April 8th, 2005


New Sewing Patterns and Muffin Recipes


Those lolis who want to sew their own clothes but prefer to use patterns done up in Western languages and sizings can rejoice. The Western pattern companies seem to have come out with a number of (nearly identical O.o;) patterns this season requiring little to no modification to be completely loli. You can make them just as they are with your choice of trims.
The first new pattern worth checking out is Simplicity 4596. The skirt is knee length and appears box pleated, as the more elegant or mature loli skirts often are (or schoolgirlish ones possibly). It also includes a cute little tote bag pattern. Simplicity 4580 has a pattern that is great as a base for a straight up loli skirt, a long slightly flared skirt great for aristocrat looks, and a princess seamed bustier top that would look nice over a blouse or with thick straps added. 4602 is slightly peasantish as shown but with proper fabric and trim could be used to make good loli dresses. Also has a purse/tote pattern.
McCall's 4828 will function nicely as a lolita jumper or sleeveless sundress. Butterick's version of the flared sleeveless dress they all have is number 4443, and only needs to be shortened a few inches. Vogue 8050 is a set of capelets and shrugs that'd be great over any of the aforementioned dresses/outfits. The shrug pictured on the pattern envelope looks extremely sweet lolita.


Muffins : perfect food for a lolita picnic or lolita brunch. This is installment two of 1929 recipes for baked goods. This entry is public as an experiment to see what it does to my bandwidth. Installment one was here and friends-only. Large images files again, about 1.5mb in total.

Muffins 101
Many More Muffins and Other Breakfast Food
Yet more Muffins, plus Popovers, Crumpets, and Butterscotch Curls

a very good example of a gothic lolita like dress




                                           just imagine accessorizing it with...

        a babyssb crochet shrug black knee socks a babyssb purse, mary janes and parasol.


                   i love it. i saw it on ebay but, the bid will be over in a few seconds.

                                    you should alway look under vintage dress.



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Kamikaze Girls -- WTF -- done by me

A manga heads up?

The Tarot Cafe

Meet Pamela, a tarot card reader who helps supernatural beings living in the human world. She'll help any one whether they're a love-stricken cat, a vampire spending eternal life running from his one true love, an unattractive waitress looking for the man of her dreams, or even a magician who creates a humanoid doll to serve the woman he loves. Although she is good-natured, there is a deep dark secret that she must deal with before she can move on to the next life.

The first volume, in story one, has a sweet [I believe] lolita in it, who falls in love with a catboy. I believe the entire volume is a good read. Check it out ^^;

Also, in the second story I believe, has a victorian-esque vampire.

[Sorry if this has been previously mentioned]

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hello lolitas ^.^

I'm looking for these ringlet hair extension/ clips that were posted on this community in the summertime I believe...I went back into the calendar and tried to find them but didn't have any luck..

does anyone know where I can find them :(

<3 janice

What About Those Velvet Dresses?

A little while ago, sorrowsdemise posted a complaint about an eBay seller who sent out BtSSB replica dresses that were not made in velvet as described in the auction. Many users made similar complaints in this thread. After reading the thread, I gathered that the seller had promised to send dresses made from the correct materials.

So what I'd like to know is: Did anyone recieve their dress yet? If so, can you post pictures so that we can see what the real thing looks like from this seller?

alejandro, gaga

long haired aristocrat?

i just made a steal at the local goodwill today and got a three piece charcoal grey suit for $10 that actually fit me. (okay so the vest is a little small for my boobs, but whatever) i also got some grey fabric, cardboard, and a straw hat to make a top hat, so im basically all set-
but what should i do about my hair? its long and curly, so i was thinking i could put it in pigtails. would that work?
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Excellent Loli dress pattern

I bought the perfect Loli dress pattern the other day, McCall's 4622. It's a Little Bo Peep dress, but it has puffed sleeves, an apron, and bloomers! Plus an obnoxious hat. I haven't made it yet, but definitely this summer once school is out!

(Link in comments)


Hi, I've been reading the posts for a few months now. I'm Maureen, from California, and I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased a pair of bloomers from ebay seller yinyincs. I'm aware of the recent posts concerning the dresses, but the last I checked the feedback was still good. I'd like to know what the bloomers are made of (cotton, polyester?) and how they fit. Thanks. I love this community.

hot topic

So i was at the mall today (the one i was at last week) and they had the dress at hot topic.
And I got it, it's lovely- so very lovely.
Yet i feel kinda..hmm "scene" because how many people has/are going to get this dress?
But again, it's lovely and i'm sorry i don't have any pictures >.<

You know what would be cool? Anyone who has this dress should take a picutre of them in it in a cool pose with their own fashion ( shoes/boots, hair, makeup, jewerly...etc) and see how many different "flares" there are...then we can photoshop it to make it all extra niffty.
uuhhh.. Yeah


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Maison: Gothic & Lolita Style Book...

Hello, I was wondering has anyone ordered the 'Maison: Gothic & Lolita Style Book' from Hobby Link Japan? I believe I saw a post here once about it and needless to say I bought. :3
Anyway, I think it is a very nice book and wanted to know if anyone was interested in some scans?


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My scanning skills weren't at hand so they are a bit off. I hope these previews are good enough. ^^
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Hello everyone, just me again. :) I was wondering about anyone who can sew/is a seamstress, and also lives in the Northeast USA. I have like a gigantic sketchbook full of clothing designs, and I really want to be a fashion designer, buuut I can't sew lol, so I was wondering if there was anyone who would like to collaborate with me or something. I think it would be so cool to see my designs come to life, and to meet someone with similar ambition and interests. All the designs are very detailed down to fabric type and everything so if anyone is even remotely interested please let me know. I want to have an enjoyable creative experience, so just let me know if you do too!
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All my friends are gone to a convention this weekend and I'm stuck at school, so yay for resorting to LJ to entertain me. >_>

Anyway, I noticed there has been a lot of people posting pictures of headdresses they've made, so I thought I'd hop on and post pics for a few I've made.

I normally don't make these very often. I take commissions ranging about $15-20 each. So far all the commissions have just given me a colour scheme to match and let me run wild with whatever design I want. I rather do enjoy designing these sort of things, so they were a lot of fun to make. ^^

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