May 12th, 2005


h.naoto help!

Hey Lolis and gents...

I was wondering if anyone happens to have scans of the h.naoto collection in G&L Bible #16. I have a friend going to Japan next week and I would like to show him some stuff to get me. Thanks a lot!


Picture laden post

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I managed to get pix that show the garden and my outfit ok, but mostly my face and hair are depicted in quite the unflattering light. Argh.

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Took FOUR coats of freaking fabric paint to get it to be the proper color over the black, and of course in four coats my twitchy hands managed to make smudges. Sigh. Maybe I'll try some nail polish remover on a q-tip to get the stray paint off. Or something.

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  • kurara


Four questions for everyone! I don't want to start an argument, I'm just really curious about everyone here. ♥

1. Why are you interested in wearing the lolita style? I know this has been discussed many times but I don't think anyone ever asked the question directly.

2. How do you dress when you don't dress lolita? Do you think your everyday clothes have to do with the lolita style? Are there other styles that interest you? Explain.

3. How did you dress before you started dressing lolita style? How did your style evolve, and do you think gothic lolita or lolita styles in general was a natural stage of your evolution?

4. Is there anything you dislike about lolita fashion? What is it, and why?

Thank you for replying!

More Alice Addict

More scans from Mihara Mitsukaz's (btw, I followed the spelling on the artbook which spelt his name as Mihara Mitsukaz instead of Mitsukazu) Alice Addict. Hope no one is sick of this sudden Mihara influx yet ;-) If you are, please don't click on the below link. Ye have been warned!

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Queenie Lou

Lolita "Bratz"

Apparently, one of the 2005 Bratz doll lines will feature G&L clothing.

From the few references I've found, it's supprosedly directly lolita-inspired. Who knows.

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No pictures yet, though. (Maybe a good thing..?)
Although I hate these dolls, I'll admit that I admire the creators. Even though they're catering to little kinderwhores, they're atleast actually educated about underground fashion in general. The "PReTTy 'n PuNx" ones may have been ugly as hell, but they were actually British.. and the Tokyo things were.. well, bad, but not as bad as they could've been.