March 18th, 2005

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For those EGL/EGA fans in Melbourne, Australia!

There's a shop called Exentrix, sells alot of things from Japan, and even has those BTSSB bambi things there XD


Southgate [in the city near Crown Casino], Shop M15, Mid Level, Ph: 03 9696 6871
Mary Jane Feet

Victorian Maiden Shoot

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Finally got around to doing a shoot with my Victorian Maiden set. Made the apron skirt, underskirt, and petticoat myself. Shirt is authentic VM. I'm dead tired so no talky and more pictures.

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More up close and detail shots in my LJ if you're interested. I'm quite proud of it. Took a lot of time and effort. I feel like a cupcake in it.
zombie slater


I was browsing the web for some good illustrations and I came across something called "Pitaten." The pictures are adorably lolita, but I was wondering about the plot. Is it any good? Is it surprising, like Petite Cossette or is it just filler plot? (Feel free to delete this if it's not relevant)
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N. K. Krupskaya

Makeup Issues...

(as cross posted on The Blue Period Messageboards...)

I have been reading a lot of the information on the makeup tips, but I'm having a major issue - I'm black. And I just can seem to get either the Lolita look or the 1920's vamp look down. My skin tone is like a cross between a caramel color (though not that light) and chocolate (though not quite that dark). Many of the Lolita and Vamp style work better on Asian or Caucasian women, but don't look right on me.

Seriously seeking help!

+ EGA questions +

This might seem a bit ot, but please bear with me ^_^

My friend flowergirl862k and I have decided to do a joint crossplay when I visit London (her hometown) as Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter - we were inspired by the EGA style of their clothing and accessories ^^ The only problem is the costumes themselves are rather ambitious for two girls with very little sewing experience between them so I was wondering if anyone could offer advice as to how to construct the two outfits we have planned?

Also could anyone suggest any suitable locations for taking photos? Normally I'd scout ahead, but I can't visit London before the actual shoot due to lack of cash ^^;

Here are some referance photos. ^^

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I have posted this in fruits also, but my question is a bit different here.

I know that many of you have been to Japan before, and that some of you even live in Japan currently. I have a question for all of you:

How do Japanese people react to your style?
How do they react to the fact that you dress EGL/Sweet lolita or any other lolita styles?

Do you get positive or negative reactions? Is there a lot of elitism? Explain.

[ I don't have any opinion on this.. I'm just curious. ]

Another money saving tip

Hello to everyone,
I have yet another money saving tip. Shinning Sinners has a few cute lolita (and other clothing) for a little cheaper than most places. I do not yet know their quality, but i do plan on buying from them very shorty, i will update you on that! here is the link to their lolita dress! Enjoy!

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  • batty

Yukata Qeustion

In addition to sweet lolita, egl, and cosplay dresses I am also going to start selling decadently decorated Wa-loli Yukatas on my AZAC Ebay store for one of a kind items.

Any particular colors/styles/materials/prints you guys would like to see?

So far I am starting to make some cotton ones in a deep burgundy floral print and in 18th printed toile in cream/rose. The style I am currently making sort of resembles the ones on where they have room for a petticoat to be worn under them (with split sides seams).

I am also working on a pattern for a Yukata inspired loli dress.

edited to add: Also do any of you have suggestions for how to make the obi/bow combo?? When making one for myself I usually make the obi close with snaps or velcro and snap the bow on, just for looks. I do not want to make a full tied obi for these as they are meant to be fashion items. Anyone seen the cosmates/bodyline one up close? How does it's obi close and the bow attach or is it tied traditionally?

help with making a wa-lolita kimono

Every year, our school's international club hosts an event called international night. People are encouraged to dress up in international clothing. Well... unfortunately, I don't have any. So I've decided to try to make my own wa-lolita kimono. Probably an yukata. I'm not very good with the sewing machine. This is also the first time that I'm making something this big. (I've modified things in the past and erm... last time I tried... I didn't sew myself to anything...) The event is sometime in april (I forgot the exact date T__T bad me) so I suppose I don't have much time left. Hopefully, spring break will be enough =)

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thank you for your time © Morana
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It's like that

Ultra rare Black Peace Now Nana

Not my auction but up on ebay there is a super rare Black Peace Now collab with Volks NaNa.

The seller isn't joking when they said "hard to get"- this girl is extremely hard to get @_@

....So. Anyone got $1500 lying around? XD

-Annie love love
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It's like that

Errand services?

Just raided the memories, and apart from sumirechan, does anyone else run an errand service?

I'd like to purchase something from Ma/Mam and i'd rather a person rather than a service.

Sankyuu guys! ^^

-Annie love love
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skirt and patterns

Hey all, while searching for ideas for a skirt I found this small webpage with patterns for girls' dresses. Even if you don't buy the patterns, you might like to look at the pictures for some inspiration....

That being said, maybe you all would like to help me. I bought this fabric with a skirt idea in mind, but I realized I have enough skirts in that style and would like something quite different. I was thinking of a long skirt, maybe layered, I dunno.

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Thanks for anyone who decides to help ^^ And pardon my poor vocabulary brain seems quite stuffy for some reason.
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