May 20th, 2005


mihara mitsukaz

Ok, please don't throw rocks at me for asking about an artist instead of asking about clothes or brand names or something. But seriously, this has been wracking my brain, and the most I hear about Mihara-sensei comes from this very community.

Mihara Mitsukaz--man or woman?? Who knows for sure?

I swore to god Mitsukazu was a man's name last time I checked. Even so, 90% of the people here refer to him as "her", so I...have been second-guessing myself O.o

Please don't throw rocks at me. Throw them at the wall, or something, kay?
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A question for you lovely lolita's.

And keep it polite, clean and non offensive please! Be sweetness and open minds while talking.

Okay the question.

When do outfits go from being gothic & lolita to something else. (Just for refrence I use the bibles as my refrence. When I say lolita I use it as a blanket term.)

I tend to look at the general shape of things rather than the material or escsessories. How the cut of the outfit works and the original idea behind the outfit. But than I'm also a huge fan of fruits/street, vintage, ethnic and runway fashion. It has a tendancy to blurr together and I take a very liberal view of what's 'lolita' at times. Not that I couldn't say what was a purists idea of lolita but I'm wondering about individual idea's. and what do you think doesn't belong. Even if a company did it etc.
Mary Jane Feet

Putumayo Order

I'm looking for somebody to go in on a Putumayo order. I'm gonna assume berrywaffle is gonna wanna go in since she's my previous order buddy. I'd like one more person to cut down on cost even more this time tho.

I'd like somebody who can get their order to me and pay in a timely manner. I'm thinking I'll place the order in a day or two. If we split the shipping and trading costs 3 ways it should come to about $50 each + our orders. I'd like to put a price cap of $250 as well so Crescent doesn't figure out its a group order. I order through them a lot and it'd be shady to all of a sudden be spending more than usual.

Thank you! Hope somebody can help out. I'm US by the way for shipping reference.
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Okay I've got a problem.

My *alice* dress. Basicly a pastel blue lolita dress is NOT made of stretchy fabric.

The front will be mostly plain for now as I plan to wear an apron with it to make it more *alice* like.

the back will have corset lacing.

but how do i get into it? O_o Right now i CAN slip it on over head but once I sew the lacing on. Which is just for show and so will just be sewn straight on. How int he world can i get it on? @_@

I'm afraid a zipper would look iky in the back and I dunno about the sides. I can't make sleaves on the dress if I go with a side zipper. My sewing skillz are not so strong as to hold up under such abuse if I have to tug and pull on it to get it over bust and shoulders.

So I am begging for examples of non stretchy fabric dress with corset lacing and how they are put on! I only have a week to finish this dress and not too much off time!