times or links that may help, it would be greatly appreciated! Please reply if you are interested. :)
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Sprite Edits

Well.. It's not much, but it took a lot of time and I just thought I would share.. (Sorry if this doesn't belong here.) Basically, I edited some sprites from the game Ragnarok Online into this + a lot of my own custom drawing/editing added on. (I've been playing RO 4 years now XD) The original looked nothing like this, and wasn't even wearing a dress, (had a different head also) So yea.. I made this myself so if you want to use it for anything please ask me first as I spent an hour or so working on it^^; I think her dress turned out rather cute if I do say so myself~

My creation:

and with wings:

(Hopefully this cut worked right..)

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help needed

I'm in desperate need for dark violet/bright purple/whatever you call that shade t-shirt cotton/lycra and plush.
Does anyone have the link for a store that sells them please?
I need them for some outfits I'm doing for my entrance exam for the Antwerp fashion academy.

x-posted like a crazy person, sorry about that!
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Summer hitting hard on your style?

Hello lovelies and gents. With the weather becoming warmer and all, I find myself looking less and less lolita. I realize that the fashion tends to be heavy and layered, but I would like to find ways around this so I may wear lolita clothing over summer break. Any suggestions? I thought just lighter fabric would do, but I still find myself layering it on, and end up having to *cough* strip down to just the main of my clothing, and looking very boringly casual. :/

I'd also like ideas on how to make a bathing suit lolita-fied, if at all possible X3

Sincerely yours,
Pillow Stealer

(P.S. Your opinions are very very appreaciated!)
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Angelic Pretty Dilemma...

Heya Kitties,

Right I'm having a bit of a dilemma, I don't know whether to sell my Angelic Pretty Onepiece of keep it, for those of you who don't know what I am talking about view "THIS" post... I'm thinking because it doesn't fit quite right, rather than holding on to it, I should sell it & buy something that fits a little better, but I'm not sure, I really love it because it's my only Brand name Dress! What do you think?

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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nakie cube!

EGL and vampires in Philly

Hey girlies (and random dudes)!
There is a gothy costume party called Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia this sunday night (may 29). I was thinking of having a mini EGL/cosplay meetup in the afternoon/evening before going to the ball in out costumes. maybe stopping at a diner to eat. e-mail me if you are interested ^_^

and heres the website for the ball:
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Hello everyone.

(Not sure if this is o/t, but if it is just delete )

I know some of you have used Cresent. I just wanted to know how their service is?
Have you ever had problems? Anything lost? Damaged?

Thank you much ^_^
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