April 7th, 2005


The END is near!

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I don't know how many readers of my livejournal enjoy watching the gothic lolita/cat-ear wearing heroine of Tsukuyomi -MOON PHASE- (月詠 −MOON PHASE−) but I was visiting Mahou's site and in checking up on how far behind they are discovered that the last episode of TMP, episode 25, aired March 22nd.

In a way I feel like a nerd, feeling so badly about this. On the other hand I've gotten into this anime so deeply that I really look forward to each episode and seeing what happens next. (And I know there are several fans on the EGL journal who will feel as badly about it as I do!) On the bright side though, with Mahou having released eps. 15, they're only 10 behind and BOUND to catch up now...
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Loli in distress

Hello ladies,

I am really tired of my wardrobe, and am trying to rectify that.

I love several different types of Japanese fashions, particularly Gothic Aristocrat, Gothic Lolita and Kodona (though Kodona isn't really for me...I love it on other people!), but haven't really got a lot of money to spend on all the gorgeous clothes offered on some of the better known websites. Add to that, I don't speak or read Japanese, which makes it difficult to buy anything from my favorite places, like h.Naoto and Black Peace Now.

Can you suggest some basic staples for a Gothic Lolita wardrobe (both everyday wear and special occasion clothes) and some places where I might be able to find nice clothing for a good price?
I wish I had the money to buy the clothes I really love, but that just isn't in the cards right now :( Can't sew them either, because I don't even own a sewing machine!
What's a girl to do?
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I'd like some help. What are all the terms of lolita? I've heard terms like shirololita and amaloli (sp? I don't have the best memory) but I'm not completely positive on what they stand for. I understand terms like kodona and things like kogal and ganguro, but better understandings to refresh my mind would also be helpful. I hope I don't sound incompetent. Thanks!
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how to take good EGL pics

This weekend I'll finally have an outfit I'll want to show off but for the life of me I cant think of good ways to pose, good places to pose in/at, nothin'.

so, when you all take pics or pose for pics what do you keep in mind? the only thing i can think of is that i dont want to use indoor lighting because it seems to make faces shiny and not really show off the details of clothing very well.

thanks ;)


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I took new pictures, because my Bodyline dress arrived! I love it so much. :> I guess it doesn't suit my body type that well, but I still love it. <3 Full body pics included too this time. XD

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Just a question...

Hello Everybody!

I love all the pictures i have seen from you all,your very beautiful ^.^

I have a little question:
Someboy posted a picture from these adorable dolls and my and my mom would love to buy and collect them with each other.

Does anybody know where i can buy them?
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Oy I haven’t posted in a long time…ever since my first post. Oops. ^_^;; But I have been sewing! And I’ve introduced lolita to my school. Well actually I’ve already worn outfits several times and I think people are getting used to it now. Classmates compliment my sewing and I don’t get as many stares or comments. (When I first started I used to get a lot of looks and not so nice reactions, but I just smiled and brushed them off) Granted, I wear a lot of weird stuff along with lolita, like suits randomly, so by now classmates don’t find it that out of the ordinary.

Right, back to the point! I’ve got pictures of all the stuff I’ve been working on. (I’ve also been into sweet lolita lately so most of my stuff is that style. I think I’ll do some gothic lolita soon.)
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Alright, that’s it for now. I plan on making another skirt with this cute fabric I have and a lolita shirt. And I also got Gosu Rori vol.4 over spring break which made me really excited. I have so much I can do now!
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