May 15th, 2005

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I went to a party on friday 13th at my friend wolven's house with my boy-one altrue, and I made this skirt in 2.5 hours in the afternoon. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, and so I just wanted to share the pictures with you kids. Of course, the pictures are terrible, but I thought the outfit was cute *and* I got a chance to wear my Putumayo tie. ^__^
My bangs need to be cut, so don't mind them. ^^;;

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I don't know if anyone has posted this before, but for a great collection of lolita links, go to Lapucelle. It has hundreds of links to Japanese sites of illustrations, major brands, indie brands galleries, dolls, everything...

Jacket needed =)

hello lollies! Im EXTREMELY interested in a jacket/blazer like this

anyone know if the seller is going to sell one again? or by anychance where to buy one like it? its sooo lovely =) I need one really bad before the end of this month for an award show. Can anyone help me out? If anything, I would like it around the same price range...just in case anyone can sew one.

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What does a loli smell like?

My latest obsession is perfume oils, and eventually I get to thinking _____ + loli = ? with everything, so it was bound to happen : What does a loli smell like?
I remember reading that in Victorian times, the only proper scent for a lady was lavender, so there's a possibility. Roses, of course, also seem like a good possibility, especially for amai lolis. Pretty much anything light and floral, really, for the sweet lolitas.
Alice being a popular theme, I immediately thought loli when I saw the Mad Tea Party section on BPAL. " WHITE RABBIT : Strong black tea and milk with white pepper, ginger, honey and vanilla, spilled over the crisp scent of clean linen." "THE RED QUEEN : Deep mahogany and rich, velvety woods lacquered with sweet, black-red cherries and currant." "ALICE : Curiouser and curiouser. Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot." Etc, etc. Good possibilities there.
What about a goth loli? I think something combining leather or musk scents with roses and spice would be perfection. (And am thus looking to make such a combination.)

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Dear Lolita's,
I have some pictures of me and friends in Duinrell (funfair)
And i have made some pics of my house! Not lolita, but i think most of you will like it!
And what exactly is a lolita house? :)

I live in this house with my parents and two little sisters! Im still a child so, i dont have a own house YET!
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*hugs and kisses* Rosalisa
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sunday A-cen update

the last A-cen update from me! here is a real grab-bag of pictures (mostly dollfies), the person who was supposed to use my camera during the brand and competition walks couldn't figure out my camera so I don't really have any pics of what i most wanted ... it was spectacular (oh, and i won 3rd place - go me!)Collapse )
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Bodyline update

Um, if this isn't old news ... The Bodyline website has been updated. I also have a few questions concerning this.

1) When can we expect to see these items on the Cosmates site?
2) What are the two sets of prices for?

*my little heart murmurs


I know I've seen this question posted up before... But I'd just like to know... Where in England (specifically London or Cambridge) could I get anything Loli or Loli-inspired? Ho hum... Even close finds can be accepted. Just wondering where to go shopping...

Just so you all know, I'm staying in Cambridge for a bit to study... I only have two weeks left and I'll be going to London this Saturday ^_^ Any tips, fellow loli-chans?
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Makeup Question

Hi, I was flipping through the first issue of the Gothic Lolita Bible and stumbled upon some of the makeup tips; due to the fact, that I do not read enough Japanese to understand, I was wondering if someone could explain to me on how the lipstick was done on the model.
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Thank you in advanced and I hope it's not too much trouble. ^__^
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Toda Erika

Blythe question

Those Blythe dolls that were released with the brand-name lolita and punk clothing (Heart E, Emily Temple Cute, BABY, Algonquins), was a release date or price ever established for them? I haven't heard anything more about them or seen them at any doll sites. =/
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More Gothic Lolita Prom

So for a very long time I was anti-lj. I would read and browse but refused to have one. But, I broke down due to prom and made an account just so I could share these.

Hi! I'm Kristin. I hate intro posts, but I'm sixteen and from Austin, Texas. I will be going to A-Kon soon and to Japan for two weeks just after that. I'm a major lurker and I probably won't post here again unless I'm buying something.

I made the dress with the help of a seamstress friend. It took many many hours. But I love it very very much. I ripped the design off of two diffrent Angelic Pretty dresses, but I misplaced the source images. I wanted it in a baby blue but had to settle for pink.

I promise I don't always look that retarded and my teeth aren't that big. I'm sitting on top of a marble cow in some of these. Its in the Arboretum. (where UshiCon was held this year) My boy friend is really sweet and doesn't always act so mean but when takeing pictures and ruining them all with faces! (14 months)

Please ignore the bra straps. =/ Also, the giant rabbit is on a mini putt course and looks like it'll punch someone. There is also a really cute heart purse, but I didn't include the pictures.

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i had this very pretty denim lace up top from Lip Service that i found in my closet. now i have finally dyed it. it didn't turn out black though, but a darker blue which waas also very pretty.
tried it together with some other clothes. think it's a good casual loli look.
and notice the lack of lace ^_^

the pictures are rather dark and blurry, sorry.

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I've been watching this community for a while and I finally decided to join! I love loli-goth style (Well, duh, otherwise I woudln't be here). I don't reallly have any pictures of my style but I'll try to get some pics sometime. Okay I lied.. I have 2 but they're quite crappy.

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Because I'm moving across the country soon and because I'm tired of a lot of my clothes/jewelry/makeup I'm gunna be trying to sell some of it. Most of it isn't exclusively EGL but I do have a pair of leg warmers and a vintage black lace dress, as well as the skirt I'm wearing in those pics, among some other things for sale. I'd put it all here under a cut but that'd clog up a ton of space, so please please please check out my journal if you're interested! Thank you! <3
strawberry lolita

Some shop listings...

I forgot to post this a while ago but I made a small shop listing of internet japanese clothing shops. They include some lolita, lolita punk, decora shop links! And general japanese fashion and items!
I know a lot of people find these things kind of useful! It would be great if you add some links too (register to the forum and post them up there). It'd be great to get a huge list going!!!

Hope you find it helpful!
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This outfit I made for a self portrait project for college and tonight we drove out to Box Hill (UK) to photograph it. These are just snaps taken with the digital camera as I'm getting the film developed tomorrow morning. (My dog decided topose for a few). The skirt was made with an old pair of curtains I bought for £2 from a Charity Shop.
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Taec 애교

Sunday ACEN pics

Today really made the con for me <3 <3 I'm really proud of everyone who helped out with the fashion show today. One of the most satisfying moments was seeing Ariel do the "Loli Dance of Joy" when we found out that the line for con goers to get into the fashion show was actually out the door lol. I only have 3 pics but I hope you like em.

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