April 14th, 2005


Just To Highlight For Everyone Coming To ACEN

I'd like to point you towards Danae's official entry on the ACEN 2005 Gothic Lolita Fashion Show.

The entry is important because it tells you:

-how to volunteer to model the Japanese brand clothing
-where to enter/register for the non-competitive and competitive walks
-the rules
-how competitive walk will be judged

Danae has worked VERY hard for this, and is basically putting her money and effort on the line, so I want to see a lot of participation in this event. Additionally, we are working on finding local papers and news channels to cover the event, so we may have the chance to obtain some press notice as well! Imagine seeing your outfit in a paper or on a local news blurb!

So please, please, please go read Danae's entry and think about entering. Even if you just want to come to the non-competitive walk in your homemade clothing to show it off, please do so!

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A question to the Loli seamstresses/artists

...mods, please delete if off-topic....

I know that a good number of the most active members here actually make and sell ready-to-wear/commisioned Loli fashion. Some of you even have fabulous websites and online stores.

My question is, for these endeavors, is anyone set up as a business or working under the radar (say, as self-representing artist/seamstress)?

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You like my shoes?

I don't have many Loli shoes. ^_^ Sadness for me.
I only have 3 pairs.
One I have a link 2... and well the other 2... I don't have pics of.
The other 2 pairs you won't be seeing well...
1. pair I got at Hottopic. They are black maryjanes with a cute pink kittyface on the front. Have any of you seen them before? I got them for about 30 bucks.
2. Another pair is just a cute plain black maryjane.
3. and the 3rd one I have the Link too... I bought them at Torrid for my Prom dress. I'm makeing a Gothic Lolita Prom outfit. I'll try and post the design I drew for it. Here's the Link for my shoes.


Sorry thats a bad pic. I lost the pic of the pair together. They basically are spectators with a sexy heel.
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HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! x_x

Hello everyone…
I am new and I have a small question.
I am trying to make this dress:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(sorry the picture is sooo small but I have no scanner and there are no good pictures on the web) /the picture is of the Nameless Girl from Alichino/
Obviously it is a tree piece. The black and white undershirt, the nearly Chinese white over dress and the black lacy skirt…
Now my question. I am using this pattern http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/butterick/shop.cgi?s.item.B3418=x&TI=10013&page=7 to make the skirt part. What type of fabric should I use…a cotton maybe? Please help I am possibly going to the store today!!! X_X
Thank you eternally!!!
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Sakura-con 2005 images

Hello all!

Wasn't there supose to be a EGL meet-up at Sakura-con? I could of sworn I saw someone make a post about it but I couldn't find it. Anywho, here are some images from Sakura-con! I only went for a day so there arn't that many.

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I hope you enjoyed them! :)
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(no subject)

I inherited a 10-pound bag of venetian/venise lace scraps from my mom (who's a bridal designer). **squeee** But,of course, they're all in white. I want to dye some of them, especially to deep red or black. I found this short online guide.

Anybody ever tried tea dyeing or Rit dyes for lace?
huggles wanted! inuyasha

yet another adorable shoe post

I'm a bit new to this but I love the sharing shoes. Its a rather small sampling of my collection. I actually have most of these shoes in black that i wear everyday and these i just collect. These are ones i have and ones i have for sale. If you are interested in any of them email me or comment in the post.
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Hello all,

I have a question for those who wear blouses witch detachable sleeves.
My question was how these blouses are attached to the upper sleeve. (is it possible to make a picture of it for me?)
This is because I want to make a blouse myself and I just couldn't figure out how it is attached ^^

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Could anyone help me out?

I'd really like to make a skirt/a bunch of skirts with a shape like this or this, The bell sort of shape! :3 does anyone know where I can find a pattern for a skirt like this? Or can someone offer me help on how to go about achieving that shape?

Thank you in advance! xoxoxo

Long Live the Lolitas! <3
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Intro + Poncho question :)

Hello everyone :)

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I wish I had known of this community sooner, its so big and just joining it has giving me a lot of encouragement in starting in the Lolita fashion. Everyday I learn something new :D Keep up the great work, you fab members and mods <3
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commissioners perhaps? ^_^

ok, so i've been dying because of the prettyness of this skirt from Metamorphose. Now, it's very expensive and doesn't seem very hard to make. i'm just in my beginning of building my sewing skills, plus i don't know how to get the right shape and so on.

i know a lot of you are great seamstresses, so could any of you guys make and sell me a skirt such as this Collapse )

please give me a price idea and how it will look like (and so on).
i live in Europe and can pay via paypal. yay ^_^

thanx and love <3

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Poll on lolita items

Since I live in Japan and love shopping, I was thinking about starting to buy lolita items to resell to the community, for people who can't get their hands on certain brands that don't ship overseas. I do custom shopping service, but it sometimes gets a bit confusing, so I think it might be easier to just buy general things to post for direct sale on the community. I made up a poll here for me to get an idea of what would be the best to buy. Reply to this post with explanation of any "others" or if you have any additional questions/comments!

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Calm down

Ok, this is sort of last minute, but...

Hello all!
So I was pretty sure that EGL was having a Tea Party in NYC sometime soon, I believe it was the 17th...? Well anywho I lost the post, and I was wondering if anyone had the directions/place/time/date...? Its a bit much to ask I know, but I really can't find it anywhere and I'd love to go...^____^ It'd be my first and I'm dying to go. If anyone knows anything PLEASE let me know ASAP. Thank you!
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Taec 애교

(no subject)

Ahhhhh there's nothing like going to JoAnn Fabrics to brighten your disposition ^_^ (was having a horrid day). Thought I'd post pictures of the things I found cuz they are rather cute.

I found fabulous things at the JoAnn Superstore that just opened here <3 <3 I'm going for the sweet loli look. All that's left (besides making it of course ^^) is getting my roommate to show me how to curl my hair. I can't wait to start sewing.

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spicy time goblin


I was wondering if it was possible to make bloomers/pantaloons out of pants by cutting them at the bottom and cinching them by weaving a ribbon a few inches fre bottom. I would be wearing them as pants, not as underthings under a skirt. (I'm making a pirate costume.)

Does this make any sense? Sorry I have no pictures as examples. It's all in my head.
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(no subject)

I just want to take this time to thank those of you who assisted me in my fabric dilema. It was really helpful. I will try to post pictures (if anyone is interested) when I finish the poject completely! Again Thank You! ^_^
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Newbie with shoes

I don't have much loli clothes *sniffles* but at least I have a few pairs of shoes I like...

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During a visit to Japan, I also discovered what I had strongly suspected - if you are 180cm tall and have heavy bones, it won't matter that you drop a few cm off the waist. You still won't fit into anything but XL men's size ;_;
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