April 12th, 2005

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Angelic Pretty Alice Bow!

Well! At about midnight I went to go check the mail... And my AP alice bow from Caz/Karii/like_milk was in it! Soooo, I tossed on some stuff real quick, then spent an hour fighting with my old beast of a web cam and my roommates crap digicam to get a pic... And, this is what I ended up with:
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Mmmkay, please note that I am aware that my blouse isn't loli, my hair is a mess, and I have no makeup on. It's 1:20 in the morning, my hair has been through a full day, I'm sick with the headcold from hell, and I've already washed my face for the night so I'm not going to put on makeup. And all my nice blouses need to be washed. And this skirt is in dire need of a steaming/ironing. Meh. The alice bow is so pretty though. I can't wait to wear it out! XD

As long as you know where to look...

I went to Disneyland (in California) yesterday and kept my eyes peeled for anything useful.
Due to my lack of loli clothing (I have some kodona-ish stuff but I am slowly learning to sew) I have to spend more time looking for accessories.
I did buy a parasol (plain) because I am far too lazy to make one myself. They aren't the cutest, but I am sure I can fix it up a bit.
At the princess stores I managed to find an assortment of metal mini tiaras in different colors. Some of them would be perfect for egl. I bought a metal one with red and white jewels.
When I went into Compass books I found a box of cute Loli crown rings that run for $2.50. They had different model in different sizes and colors. I will try to get a pictures of some of the stuff I bought if you want them.

So just to let anyone in California know, there are opportunities to find stuff everywhere in Disneyland and Downtown Disney.

<3's to my little lolis.

Serious Loli Help Needed

I know this sucks majorly, but I would like some ideas on where I could go better next time, and whether it's worth trying to fix this or if I should just scrap it.
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So, anything worth saving here?
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just a quick question!

Hello! ^^

I was wondering if anyone has any advice. I want to buy some blouses/skirts... I'd like for them to be simple and versatile. I don't want too much lace! I prefer more of a babydoll 50s look (kind of like what alice in wonderland wears in the disney version) simple puffed sleeves, an elegant colar (perferably rounded- peter pan) and all finnished well and at least a little fitted. I could then co-ordinate this with various vintage looks and my own loli stuff. Something cheap is preferable but if not any suggestions are welcome...thankyou!! ^^
(ps: I have been searching for this kind of simple top for aages to no avail)
little bird

A bit of Fun

I'm just curious about what Japanese brands you adore. What are your favourite brands and if you could order one thing from one of their catalogues what would it be? (please include picture! ^^)

My two favourite brands are Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdelene and if I could order one item it would be this: Long Coat

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(no subject)

1. I saw a tutorial for Rectangular/Trapezoid Skirts posted a while a go by a member of this community. Anybody saved that link?

2. I'm processing some photos of my EGL footwear (2 maryjanes, 1 pump, 2 platform boots). Let's have theme picture post of this! It'll be fun!

3. Stickers: I offered loli stickers last week and the ones going to US destinations are sent out. Canada and overseas will be produced and sent out later this week. I'm sorry it's kind of slow, but I actually gave away a lot of it during the comic expo last weekend.

Cute makeup containers.

I was in Ulta the other day and saw some makeup in cute elegant containers. I cannot vouch for the makeup itself as I did not buy any. I hope that the links work, if not you can go directly to Ulta and look up Physicians Formula.

Retro Glow Mosaic Powder
Retro Glow Liquid Eyeliner
Retro Glow Illuminating Eyeshadow
Retro Glow Illuminating Face Powder
Skinsitive Ultra Gentle Face Powder
Retro Glow Lip Lacquer

Unfortunately, they do not ship internationally.
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Love Me

(no subject)

im visiting new york for 3 1/2 days.. i am going shopping during this time period... in new york city to be exact and i wanted to know of any loli shops around if anyone is from this area?? this houstonite is lost!!



Hi guys! Just curious if anyone knows a good source for GL-style dress patterns? Ive basically been using old little-girl dress patterns, but i can only do so much with them! *cry*
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Request for Papers on Gothic and Lolita

Hello! Like many of you scholarly Lolis out there it has come time for me to write a paper and I have chosen Japanese subcultures, with an emphasis on Gothic & Lolita, Ganguro/Yabanba, and Yankees as my topic. I'm not going to make the redundant request for articles and books though, I'm fairly well equipped to find those myself. ^_~

What I would like to ask for is to see the papers that members of this community have already written. There isn't much in the way of *academic* material published on GothLoli, and since the paper I am writing is academic in nature I need to find those unpublished academic materials which I know are out there. ^_^

I promise I'm an honest student and will not be so stupid and inelegant as to plagiarize any of your works, I have a pretty distinctive style, and as this is a *writing* 340 course I'm composing this piece for my professor is familiar with it and would be quite quick to notice any inconsistencies in my work. I will make sure to use proper quotation and MLA citation of your papers in my own if I do end up using your piece as a source, and will send you a copy of my finished essay so you may review it as well.♥

Any lovely darlings willing to let me use their papers thus, please e-mail them to loren . morgenstern @ gmail.com (no spaces if you are cut/pasting the link) Your considerate assistance is greatly appreciated!
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