April 17th, 2005

Cameo Update

so...would anyone REALLY be interested in buying something like the necklace i posted earlier??? i can take custom orders as well...
the colors for the rest of the necklace (this one was done in black and white) that are available are red, green, black, white, brown, and blue. I am willing to do any color combinations. i may be buying other colors soon as well. and i also have a large variety of beads... so yeah. I have multicolored cameos and such as well... EX:: i have a b&w i'm using for the next one.
SO>>>> let me know peoples! I'd appreciate it..
i'm really up for making any type of loli jewelry..so hit me up with some ideas, as i am quite capable of buying the material and creating new "styles".
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Kodona style


i'm new to the egl style and i was wondering if anyone knew any sites that showed nice images of the kodona style. i would like to get some ideas. the site doesn't have to be in english, i just need sites. thanks.

<3 Ambrosia

(no subject)

Recently, I've been looking more into the care and feeding of my hair. I know that a lot of you girls (maybe even guys?) use wigs to get the lolita curls, but I happen to have something close to them naturally and it's a complete pain to keep them from fuzzing out. I just don't know what to do with them any more. I've tried them Collapse ), Collapse ), and Collapse ).

My mom, bless her, keeps sending me every known straightening or defuzzing gel/cream/serum/goo she can find. Most of them are too much of a hassle to put to work every day. So, to cut this off, for those of you who have to deal with the natural curl, what do you do with it to get it to stay? Products, styling tips, and anything else would be greatly appreciated.
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(no subject)

Hello, I was looking on Ebay and found this hat by h.NAOTO. I fell in love with it, but soon realized that in my current situation I will never be able to own something from the company. http://photobucket.com/albums/y135/Jess-Anne/?action=view¤t=41822392b.jpg Okay, my question is: would anyone be willing to sew a replica type thing for a commission? And could it be under 40.00 if someone would? Would you be kind enough to give more price estimates, please? Mods, I hope this is relevant if not please delete.
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purple lolita

Shoes, anyone?

I decided to come out from the shadows for the shoe posting. I apologize if I'm late (I had to wait for these to be uploaded), and I also apologize for the pictures. These were taken with a camera phone, as that's the only camera we have.

I'm pretty new to the scene...well, not really. I've been following for years, but I hadn't had the ability to dress up before now. My biggest thanks and hugs to the internet and plus-size stores that make it possible now!

I have three pairs of shoes so far. All were bought at secondhand stores because I don't have a lot of money. ^^U I also have arthritis in my left leg thanks to an old injury, so I can't wear some shoes I'd like to wear.

So, without further ado...Collapse )
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little bird

The Little Girl Factor

I'm really curious what people think on this, because I've noticed Sweet Lolita seems to be quite popular over here, though I've always been more influenced by the gothic styles myself.

Is EGL essentially about dressing/feeling like a little girl to you? Do you aim for the innocent, sweet childish look in your clothing choices? If yes, is there any reason for this?

I'm not knocking sweet lolita at all, I'm just trying to understand it a little better. You see, I don't really think of EGL as little girl style, I'm more interested in recreating looks from a past era that I find elegant or pretty and adding in the cute original flairs the style has evolved with, chunky footwear, poofy skirts, a bit of gothic/punk here and there. But I pick things I probably wouldn't have liked when I was younger and all into pink frills and bows. Theres a definite difference there for me.

Thats why I really like the victorian beauty of VM and Mary Magdelene, or the dark artsy stuff of Antique beast. I want to know what motivates fans of BtSSB and its kind.



A question

I found the discussion of what Gothic Lolita meant to everyone quite useful, but here's a question from someone pioneering her own Gothic looks at the moment, and unsure how exactly to codify and put together the best looks - and then, what they are.

What do you see as the real dividing line between, say, Victorian or other period Gothic and Gothic Lolita?
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Shopping for lace

Considering that I'm new to sewing itself as well as lolita, I don't really know how to judge lace quality. I know that %100 poly is cheap and shows it, but what kinds of lace are best? How about Venise or Battenburg? I;m looking on ebay where crappy and nice laces are right next to eachother for about the same price. How can I tell them apart when the content isn't listed?

Sorry if this was asked before. I've been looking through the history, but I might have missed it.

Tada! My GothLoli-Able Shoes...

Heya Kitties,

Better late than never, here is my collection of Loli-Able shoes... I love them all, mostly all bought either on LJ, Charity Shops or on EBay except the Meta Cross Shoes which were originally purchased from the Meta site but they got lost by Royal Mail so I got another pair second-hand from a friend! Sorry for the crappy pic... I have around 60-odd pairs of shoes, a good selection of Stilletoes, Boots, Sandals, Maryjane type shoes & Boots!

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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For Those Who Knit...

While browsing LJ, I came across a kintting site, and found something titled 'Lolita Legs. Obviously I had to check it out ;) and now I'm posting it because I think they'd go great with the right kind of outfit.

Lolita Legs Link. I love how there's a cover on the toes! I despise fishnets because my toes always go through the holes >__<

Anyways, I lvoe this site, even though I don't know how to knit! They've got lots of neat things that would work very well with the lolita style :) Try going through the archives (and check out the Vegan Fox!)

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Head Dresses any one?

Hello there, I have a few questions about headdresses. Since I am a novice sewer, but have connections to peopld who'd sew the garment for me, (if I provided the pattern and the fabric and such). I was wondering what would be the right sort of fabric to make a head dress like http://www.majkengee.com/~pastel/ro/sketch-remon.jpg Or Like This http://i23.ebayimg.com/02/i/02/ab/1b/73_1.JPG

Not The Exact colors or anything, just the type of fabric, Crepe...etc. I can't help it I'm a bit stupid.
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Gothic Veils..

There was a webstore called Gothic Veils, but it's not there anymore. I know the seller sells on ebay, but I don't remember what her name was. Does anyone know what I am talking about? What I am looking for is bows (often with cute add ons like strawberries) with clips, if it helps. I guess I'm a bit vague. But thanks.

Showing Off~!

( Deleted the old post -- pictures are fixed :3 )

I thought I'd show off some of my clothes! ^^ These are more casual sweet lolita, hee! It's my favorite baby blue lacey sweater and my white tank top I tried to make make lolita ^0^

Collapse )

Any comments? :3

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Dress needed for Mana costume

I'm putting together a Mana of Malice Mizer costume for Anime Boston. I'd really appreciate some help finding a dress. I'm getting a little desperate, as the con is only two weeks away. I'm 6' tall and have broad shoulders, so it may be tough to find something in my size. I'm willing to spend some money on this and flexible as to the style. Thanks in advance!

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1st homemade accessory

I was bored earlier today, so I went to JoAnn Fabric's again to scope it out (I didn't have time to check much of the store on Friday). I found cute little boxes and such in one part and got the inspiration to make my own purse. My original idea was to put fabric around it, but I really didn't have the money so I painted it black and added trim ^^ I think it turned out nicely.

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