April 5th, 2005

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Lolita to work

I'm a bit bored, and I have a question that I've been considering for awhile.

So I want to wear Lolita to work, and I have seen some nice examples of people trying it out on this comm, but I want to know what you guys think about wearing some of the loli-esque accessories like gloves and head pieces. I think they might be a bit too much, but what should I do instead? Gloves would impede my typing skills, as would really elaborate nail art. So I don't know if that's really a viable option, but what about head pieces? Or knee high socks? Are those too risque? I don't necessarily work in a conservative environment, but I still want to maintain a professional look. Luckily, I'm young for the industry I'm in and I work mainly with men so they have a certain tolerance for my acting young, but at the same time, I don't want to emphasize it too much.

As far as the main clothes, I was thinking blouses and skirts. One pieces might be a little much as the dresses I like tend to be extremely cutesy (amaloli).

I know a lot of you just wear lolita on the weekend, but I really want to make a go of this and try it out as something I do all the time.

tax returns

This is kind of a pointless quiestion...I was wondering how many of you spent your tax returns on a new loli item >.>

thought it would be fun to hear o.O

I can't wait to spend mine...

Question about piercings...

Does anyone here have multiple piercings in one ear? Do LoliGoths even have their ears pierced more than once on either ear?

I have three holes in my right lobe, and one in my left. I can't find any Lolita-ish earrings that come in sets of three and buying two sets of earrings can be expensive.

Should I just stick with small silver hoops in all my piercings when I dress up??

Help is very appreciated. Also, if this subject has already been addressed, I apologize.
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Hot Topic

I just wanted to let other interested people know that I found a Hot Topic store that is selling the new black and white jumper dress with lace. This is a store that is selling it:

Palisades Center
3470 Palisades Center Rd, #G304
West Nyack, NY 10994
(845) 353-1985

The item is listed as a black and white Alice dress by the brand Heart Throb. The SKU number is 246384001 and it comes in sizes S-2XL for $64. I was told 001 is for a size Small, so if you need a bigger size your Hot Topic should be able to find one by the rest of the number. I live in Arizona, so I simply called a local store and gave them the SKU number and they are going to order the dress in a few different sizes so I can find which one fits me best.

The item isn't listed on the online store yet and I had spoken with customer service yesterday, but they had no idea what I was talking about. I wrote to them again today so hopefully they will start selling it online so people that don't have a Hot Topic in their area that are interested in purchasing the dress can do so.
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Hair pieces...

I haven't posted in a very long while in this community. But I have a bit of a question to ask you guys...

My friends and I make hair-pieces, hair-falls, all various assortments of hair-things. We sell them to a limited assortment of goth-y patrons around Houston. (And a few people who have found us through E-bay)

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Now the question would be, would any of the folks here be interested in a set of hair falls like the ones Mana wore in the following photo. We've figured out a way to include the bangs and will be making a set in the original blue shade that Mana wore.

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Sewing question.

Hi everyone! ^^

I would love some input on this before I do anything drastic. ^^;

I'm about to make a dress (since I've really wanted to) and I want to use princess seams on my dress. Now, this wouldn't be anything big, right?

Wrong. ^^;;

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Thanks in advance,



Princess Ai

Hello ladies and gents~

I remember there was a post here from a couple months ago that had some pictures from a manga "Princess Ai." It looks kind of loli-inspired, I was wondering if any of you had some links to links to scans or something because I can't seem to find any of the books at stores that sell manga (that or I just seem to go when they sell out x_X).

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Wa-Loli Yukata Top Preview

Finished the 1st in a round of gothic/lolita style yukatas and kimonos that we are making for our Azrael's Accomplice "Funeral Parlor" ebay store and egl line.

Thought I would share some pics, although I wish they would have come out better, this top looks awesome in person and the pics seem to dull it out a bit. This one is a more sweet lolita themed kukata top meant to be worn over a petticoat or skirt made of burgundy cotton with cream and rose detail. The obi laces up corset style and bow snaps on. It will be for sale on ebay shortly, after proper photos are taken for some flyers/ads that we will be producing for the egl line.

What sort of price do you guys think I should ask for one this style? It is fully lined, even through-out the sleeves in high qaulity cream cotton which makes it a nice medium weight so it hangs really well. There is probably about $35-$45 worth of material alone in it, and they take about 2 days to fully produce. I was thinking in the $85-$120 dollar range for the fully lined ones like this one, and the $45-$75 dollar range for ones with less lining, or unlined. I've not sold these before so input is appreciated.

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Hello Everyone

Im new here and know almost nothing about where to find lolita clothing online..... This is where you seasoned experts in loli fashion come in. I need to know....

how do you keep warm and stay cute in the Spring?

I really want some kind of cutsey hooded top but havent found much out there that is anything special. I need a hoody as I want something semi casual and not too over the top but still unique....

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Mary Jane Feet

Flared Skirt Tutorial

Okay so today while I was drafting some patterns I decided to do a skirt tutorial. This is how to take make a flared skirt. The skirt I'm showing is a 6 gored (gores = panels) gathered to a waistband style. You can apply it to any kind of flared skirt tho.

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Hope you enjoy. Any questions go ahead and ask. I know I'm bad at articulating instructions so I'll gladly clarify. Or if you're inexperienced and don't know how to apply it to what you want ask. If I have time I'll draft it while taking pictures. At least to the best of my ability :P
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