March 12th, 2005


Gender, sexuality, and cultural identity

Hello! I suppose you could call this an intro post with a point. I started getting into Gothic & Lolita fashion a few years ago, and started trying to dress the part about six or so months ago. (One or two of you might remember me as the EGL Alucard from Hellsing at Otakon last summer. *sigh* I still wish I had had guns.) Granted, most of what I have done is loli-esque only, because my sewing machine is missing a foot pedal for now.

Given all the recent debating, I've been keeping my eyes open and I have noticed a few distinct trends coming out of this particular group. Feel free to make corrections or additions. ^_~ Collapse )

*EDIT: First of all, I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who responded to the post. I am a musicologist at heart, and I'm getting frightfully interested in music and how it feeds into popular a mode for social change, how it affects other genres of art, including fashion... Postmodernist theory is at the core of all of this, and dictates that any kind of art form can't be divorced from its social and cultural contexts without losing meaning in the process. Even though I'm not in grad. school, I am doing my own research with that goal in mind...but mostly because I really love research, and I am a dork. (On that note, I may create a nice cross-reference and bibliography on my computer...if you don't want to be quoted, let me know, but some of your comments would really help me as I learn more. Your anonymity will be preserved, I assure you.)

Secondly, none of my pictures from any of my costumes have done justice to all. My friend Aly lost her camera and with it, all of the pics from Otakon last year. Boo. I mixed burlesque and loli influences this Halloween and went as a marionette, but Bonnie didn't get any full-body shots. I am working on this, and will post some decent shots as soon as I can.

J-fashion in America

Hey guys~
I haven't posted in a while, but I need help.
I'm writing a research paper for my English course (focus on American culture), the topic I chose was:
How is Japanese Street Fashion impacting America? Would America accept it as a popular trend?

If the Americans in the group would please answer these questions I would very very grateful!
You don't have to wear the clothes~ Just need to be interested in them!

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Thanks in advance <3

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Opposites Attract?

The Demure vs Dominatrix line from one of the previous posts made me post this pic. I was shooting the other day with another model to showcase two very different looks.Liv is very tall and imposing and i'm very tiny and doll-like at times(rubber and lace I suppose here *lol*) This is one of my favourite images.
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I was walking down my yellow-brick road when I came to wonder...

^-^~~> It's been a while since I last posted here, and for that I apologize. Nonetheless, I linger and pay great attention to what is written on this community. I know that most of the loli's here are serious about the lifestyle, the grace and... well the heart of Lolita. I blatantly see your personal style with it, and adore all of it. I havent once seen someone's wish list and went, "OMGjgyO.Owth?!?" I have a lot of respect for you all- you're adorable, elegant, and just all around sweet people- even when fighting.

Now, I would like to ask you all, with no offense meant:

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Lolita sleepwear?

Ugh, not like I need anything else to spend money on, but..

Do any of you have suggestions for or examples of lolita-style sleepwear? I adore Collapse ), but I'd like to see other brand name examples. I really want to sew some sleepwear, but I'm out of ideas, other than classic flowing lacey dresses and Victorian-style bloomers.

Pictures are appreciated.
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Hi I'm new to this community so I thought I'd share the pictures I've been collecting since I've been into the Lolita look. Not many at the moment, but it's always updated


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I was reading Seventeen today, and came across a contest you guys might like to hear about. It's about designing dresses that are stylish, but modest at the same time. As I was reading it, my mind automatically linked to "loligoth!", and so I decided to tell you guys about it. It's open to anyone in the US or Canada (excluding Quebec, for some reason), and the prize is getting your dress design actually made. I know a lot of you already design and make your own loli stuff, but I thought maybe you guys would like the idea. Here's some more info: Seventeen Contest Details
*my little heart murmurs

Vanity: Ningyou

Ah! Part one of my day of photoshooting...

The theme for this post? Dolls. So prepare to be hit by more picture of dolls and objects than me.

Image hosted by
Here are my fabled Loli-chan shoes. The page below is VERY image heavy.
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Vanity: "Faux"

Here's part two of my three-part photoshoot for the day.

The theme now has gone from dolls to "Faux"... Or in other words, fake. In this shoot, I'm a fake punk, and my dress isn't all that loli... More of loli-inspired (sweatfloods)

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Dear Lolita's,
ive made new pictures today of my Metamor stuff with my Vollers 1850's corset!
I'm sooooooooo happy with them! I've never had such a pretty outfit!! I hope you'll like them!*^_^*
Please take a look;

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*hugs and kisses*
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Vanity: "Noir"

Here's part three of my three-part photoshoot for the day.

The theme now has gone from fake to real, this time... I've used my handmade loli-skirt, and a handmade scrap half-skirt. So, I kinda look half loli, half aristocrat. Enjoy!

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NYTimes article, additional pics

Hey girls :) I'm glad you all seemed to enjoy the NYTimes article. It should be out in the Fashion and Style section in tomorrow's sunday edition! Tanoshimi! I just wanted to post some other pictures taken during the photoshoot, since the photographer, Lisa Kyle, took like a bazillion :)

I met the writer from NYTimes at Comic-con last summer and the interview took place around the beginning of December of 2004, in case anyone was curious :)I tried to be as objective as I could when giving her information on gothloli stuff, and it seems to have come out a great article!

title or description
3 more under the cut :)
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Yaaay. Ok that is all :)
&lt;3 James May &lt;3

My Commission photos ^__^

It took awhile but my lovely Anastasia from made me the lovely little black dress. My Mum who is still a little weirded-out by EGL took the photos but she'll come round (they always do).

The look I was going for is versatile, basic and black x black - I didn't have enough time to make some ruffle-Loli-style socks alas so uhhh use your imagination.... The headpiece and choker were made by me for Guilty by Design.

My Vanity is so enormous it has all but consumed me so the following are rather LARGE IMAGES

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Planning a tea party in Maryland

Hello all,im a new member here and i wanted to start off with planning a tea party in Maryland.i havent really ever planned anything like this before so if anyone else who lives in MD can kind of help me find a place,the date it will be,ect.
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Nene Thomas

Not sure if this website has been posted before, but anyway, I found this website with some harlequinn-styled/sweet-lolita drawings that can be used for inspiration. The artist is Nene Thomas.

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