April 13th, 2005

Anizona 2005

Hiya~ Tako deeeeeeeesu! It's been a while since I post stuff on here again. O_o But anyway~ This time I finally got some decent pics to share with ya all~ X3 These pics are taken at Anizona, Arizona's first anime convention ever~ ^x^

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Im visiting London during 13-17 of june. So if someone knows good EGL shops and the like, please tell me. =) Or if you know some pretty parks or castles or stuff, or if someones wants to go out for tea and scones, that would be fun too.

BTW- Sorry about my bad English =/
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to be or not to be

i sort of like this suit i saw on newport news but i have never bought anything from the company and am afraid it may be terribly and cheaply made. but i think its a really unique suit and has potential. i really hate the silver grommets on the front...maybe if a wide sating ribbon was put through and tied into a bow it would cover the grommets. i'm still torn. what do you gals think? do you like it?
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Shoes on Parade

Gotta jump on the loli shoes parade. :3 I <3 Shoes. Too bad all my really interesting shoes aren't loli. Should spruce some of these up and make them uber loli cute.

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Coincidentally I find it amusing my default icon is of a pair of my shoes XD
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i just recieved my meta order. yay!
i was soo thrilled until i noticed that the parasol i ordered where split into two.. with other words, broken. i have emailed meta about the damage but i don't know how the outcome will be.

has anyone ardered anything from metamorphose that was broken? do they refund or do you have to live with it?

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(discount) shoe obsession

I am thinking this posting of shoes craze to be cute and fun!!
so I just have to join in. A few weeks ago I took pictures of all the EGL shoes I've gotten thrift or hella cheap to post in another community... and since they are all still up on my photo bucket account, i would love to share!
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loli make-up and h.naoto question

while i was watching tv episodes of lost on my computer i started loli customizing my make up. some of it turned out rather cute, especially my covergirl powder foundation ^_^
anyway. i know the skull tape is rather off, but i got it from my mom yesterday and i thought it was way cool!
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Also, i was thinking about ordering this blouse Collapse )
from h.NAOTO. the prices are really great, but i'm sure there's a catch.
has anybody ordered from the ses.s-inc.com/ site`?
do they ship to worldwide or do you have to use a service to order it for you?
i soo want it so any help is more than welcome!

Just As A Note

The buck is stopping here.

This community is for the discussion of fashion, not the bashing of specific individuals. No matter how misguided and ridiculous they might be about their tastes.

While I enjoy a good private laugh myself over some things, I do so in my own mind, and not on a public forum.

Posts of a nature which is hostile to specific individuals will be deleted and the poster will be warned. If you do it again, I will urge my fellow mods in the strongest language to ban you.

Look, this community has a lot of issues and problems as it stands. We are trying to keep everything nice and kosher, as well as finish the FAQ, revise the community layout, and not explode over the 5+ repeated questions/posts each day.

So please, all of you, do your best to abide by the rules and don't do anything you know we won't approve.


I was waiting for my paycheck in order to buy the Alice and the Pirates coat off Baby the Stars Shine Bright, only to find that once I have the money it's no longer in stock in my size. I looked through the memories and couldn't find an answer...do things ever come back in stock, or am I completely out of luck?
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Tutorial/Pattern Request

I want to make my own wa-loli dress, but I'm sort of nervous doing it without a pattern. Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial or pattern for it? I know it's a relativel simple shape, but I don't want to do something stupid like put seams in the wrong places or where there aren't supposed to be any....

thanks in advance?