April 4th, 2005

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mugi_hamster posted a few pictures a while ago of her cosplay of Suigin Tou from the anime Rozen Maiden, which has obvious EGL influenced characters. Funny thing is that I have been working on a costume of the very same character, so I just thought I would share some of the pictures I took when I wore it this weekend. My friend was dressed up as Shinku from the same series.

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First Evah!!

I've been thinking about creating a headdress and have decided to begin one. Any tips or pointers? Any problems I may encounter that I should watch out for? All help is most appreciated!!
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MA Clothes

I was curious if anyone here owns MA (the gothier side of Maxicimam) clothes? I'm just curious about how they fit and how well they wear. I'm thinking about getting a sailor hoodie, I've checked my measurements and it should be long enough for me to wear. Thanks!
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Yay new skirt! This weekend I went to go buy some boots in Little Five Points, but alas, they didn't have a pair in my size. I was sad, oh so sad... So I went to Psycho Sisters in hopes of buying something to help with the dissapointment.

I found a most beautiful skirt suitbable for an aristrocratic look...

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Also, my hair has been growing (finally), and I'm Collapse )

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Does anyone here have a Cafe Press store? Perhaps an EGL style Cafe Press store even?

I dont really have time/money/space to make one right now, so instead of buying something from say, Target, I'd rather support an artist from this community.


edit: im an idiot and forgot the "i need a clock" part :-p

EGL Meet Up in Philly Photo Gallery

Hello All. Roger from Bad Transitions here.

I just wanted to let you all know that the photos of the EGL Meet Up in Philly from last month that are on my site will be coming down at the end of the week. So, if some of you still want to look or download the pics, now is the time. Thanx go out to everyone who participated, and Vasha for organizing the event! Here's the link for the album: http://photobucket.com/albums/v235/Badtransitions/EGL%20in%20Philly/

Bad Transitions
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Ladies and Gents,
I've been using EGL and EGA fashion sewing for the rediscovery of my sanity. I'm almost ready to announce a new webpage featuring some Reconstructed Vintage Attire and items. However, I'm in great need of some Victorian, black and white borders with free use. Ideas?
Thanks ever so much!

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I admit, i'm a little confused as to what certain loli things are classified as, i.e. country lolita, sweet lolita, aristocrat, etc.

So i made this outfit, which was inspired by h.Naoto (more h.Naoto ANARCHY to be exact) and i am planning on participating in a fashion show. I want to know what i can call my outfit so that other lolis won't gang up on me because i know there are a lot of disputes between what is loli and what isn't.

Could someone please tell me what my outfit is classified as? XDD

It's punk-ish...that's about all i can say.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry for the bad picture, that was taken before it was 100% complete. It's got a lil' more detail now.
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Icons, FO Banner, a link to a story

Ok icons. Take if you like, no need to comment but it would be great if you do because then I know people are looking at the post. Credit me (blckroseunicorn). If you don't like it, fine. I'll just spam you (with Hot Topic and Gwen Stefani) if I see no credit.


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And now for the Friends Banner
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Finally the story
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G&L Bible 16 Questions

I just got the G&L Bible #16 today. I have two questions about it:

1. On the Angelic Pretty jumper patterns, which parts do actually make the skirt part? I The rectangles? I thought that skirts like that are supposed to be trapeze shaped, hmmm. Yeah, as you can probably guess, I am not very experienced with patterns :P

2. The thingy in the back, what is it supposed to be? A box kind of thing? Do you have to put both sheets together? ;^^

Thank you very much.
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Hi! I bought this shirt a while ago, before I was into the egl style. I'm thinking of wearing it as part of a lolita outfit, and I was wondering if it would fit the style. It's from Walmart, but it has some lacey stuff on it...

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Thank you! :)

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Gyaru - Nicole Abe - Tongue Fun

Anyone ever ordered from here?

Well, while browsing through my G&LB #16 I found this shop and I went there. They have some adorable wa-loli outfits I want to purchases, but I don't know the first thing about how they do their bussiness.
So, can anyone help me with any pointers, or have you ever ordered before? Do they take International Postal Money Order?
Anything info you can give me will be greatedly apperciated!
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Nice Victorian Style boots

Hello! ^^'' Long time lurker here and decided to post this once because I fell in love with these boots... and before everyone goes... FLAME WAR~! on me... yes, they are, hot topic, but look at them before going off please? Thank you! And... you may have already seen this, in which case, feel free to ignore or delete this post.
I'm considering buying a pair due to the fact that they remind me of Victorian Maiden.
^ a picture of the ones from Victorian Maiden
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I went to the mall today with my little sis. When we were in K-B-Toys i saw some REALLY cute parasols in white and baby pink. I wanted to grab one, but im not of really small build and the parasols are kinda small themselves, so im afraid it would look silly on me ;_;. But in anycase, if you have the opportunity to check it out, do it!! They are soo cute!! I didnt get to look at the price though. *eep* XD
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alejandro, gaga

looking for scans

does anyone have the gothic lolita bible that features kana in the wedding dress? if you do, would it be possible to scan that image and the images that show the various parts?
or if you have a link, that works too.
thanks! ^_^
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How to sew a basic headdress + some tricks.

Earlier on someone asked for tips on sewing a headdress so I've made a small tutorial for that.

Before you go behind the cut, please note this piece was crafted solely for this purpose. Lace should not be applied to this amount (at least not to my liking) - it really is like icing on top of icing. I only put it all in so I could add more advice on how-to-dos. ^_^;

Also note the whole entry will be written in bad English, but please be patient with me, it's my third language... and feel free to ask if I've not explained something well enough.

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I’m doing a bit of marketing research in order to get a feel for what is currently lacking or influential in the gothic/gothic lolita scene. Responses to the following questions would be appreciated immensely. ‘Products’ implies everything from jewellery/acessories to clothing. Thank you all.

1) What products would you like to see marketed that are difficult or impossible to find?
2) What frustrates you the most about products that are currently available?
3) What do you look for when purchasing products?
4) What grabs your attention?
5) What companies do you frequently buy from, any why?

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